Black Dress Shirt and Jeans: The Best Combination

Jeans are both a classic and modern element of clothing. It’s hard to imagine a functioning wardrobe without at least one good pair of denim jeans. There are so many options, from light blue, to navy, to black. But, will they still look good when combined with an ironed black dress shirt?

Jeans set a good foundation for accessories or other layers of clothing you would like to personalize. Still, have a doubt? Keep reading to find some answers to questions you might have regarding your choice of wearing black dress shirts and jeans.

Can You Wear a Black Dress Shirt with Jeans?

A classic black dress shirt and jeans looks stylish and put-together for both men and women. In some scenarios, the combination might be a little too formal. However, you are the judge of that.

An example of some styling choices that work well with this combination include:

  • Dark brown or white shoes can add a decent pop of color to the outfit. Like anything else, a balance of color is key to complimenting your outfits.
  • Keep your jeans plain and formal. It might look a little awkward if you pair a formal black shirt with jeans with rips or fading.
  • If you want to wear more casual jeans, ditch the dress shirt and swap with a black shirt that is less casual.

Now, let’s see if you can wear a black dress shirt with blue jeans specifically.

Can I Wear a Black Dress Shirt with Blue Jeans?

I have often heard differing opinions when it comes to combining black and blue together.

In some styles and correct color proportions, a black dress shirt and a pair of blue jeans can be a well-adjusted, simple outfit.

How Do You Match a Black Dress Shirt?

Now that you know you can wear black with blue despite the colors not matching, you may be wondering how to match your black dress shirt.

Look at the specific shade of color of your jeans. You can get creative with jean colors or accessories if you like. Little touches can include:

  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Jewelry
  • Hair accessories

Any of these items can bring your outfit to a new level, and at the same time, match your black dress shirt to your pants.

What Color Dress Shirt Goes with Jeans?

Your two classic options for dress shirts are usually black and white. However, we are in the 21st century and we have many colors and styles of shirts to choose from.

Here are some suggestions for what color dress shirts can go with your jeans:

  • If you have a darker pair of jeans, pick a lighter shirt to contrast the look. With this, you could use lighter variants of red, blue, or other colors with dark jeans.
  • If you are looking to style a pair of lighter jeans, pick a darker shirt color to compliment the jeans. You could try colors such as black, gray, or other dark colors.
  • Roll up the pant legs on your jeans slightly. This can add a contrast of color to make the outfit look well with your shoes.

Remember that fashion has a lot of general rules, but ultimately fashion is what makes you comfortable in your own skin. If you are interested in a color combination that isn’t like the one listed here, don’t hesitate to try it and judge it yourself.

Are Black Dress Shirts Unprofessional?

Before we continue with the rest of the article, there is an important question that should be answered regarding dress shirts. Are black dress shirts unprofessional?

Black dress shirts are largely seen as a clothing item that can be used in many professional settings. What differentiates this look from looking formal or casual is the accessories you choose to add to your outfit. Too many accessories can be deemed unprofessional by some employers.

Black is a timeless color that makes anyone and everyone look good. The color looks good on the vast majority of skin tones. It adds another item to use in professional settings besides the standard white button-up shirt.

Or maybe a black dress shirt might feel a little formal for everyday activities. If you feel comfortable with it, don’t hesitate to strut your stuff! Wear what helps you boost your confidence.

Should You Tuck a Dress Shirt Into Jeans?

On the topic of the professionalism of your clothing choice, you may be wondering if you should tuck your dress shirt into your jeans.

There are a few elements you need to think about when it comes to deciding if you should tuck your shirt into your jeans:

  • The type of hem your shirt has
  • The length of your shirt
  • Dress code for occasion

Let’s get into each of these points in more detail below.


What is the hem of a shirt? In this case, the bottom shape is at the end of the shirt. Dress shirt hems can be straight or slightly curved. If it has a straight hem, the general advice would be to leave it untucked from your jeans


Take a look at the shirt you are thinking about tucking into your jeans. Length plays a big factor to determine if your shirt would look good tucked into your jeans. Look at yourself in the mirror and hold the shirt close to your body. Position the shirt so you can see how long it will be when you wear it.

If the shirt is long but doesn’t cover your bottom, your best bet is to leave the shirt out. You don’t want it to look bunched up in your jeans. That would look unprofessional without a doubt. If you like the crisp look of a tucked-in shirt, find one that has the appropriate length.

Dress Code

Last of all, consider where you are going when you decide to tuck in your shirt or not. Are you going to a work meeting, relaxing with your friends, or having a nice dinner date with your significant other? Think about how others are planning to dress or the activities you will be doing.

Now that you have your shirt style figured out, it’s time to determine what colors work best with you.


Black dress shirts have a high ranking in basic fashion items for a good reason. They make you look formal and put together when you need them. Combined with a pair of jeans, this outfit choice can provide a sleek appearance. Formality can be emphasized or decreased depending on colors, accessories, or how you choose to style your shirt or jeans.