Are All Crocs Slip Resistant? | The Complete Guide To Slip-Resistant Crocs

Crocs are a great type of shoe for all kinds of situations. Whether you are walking along the beach, having a garden party, or just want to have a nice day out and about, Crocs are a great and comfortable option that many people love.

Crocks can also work well for work, depending on the type of job. Many jobs will require slip-resistant shoes which is why we are going to take a look at whether all Crocs are slip-resistant in this article. 

We are also going to take a brief look at everything else you need to know about slip-resistant Crocs so that you can be sure when purchasing a pair for work. 

Are All Crocs Slip-Resistant?

If you work in a hospital, restaurant, or at any other place with slippery floors, you may want to consider going for slip-resistant Crocs.

are crocs non slip

While all Crocs may seem a perfect and comfortable option for these types of jobs, you have to watch out a little because not all Crocs are slip-resistant.

Crocs that aren’t advertised as slip-resistant are not exactly shoes that slip uncontrollably, but only certain crocs are advertised as slip-resistant.

As you would expect, these Crocs will be more slip-resistant than the usual Crocs. 

Which Crocs Are Slip-Resistant? 

Crocs that meet the industry standard for slip resistance are only available in the “slip-resistant” subcategory of the “Crocs for work” category.

To find this category, you will need to head over the official Crocs website, hover over “crocks for work” and click on the “slip-resistant” subcategory.

In this category, you will find the full selection of slip-resistant Crocs. 

What Slip-resistant sizes are available?

As slip-resistant shoes are mainly for working at a job, you will find it a little harder if you are looking for Kids slip-resistant Crocs.

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Other than that, slip-resistant Crocs are available in all usual men’s and women’s sizes. Of course, the availability of sizes for each particular shoe may vary, but in general, all sizes should be available.

Are All Crocs Non-Slip?

Crocs do not make any type of guarantee on their shoes being “non-slip”. This also includes the slip-resistant section. 

However, according to authority shoe, the term “non-slip” and “slip-resistant” are interchangeable. Different brands use the terms differently, but in general non-slip shoes and slip-resistant shoes are going to have extremely similar slip resistance.

On the official croc website under the slip-resistant subcategory, they have stated they don’t provide nonslip shoes. However, this is just something some brands use to be in a safe area when it comes to the law, as no shoe can completely stop you from slipping.

The FAQ also states “please use general caution as you would with any other shoe”.

One user on amazon asked a question on whether they were “non-slip” and a user responds who also states that they have never come across Crocs which did not feel like they were non-slip.

This is interesting as if people perceive the normal Crocs as non-slip, they will definitely perceive the slip-resistant ones as non-slip too. 

So, the “slip-resistant” can also be interchanged with “non-slip”, but the reason it isn’t is a measure of precaution from the Crocs brand. 

What About The Crocs Not In The Slip-Resistant Section?


If you are working somewhere with extremely slippery floors, you will want to be a little careful when purchasing Crocs, not in the slip-resistant section.

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The reason for this is that there is no guarantee for them to even be slip-resistant, so you won’t be sure at all of how slippery the soles on the Crocs you purchase are.

That being said, just like the Amazon user, I have personally never seen Crocs which are extremely slippy or anything of that nature. But, if you do work somewhere that has extremely slippy floors, it’s probably best to go for a pair in the slip-resistant section.

Are Slip-Resistant Crocs as Comfortable?

Yes, slip-resistant Crocs are just as comfortable as the normal comfortable Crocs that you are used to.

The slip-resistance comes from working together with croc-lock which makes their slip-resistant shoes meet the industry standards for slip-resistance. Despite, meeting this standard, the Crocs are just as comfortable as normal Crocs which is thanks to the Crocs being built with lightweight Crosolite material.

Slip-resistant Crocs will minimize the chances of you slipping while keeping the comfy feel that Crocs have.

What Makes Certain Crocs Slip-Resistant?

As I mentioned earlier, the material that even normal Crocs are made out of is not exactly a material that will frequently make you slip.

The difference between the slip-resistant Crocs and the normal Crocs is just the thickness of the sole, as well as the pattern of the sole. Slip-resistant Crocs have a sole which is made with thicker material that provides the slip-resistant Crocs with additional grip to stop you from slipping.

What Slip-Resistant Styles of Crocs Are Available?

There isn’t just one style of slip-resistant Crocs. Just like in the other categories there are multiple styles, so you have a choice and can find the one that suits you best.

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The main styles in the slip-resistant section are:

  • Clogs

Clogs are one of the most classic types of Crocs that everybody knows. They are comfortable, lightweight, and are popular with many workers.

  • Flats

Flats are a style of Crocs for women. They also have a lightweight and are extremely comfortable, but the difference to clogs is that they are a little thinner.

  • Mary Janes

Lastly, we have the mary janes which are also for women. They are a very similar style to flats, but they offer a little more support which can be great if you work longer shifts.

How Do Slip-Resistant Crocs Fit?

Slip-resistant Crocs fit the same as other Crocs too.

There are two styles which are:

  • roomy
  • relaxed

The difference between the two styles is that roomy has a little more space for your feet, while the relaxed fit is secure but still relaxed and comfortable.

Generally speaking, you can expect Crocs to always be nice and comfortable.

How Much Do They Cost?

The slip-resistant Crocs range from $30 to $60, depending on the style, size, and color.

Available colors include blue, white, and black. Also, note that you can find Crocs with a mix of these colors in this category. There are also some other slip-resistant Crocs available that have unique patterns that differ a little from these color schemes.