Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity 2019

Wearing the wrong clothing during the winter can have serious consequences. It affects your health and your ability to get things done. This goes beyond layering and wearing winter coats. Keeping your hands warm is very important, since your hands are extremely sensitive to cold. Mittens and thick gloves will keep you warm during travel, but if you are working outside, they are not enough. You need tough winter work gloves so you can stay warm, healthy, and productive. Here’s how to find the right pair of winter work gloves and five best options for you to choose from.


What to Look For in Winter Work Gloves

Working outside without the proper gloves can be very dangerous. Hands are very sensitive to heat and cold. Without gloves, your hands won’t last long, causing you to stop working because your hands are too cold, stiff, or shaking (or maybe all of the above).

Another concern is frostbite. This occurs when the skin, and the tissue just below the skin, freeze due to prolonged exposure to extreme cold. It primarily affects fingers, toes, and the nose. It is treatable and most people recover within a few days or weeks, but during those days or weeks, you are not working, which costs you money. In rare cases when treatment is not sought immediately, gangrene could develop, which could lead to a prolonged recovery period or even amputation of the fingers (in extreme cases). A proper pair of working gloves can help avoid this by keeping your hands and fingers warm and functional.

Mittens and thick gloves will accomplish this, but you won’t be able to work in them very well. This is why you also need to look for a pair of gloves that offers flexibility so you can work without feeling restricted. You should be able to bend your fingers enough to hold and grip objects for extended periods. The palm of the glove should not be slippery or these objects will slide right out of your hands.

Finally, your gloves should be able to repel moisture. If you are working in rainy, snowy, or otherwise wet conditions, you don’t want gloves that will absorb all that moisture. That will make your hands wet and cold, decreasing their functionality. Look for gloves that repel water or have moisture-wicking features.


The 5 Best Winter Work Gloves for Dexterity 2019


Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are warm, comfortable, and water-resistant. Warmth is provided by Dryride Ultrashell two-layer fabric, Gore warm technology, and Thermacore insulation. The fabric features a removable stretch liner. A brushed microfiber fixed lining is breathable and pulls moisture away from your body. The Toughgrip Palm allows you to grip and hold tools securely. The gloves feature an ergonomic pre-curved fit, meaning the gloves will curve around your hand, giving you warmth and dexterity. You can also use your touchscreen phone with these gloves on – every finger is touchscreen compatible thanks to the Screen Grab Toughgrip on the fingertips.


  • The Dryride Ultrashell fabric is composed of two layers, one of which is a removable liner.
  • The removable liner can be worn by itself for shorter tasks like shoveling, or combined with the shell for the utmost warmth and comfort in wetter conditions.
  • Thermacore insulation provides extra warmth.
  • The microfiber lining keeps moisture away from your skin.
  • The palm of the glove help you hold items securely.
  • The gloves curve around your hands for great fit, warmth, and flexibility.
  • The gloves are touchscreen compatible.
  • Both the shell and liner are machine washable.
  • The Gore-Tex material is waterproof.


  • The gloves are not really warm enough for below-zero temperatures.
  • The liner is only warm enough for short periods of time.
  • The liner can make the gloves bulky, so ordering the next size up is recommended.
  • The liner does not include the Screen Grab Toughgrip.
  • The gloves do not last long.


Outdoor Research Warrant Gloves

The Outdoor Research Warrant Gloves combine warmth, water- and weather-resistance, and flexibility. It features insulation on the back of the hand and a brushed tricot lining. The stretch soft shell fabric is weather-resistant and comfortable. The Gore-Tex membrane is breathable and waterproof, keeping your hands both warm and dry. The leather palm extends around the thumb and index finger and helps you to grip tools and other items without slippage. A reinforced palm overlay protects your palm from impacts and abrasion. Padding on the back of the hand and fingers enhances flexibility and further protects your hands from impacts.


  • 100 grams of Primaloft One insulation and a Gore-Tex membrane keeps your hands toasty warm.
  • The fabric is weather-resistant and the Gore-Tex membrane is waterproof, keeping your hands dry.
  • Comfort is provided by the soft shell fabric, leather palm, and padding.
  • The leather palm allows you to grip and hold tools.
  • Your hands are protected from impacts by the leather palm overlay and padding on the back of the hand and fingers.


  • Once the inside of the gloves heat up, they can become sticky and difficult to take off.
  • Dry hands could catch on the inside of the gloves and become uncomfortable or even painful.


Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves

These gloves are very versatile, being both unisex and multi-purpose. They are made of 88 percent polyester, six percent spandex, and six percent PVC rubber. The comfort lining is absorbent and dries quickly, keeping moisture away from your skin. The gloves are lightweight and stretch in all directions, allowing for superior fit. They feature thermal heat preservation properties, which trap heat inside the glove, and touchscreen technology on the fingers. There’s also an anti-bacterial treatment to get rid of odors. Zippers on the gloves have an anti-slip design and are adjustable and comfortable. The zippers don’t let any air in, keeping you warm. Grip material covers the palm and extends to the fingertips, allowing you to hold even small items without slipping.


