Are Doc Martens Non Slip?

Doc Martens are renowned for manufacturing and designing high-quality working boots, making them as popular as ever. One of the main advantages of using Doc Marten working boots is that they suit whatever condition, in rain or sunshine you can count on these shoes. 

For this reason, they are a popular choice of shoe among workers in a range of industries. Although, some people remain skeptical about whether or not Doc Martens are, in fact, nonslip, despite its slip-resistant design. 

The reason for this could be because Doc Martens manufacture both working boots as well as regular fashion shoes. If you find you’re questioning whether Docs are nonslip, then a better question may be are all Doc Martens nonslip.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help! This article will outline everything you need to know about whether Doc Martens are slip-resistant or not. 

Are Doc Martens Slip-Resistant?

For diversified use, Doc Martens manufactures and designs both regular and slip-resistant shoes. Doc Martens first started their journey within the shoe industry in 1960, and they haven’t looked back since. 

The 1460 shoe was their most popular model. In addition to this, it was also their first nonslip boot. As a result, it became increasingly popular among waiters, bartenders, and baristas. 

Due to the immense success and popularity of the 1460 model, Doc Martens decided to release some new slip-resistant boots. Since then, Doc Martens had created a designated section in their collection for manufacturing working boots. 

Today, Doc Martens continues to design and create new boots; however, the three iconic non-slip boots remain in popularity. These include:

  • 1460
  • 2976
  • 1461
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These working boots have been tried and tested to ensure premium convenience and comfort, as well as the safety of workers within a range of working environments.

As a result, Doc Martens have integrated sophistication and innovation technology into their shoes which has become synonymous with their brand. 

All their slip-resistant boots are expertly crafted out of premium leather and seamless stitching. No matter how slippery or muddy a surface is, its strong resistance and superior traction will make you more confident while walking. 

In addition to this, Doc Martens’s non-slip boots are also extremely breathable. Keeping your feet fresh even during the most humid or moist weather conditions.

This is an incredibly important factor in working long hours; having to wear your boots constantly. It’s good to know that Doc Martens have manufactured the perfect combination of breathability and slip-resistance, ensuring confidence with every step you take.

By now you should have developed a decent understanding of Doc Martens nonslip boots and whether or not all are slip-resistant. 

What Makes Doc Martens Non-Slip?

Now that you have gained an understanding of Doc Martens’s slip-resistant boots, you may be wondering what exactly makes them nonslip? Well, the answer to this question is a unique combination of built quality and design. 

When looking at the reasons behind Doc’s slip resistance, the first thing to uncover is the patented GripTrax soles. Essentially, these are extremely thick and chunky soles that have a great ability to grip surfaces. Even in slippery conditions, users will feel like they are on stable surfaces. 

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Below, you will find a detailed explanation of how these nonslip Doc Martens boots work:


We briefly mentioned GripTrax earlier; however, they are an important component that makes Doc Martens what they are. The thread located in the GripTrax is much thicker and is designed to repel skippering agents. 

Nonetheless, this isn’t featured on all models of Doc Martens. The most popular models which feature this patented GripTrax are 2976, 1461, and 1460, making these models unique from any others.

The advanced manufacture and design of GripTrax ensure that even after several years, your soles will be looking as good as new – containing fat-resistant and good abrasion properties. 


The number one reason behind Doc Martens’s comfortable wearing experience is due to their patented AirWir design. Next to GripTrax, these two components make for an impressive double threat with both anti-slipping and maximum comfort.

The comfort is supported through thousands of small bubbles located in the soles that support your feet with cushioning when pressure is applied. 

The crucial factor that separates nonslip boots from regular models is located in the sole of the Doc Marten shoe. For improved stability and better traction, an advanced formulated thread pattern is applied. 

If you were to place two slip-resistant and regular Doc Marten boots together, you would notice that non-slip boots tend to have a flatter shape in the wedge design. This is a deliberate design and ensures that the heels remain parallel to the ground at all times. 

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How Efficient Are Non-Slip Docs?

If you’re deliberating buying nonslip boots, the first thing that comes to mind is Doc Martens slip-resistant boots. The main factor you are looking out for is nonslip ability.

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Although, this is generally dependent on the level of grip a particular shoe contains. As a result, you may be wondering whether Doc Martens has a good grip or not. 

You will find the answer to your question here. Firstly, Doc Martens have carefully crafted their nonslip models with innovative GripTrax sole. Presently, three slip-resistant models contain this feature.

These include 1461, 1460, and 2976. Due to this high-quality GripTrax sole, these shoes provide superior grip. 

In 2001, these models were redesigned with the safety of workers in mind. Since this happened, these shoes have gained immense popularity among different trades of workers, especially people who work in wet or slippery work conditions.

Final Thoughts

Through the years, Doc Martens has earned a reputation for producing high-quality shoes that can last for many years. Due to their nonslip features, these are a popular shoe choice among both individuals and workers.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you of everything you need to know about whether or not Doc Martens are nonslip.