Are there special shoes for drop foot?

Drop foot is an abnormality in the foot in which the foot is not strong enough to lift the ankle and toes upwards.

In this article we are going to discuss the causes of drop foot, are there any particular kind of shoes for Drop foot? Shoes a drop foot sufferer should select, how to make your house threat-free, and which type of footwear is best for Drop foot.

Drop foot is common for people who suffer from conditions like multiple sclerosis. If you suffer from drop foot, then there is no need to worry at all, there is footwear available specially crafted for drop foot sufferers that will make the walking experience convenient for you.

In this article, we are going to suggest you the best practices that will help you ease the hassle of having drop foot abnormality.

We will also discuss specific things that you should keep in mind to enhance the experience of wearing drop foot specialized shoes.

Symptoms & Causes of Drop Foot

Are there special shoes for drop foot?The symptoms of drop foot are usually physical. Symptoms of drop foot include your leg dragging while you walk or feeling numbness in your front part of the legs.

We cannot categorize drop foot as a disease. Instead, it is a nominal abnormality. There is no need to worry if you suffer from Drop Foot, as it can be easily cured using an ankle brace or footwear that is made specifically for people affected by drop foot.

There are three leading causes of Drop Foot, which are as below.

Nerve Injury: Compression in the nerve, that is in control of lifting your feet can cause drop foot. The nerve could be injured in a number of ways, including surgeries like hip or knee replacement surgeries.

Muscle or Nerve Disorders: Some form of muscular dystrophy can cause drop foot.

Brain or spinal cord injuries: Disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis or stroke can cause foot drop

Are there Special Shoes for Drop Foot?

Yes, there are special shoes designed explicitly for people who suffer from drop foot. These shoes are specially crafted to support the front area of the leg conveniently. Thus the person can generally walk by wearing them.

Regular shoes might not be viable for a person who is diagnosed with drop foot. As the front part of the leg is numb, regular shoes become useless for drop foot sufferers. There are many companies that create shoes specifically for people who suffer from drop foot.

Later in this article, we will suggest a few brands that are reliable for purchasing drop footwear.

There are special shoes for drop feet. Let’s learn which shoes should one wear who is diagnosed with drop foot.

Which Shoes to Use for Drop Foot?

There are specially designed shoes that support the ankle in order to assist the people with drop foot. Many people also wear braces in the ankle for the same purpose. We suggest using drop foot shoes for maximum protection of your legs.

There are all kinds of shoes available for drop foot.

Heavy shoes will be able to hold the foot firmly, but they will drastically weigh the foot down. Lighter shoes might seem comfortable to wear, but they provide very little support. Top Tennis Shoes are a perfect match for people who suffer from drop foot.

We recommend Vionic, Propét, Nike, Avia, New Balance, Ecco, LA Gear Poise, Brooks Adrenaline, and Keen to purchase drop-foot shoes.

Make your House Threat-free

There are many things that you can control in your home in order to make it threat-free for drop foot. We will discuss the practices below.

It is recommended to follow safety precautions in order to be safe from cure. Tripping and falling are some of the significant issues from having drop foot.

Here are the practices that you should follow to keep your house threat-free.

  • All floor surfaces and walkways should be wholly cleaned and free from any clutter or any objects lying around.
  • Throw rugs and mats should be avoided that can cause a slip or cause a tripping issue.
  • All the electrical cords should be out of the way.
  • There must be enough lighting in all walkways and stairways to prevent tripping or falling.
  • Be highly careful while climbing stairs or lifting your foot up.
  • Keep the walkways clean all the time, and the furniture out of the way of the passageway.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Shoes for Drop Foot


These are cushioned, a supportive shoe from Vionic Brand that are available in regular and extensive lengths for women and men.

2. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Legend Slip Resistant Enclosed Coil Black Leather Tennis Shoe

These are built with leather, have a rubber sole, and a Z-CoiL patented heel that reduces impact by 50% to reduce foot, leg, and back pain.

3. Avia Avi-verge Sneaker

Avia Avi-verge sneakers come with rubber sole, shaft measures approximately low-top from arch, lightweight and durable, Eva midsole, and rubber outsole.

4. Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Up Shoe

These are synthetic shoes. They have removable dual density EVA insole and rubber outsole.

5. Vionic Orthaheel Technology Men’s Eli Slip On

These feature Orthaheel Orthotic Support Technology and give your feet support and comfort.


Let’s remind what we have learned in this article. Drop foot is an abnormality that causes the front part of the foot not liftable. There are several reasons and symptoms of drop foot.

Symptoms of drop foot include not being able to lift your front part of your foot. There are two causes of drop foot, which are nerve injury muscle or nerve disorders.

Next up, we learnt if there are any special shoes available for Drop foot. The answer is yes; there are special drop foot shoes available. Tennis shoes are a perfect match for people who suffer from drop foot and abnormality.

Last but not the least point that we made with this article was making your house threat free. Keeping the walkway clean is the go-to practice for keeping your house drop foot safe.