Are Blundstones Waterproof? Not what you think!

Being one of the most reputable boot brands on the planet, you’ve probably heard of Blundstone. Widely loved for their incredible durability and advertised as the perfect boots to take on any climate, potential buyers often want to know whether or not they can expect their feet to get wet when trekking through rain or snow in their Blundstone boots. This article will provide you with information about the Blundstone brand, story, and most importantly- whether or not they’re waterproof.

The Blundstone Story

The History of Blundstone

Founded in 1870, Blundstone has grown into one of the world’s most reputable boot brands for good reason. Blundstone was conceptualized in Tasmania and remains headquartered there today. Centered around family values and the need for durability that can withstand any terrain, Blundstone boots are one-of-a-kind. Since its inception, Blundstone has devoted itself to providing protection from the elements and unrivaled comfort by constantly evolving alongside technology. With leather sourced from the world’s best tanneries and soles that are engineered to reduce fatigue and orthopedic troubles, the team behind Blundstone goes the extra mile day in and day out to ensure the highest-quality footwear for their customers.

Blundstone Values

With a strong commitment to sustainable development, Blundstone limits the use of fossil fuels and raw materials, focusing instead on renewable resources and recyclable materials. The Blundstone team utilizes the best resources from all around the world in order to develop ground-breaking footwear that holds as much natural beauty as the earth it was designed for. Having maintained the same ethical values as when Blundstone got its humble start, it’s no wonder why people are so attached to their ‘Blunnies,’ as customers affectionately refer to their boots. A brand that provides footwear with exceptional comfort, durability, style, and quality, while also committing itself to high environmental standards, is certainly worthy of the cult following they have.

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Today’s Blundstones

Humans are versatile and require a boot that can be just as multifaceted as they are. The durability of Blundstone boots combined with their contemporary look enables wearers to go horseback riding during the day and to a dinner party at night, all without the need of a footwear change. Designed for men, women, and children, Blundstone has the perfect pair of boots for everyone. Regardless of where you call home, farmers and urbanites alike love the brand for its unmatched quality, style, comfort, and resilience.

Are All Blundstones Waterproof?

What’s first important to note is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant. Waterproof implies that something is impervious to water, while water-resistant products can resist water to a degree, but not entirely. That being said, are all Blundstones waterproof? The short answer is no, they are not. The long answer is that Blundstones are designed to be water-resistant, by creating their boots with oil-treated leather and water-repellent suede.

If you’ve ever splashed through a puddle and instantly felt the water soak through to your socks, or gone hiking and been caught in the rain, then you can appreciate the need for a water-resistant boot. Does this mean you should hike up a snowy mountain in your standard Blundstone boots? Probably not. However, Blundstone has crafted their products with the promise that being faced with smaller amounts of liquid, like puddles, won’t be an issue.

Blundstone Thermal Series

For the adventure-loving travelers or the hard-working farmers who spend their days outside, a fully waterproof boot is necessary to allow for the possibility of inclement weather. Blundstone has created a Thermal Series to provide peace of mind without compromising the comfort or style of their boots for all types of consumers.

  • Just as stylish as the rest of the Blundstone styles, the Thermal series is specifically designed to keep your feet dry and warm even in the harshest of winters
  • Blundstone’s Thermal Boots come in various styles for both men and women, so anyone can brave the cold whether walking down the street or through the snow
  • Every boot in the Thermal series is fully waterproof, fitted with genuine shearling footbeds that feature arch support to keep your feet toasty and comfortable
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Alternative Options

In addition to the Thermal Boots, Blundstone offers a superior waterproofing spray that was created to protect your footwear against water damage and staining. Their fast-drying formula is suitable for use on all types of footwear, so whether you have suede or leather boots that need securing, your boots have the ability to become fully waterproof in just a few minutes.

The ultra-comfortable shearling footbeds can also be bought separately, allowing you to achieve maximum comfort in any shoe. These footbeds are washable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, meaning they pull moisture away from the skin, protecting your feet from liquid and keeping them warm. Many environments can go from warm during the day to freezing at night, so it’s always good to be prepared with proper footwear.

The Blundstone Way

A footwear brand that started in Tasmania with the dream of providing the world with safe and comfortable boots of the highest quality, Blundstone has expanded to over 50 countries and is now one of the most recognizable boot brands on the market.

Tasmania is internationally-known for its stunning natural beauty and Blundstone developed the company with their heritage and commitment to the environment in mind. Behaving ethically and reducing their environmental impact are key aspects of the Blundstone way, setting the bar high and providing a product customers can feel good about. Whether you work in New York City or on a farm, plan on hiking up Cradle Mountain or trekking through the Arctic, or just need a comfortable and stylish pair of boots for the office, Blundstones are likely to become your best friend.

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While all Blundstones are not designed to be waterproof, they are all water-resistant. If you want a truly waterproof boot, you’ll need to invest in either the Blundstone waterproofing spray or a pair of boots from their Thermal line. Regardless of whether you choose to get a pair of water-resistant or waterproof boots, you’re going to take home a product with top-notch quality, comfort and style.