Are You Looking For Cargo Pants? These Are The Best Ones

Cargo pants have made a serious comeback in the world of fashion. Unlike the heavy fabric of the original styles, they’re now lighter and easier to wear. They’re also economical, and you can find most pairs for under $100.

While these pants have their origins in the military, they are durable and full of pockets, making them ideal for traveling, hiking, and camping too. We’ve rounded up the best cargo pants for men to help you in your search for the perfect pair.

What Are Cargo Pants?

For a quick refresher, cargo pants are any pair of pants with more pockets than a standard pair of jeans or trousers. This means two standard side pockets and two back pockets. If a pair of pants has more than those four pockets, they’re classified as cargo pants.

The original cargo pants were loose-fitting and made only for outdoor activities. Newer cargo pants have been adapted to be both functional and stylish.

Best Cargo Pants For Men

Amazon Essential basics have a reliable and stylish line of wardrobe essentials. Their cargo pants offer a slim fit at a budget-friendly price of $22. 

  • Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pant

Carhartt’s cargo pants are a more relaxed fit if you’re looking for pants that are neither too tight nor too baggy. The pockets aren’t bulky, and there’s enough of them to maintain the functioning of cargo pants.

These pants come in a variety of sizes and lengths to make shopping easy.

Carhartt’s Dungaree Pants are available for $40 on Amazon. 

  • CQR Men’s Ripstop Work Pants

These cargo pants are available in 29 different colors, which is kind of insane for cargo pants. They have treated and coated fabric to repel water and dirt and prevent ripping and tearing. With 12 pockets and velcro straps, these are basically the ultimate cargo pant.

CQR Ripstop Work Pants are $41 on Amazon.


While they only come in black, these cargo pants are made from wrinkle and fade-resistant fabric for long-term durability.

Dickies pants are available on Amazon and at Walmart, ranging in price from $30-$41.

  • Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Comfort Stretch Ripstop Cargo Pant

These cargo pants are a combination of trousers and cargo pants. They’re made from a breathable, stretchable, lightweight fabric that is comfortable enough to wear every day.

At $35 on Amazon, the Goodthreads Cargo Pants might be your new favorite pair.

  • G-Star Raw Men’s Rovic Zip 3D Tapered Pants

The military-inspired dark green color of these pants could almost be classified as neutral, making them perfect to pair with anything else in your closet. Swap out your jeans for these military pants for a different spin on a classic look.

G-Star pants are available for $95 on Amazon.

There’s a reason these cargo pants are titled “extreme comfort” pants because they’re exactly that. The flexible waistband and extremely stretchy fabric allow you to do anything you want. They’re so flexible, you might even be able to do yoga in these.

Lee Performance Series Cargo pants are available for $30 from Amazon or Walmart.


  • Match Men’s Athletic-Fit Cargo Pants

These may be the best cargo pants with deep pockets. If you’re looking for pants for traveling or outdoor adventures where you can carry your “cargo” without a bag, these deep-pocketed pants are sure to hold all of your essential gear.

Match pants are available for $30 on Amazon.

  • Mocoly Men’s Hiking Cargo Pants

These pants were made for outdoorsmen. They have an elastic waistband, extreme stretch fabric, zipper pockets, and ankle cuffs that cinch up with a cord. If that isn’t enough, they’re also woven with SPF50 fabric to aid in sun protection.

These pants are available for $33 from Amazon.

Wrangler is known for making comfortable and functional pants. Their cargo pants are no exception. Comfortable enough for everyday wear, they have enough pockets to tote around all of your daily essentials.

Wrangler Relaxed Fit Cargo Pants are available for $33 from Amazon.

  •  Puli Men’s Loose Cargo Sweatpants

These loose-fit cargo pants are a major upgrade to your Sunday sweats. They’re as comfortable as a pair of sweatpants, but still have tons of pocket room for holding snacks on the couch.

These pants run at $70 each.

  •  Old Navy Ultimate Tech Cargo Pants

These are your traditional cargo pants made with more modern material. They have an updated fit and nice detailing.

Made from lightweight, breathable fabric with a stretchy waistband, these pants also have moisture-wicking technology to help keep you sweat and smell-free.

These pants are available from Old Navy for $50.00.


For fashion gurus, Shein is a big name. They offer quality clothing at extremely affordable pricing, and their cargo pants are an item you’re sure to love. 


These pants come in a grey-blue color and fit true to size. With tapered cuffs, they’re suitable as a jogger/cargo combo that’s functional and fashionable.

Shein’s Drawstring Waist Cargo Pants are available for $24.

  • Wrangler Denim Loose Fit Cargo Jean

Khaki-style pants are easy to find, but cargo-style jeans are the best of both worlds.

These jeans from Wrangler have cargo pockets with button closures and are extra baggy for a fashion-friendly approach.

Since they’re only $26, you can’t lose with these. 

Are Cargo Pants Stylish?

Yes! These pants have made a major comeback over the last few years. While it’s easy to think back to the cargo pants of the ‘90s worn by boy band members, the newer cargo pants are tailored, stretchy, and stylish. 

The re-worked designs and practical function of cargo pants make them a classic option for both work and fun. They carry what you need throughout the day and can be dressed up for a casual vibe at night.