Are Vans Non-Slip?

Vans are known for their rugged construction and durability, and with their skateboarding heritage, it means that Vans are designed to be grippy and comfortable.

These shoes have evolved from being the footwear of choice for many Californian skaters to now being a globally recognized brand, supplying footwear to skaters and even more casual wearers alike.

Vans are absolutely everywhere, and it’s no surprise as to why! These shoes have a history of being super durable, which is probably why you can’t walk 10 minutes down the street without seeing someone wearing a pair of Vans.

However, if you’re aiming to wear your Vans in the workplace, or even in a more casual setting, you may be wondering whether these shoes are going to be suitable for everyday wear, as you certainly don’t want to be slipping or lacking grip when walking for long periods of time! 

So, if you’re perhaps considering buying yourself a pair of Vans, and are unsure as to whether they’ll be suitable for you in the workplace, this guide will discuss whether or not Vans are non-slip, and why this is the case!

Are They Non-Slip?

You’ll be happy to hear that Vans are indeed non-slip! This is all thanks to their incredible construction that has been developed and refined over the decades since their inception in 1966!

One of the key aspects of Van’s construction that makes them non-slip is the rubbed used in the soles, this rubber is cured through a process known as “Vulcanization” which means it becomes incredibly tough, but also retains that specific texture that means that it grips to the floor well.

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Furthermore, Vans also add sulfur into the mix pre-vulcanization, and this helps to toughen the soles up further.

Another great part of the Van’s sole is the famous “waffle” sole that gives Vans the iconic look, the combination of both rhomboid and diamond patterning means that Vans shoes are super slip resistant, both on and off of a skateboard so that you can rest assured that they will have plenty of grip.

This pattern helps improve grip by increasing the slip resistance by creating traction against the ground as you walk, furthermore, this pattern also prevents the buildup of oil or liquid on the sole. As such, Vans are great to wear even in the wettest of conditions! 

The midsole of Vans only contributes to this element of slip-resistance further, composed of three different layers of foxing tape, the midsole on a pair of Vans is often gummy, and rubbery, which is perfect for general walking, climbing up steps, running, or skateboarding! 

Are All Vans Models Non-Slip?

So now that we’ve established just how good Vans’ unique sole is, the likelihood is that you’ve begun to hunt for a pair of Vans that you like and will suit your needs best.

But with so many different shapes and models of Vans out there, it can be quite confusing as to what Vans feature this distinct non-slip sole.

To make things a little easier for you, this trademark sole design is featured across all of Vans classic shoes, so the Old-Skools, SK8 Hi’s, Slip-Ons, Authentics, and the Eras all feature this excellent non-slip technology that means that you’ll never have to worry about the grip under foot when wearing a pair of Vans!

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All of the different models have their different attributes. If you want additional ankle support, I recommend the SK8-Hi, the Authentics and Eras are great lightweight options for the summer.

But for me, my personal favorite has to be the Slip-Ons, as they are so versatile and comfy, on top of that excellent non-slip sole!

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Should I Wear Vans For Work?

You might be considering buying a pair of Vans for work, in which case, you should!

If you work in or around a kitchen, or anywhere with laminate flooring for that matter, then Vans should provide you will all the grip you need, additionally, they come in so many different colours, so if you’re required to have a certain color of footwear, then it should be no problem whatsoever. 

Whether you work in a bar, retail, a restaurant, or as a janitor, anyone who may encounter wet floors throughout their day to day work will benefit greatly from investing in a pair of Vans.

Not only does their construction mean that once you’ve bought a pair, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for sometime, but that they also will provide you with enough grip that you shouldn’t have to worry about slipping whatsoever. 

Additional Slip Protection

If you feel like your Vans aren’t grippy enough (somehow), then there are a few options that can help you increase their grip even further!

  • There is an additional sole that can slip on to the bottom of your Van’s pre-existing sole to help with additional grip, this helps to maximize the slip resistance, which is perfect if you work somewhere that requires you to wash the floors or to be on a wet surface for large amounts of time. 
  • An old trick to increase the grip of Vans is actually to scuff them slightly! This might seem like blasphemy to scuff a new pair of shoes, but using a small piece of sandpaper and rubbing them slightly gives them that bit of grit that you might require! 
  • There are also a number of adhesive sprays on the market that add another layer to your sole, helping to increase the traction between the sole of your Vans and the ground, which in turn helps to slip resistance. 
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To sum up, Vans are indeed non-slip, and most of their most popular models feature the ever-reliable waffle sole that is known for having that excellent grip no matter what sort of conditions you’re in.

So a pair of Vans is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of non-slip shoes for work.