  • The gloves are multi-purpose and can serve runners, cyclists, hikers, drivers, skiers, hunters, and those who work outdoors.
  • The poly-spandex blend gives the gloves elasticity.
  • The gloves are airtight, yet breathable. The thermal properties and airtight zippers trap heat inside, but not uncomfortably.
  • The lining is comfortable and keeps skin dry.
  • The gloves are lightweight, thin, and have plenty of stretch, allowing them to fit your hands like a second skin.
  • Using a touchscreen phone is no problem for any finger.
  • The gloves offer excellent grip due to wide coverage of the grip material.
  • An anti-bacterial treatment keeps odors away.


  • The gloves are only recommended for temperatures of 32 degrees and warmer.
  • Though the lining dries quickly, it does absorb moisture in the first place, so the gloves are not waterproof.
  • The gloves are not very durable. Some stitching starts to deteriorate after a month of use.
  • The zippers are not very sturdy and have a tendency to break or rip off the gloves, even after being replaced.
  • Though they are intended to be breathable, most experiences have found the gloves to be totally airtight. Unfortunately, this means that they don’t keep fingers warm, because a small bit of air is needed for insulation.
  • Texting and typing passwords on touchscreen phones are very difficult.


The North Face Power Stretch Gloves

The North Face is known for superior winter clothing and equipment, and their Power Stretch Gloves are no exception. They are made out of a specialty material called PolarTec Power Stretch, which lends warmth, flexibility, and comfort. This material is a blend of 84 percent polyester and 16 percent elastane fleece. They are fully insulated, giving them more warmth and comfort. A feature called Radiametric Articulation will keep your hands in their natural, relaxed position, reducing strain from wearing the gloves for extended periods. The area between the thumb and forefinger, typically an area that sees a lot of wear and tear, is reinforced for durability. The cuffs are made of comfy fleece.


  • The PolarTec Power Stretch blend is warm, flexible, and comfortable.
  • The gloves are fully insulated.
  • The Radiametric Articulation keep your hands natural and relaxed. This reduces cramps and soreness caused by strain.
  • Areas that usually wear down quickly are reinforced to be more durable.
  • The gloves offer a lot of dexterity for outdoor work and activities.


  • The gloves are not compatible with touchscreen devices.
  • They are slightly too slick for driving.
  • They are not recommended for temperatures lower than 40 degrees.
  • The stitching starts to come out after moderate use.
  • The fleece cuffs show signs of wear quickly.
  • The seams can seem lumpy and uncomfortable, especially when picking up or holding objects.
  • The gloves are not waterproof or windproof.


Aufwarmen All Weather Touchscreen Gloves

The Aufwarmen All Weather Touchscreen Gloves are primarily known for their touchscreen capabilities, but they also have great traction and provide exceptional warmth and flexibility. They are made of polyester and feature a circuit design on the fingers and palm that provide a grip superior to most grip treatments on other outdoor work gloves. The thumb and index finger have ultra-fine conductive fiber placed on them, which allows you to tap, scroll, and swipe any device. The inner lining is fleece and possesses wind- and chill-blocking properties, while also being breathable.The lining is topped by a layer of velvet, keeping you extra warm and comfortable. An ergonomic fit makes the gloves ideal for most outdoor work and activities. They are lightweight, form-fitting, and include a heavy-duty zipper that keeps the heat inside the glove. A quick release clip keeps the pair together when you’re not using them, eliminating the need to search your house for that elusive second glove. The Windstopper layer blocks cold wind and includes a water-resistant coating to keep you dry.


  • The thumb and index finger are compatible with touchscreen devices.
  • A circuit design encompasses the palm and fingers for exceptional grip.
  • The lining contains both fleece and velvet for ultimate comfort and warmth. It is breathable and blocks wind and chill.
  • The gloves are very form-fitting and snug.
  • A heavy-duty zipper is durable and traps heat.
  • The quick release clip keeps you organized.
  • The gloves work well in temperatures as low as 28 degrees.
  • These make excellent driving gloves.


  • The touchscreen capability takes some getting used to due to how the conductive fiber is placed on the fingers. Screen protectors on phones seem to get in the way and hinder the touchscreen capabilities, but since most people have screen protectors on their phones, this makes the touchscreen feature of these gloves nearly useless.
  • The water-resistant coating seem to only keep the gloves dry in somewhat dry conditions. Once the gloves get wet, they absorb the moisture very quickly. After that, they don’t do much good.
  • They are only recommended for temperatures of 25-30 degrees or warmer.
  • They can be bulky and cumbersome for certain activities.
  • They can be stiff at first.
  • The gloves can be difficult to put on and take off.
  • Though the zipper is rated as heavy-duty, it can come off the track and break if too much force is used when pulling on it.


Which Pair of Winter Work Gloves is Right for You?

Choosing the right pair of winter work gloves for dexterity can feel daunting. The choice is an important one, since the wrong choice can lead to illness, frostbite, or simply an inability to work outside to the best of your ability. To make this choice, you should decide which quality is most important to you. If you’re looking for thickness and warmth in colder climates, the Outdoor Research Warrant Gloves might serve you best. The others on this list would only be good for milder climates. The most flexibility can be found with the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves, Outdoor Research Warrant Gloves, and Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves. The most durable option is the Outdoor Research Warrant Gloves. Water-resistance can be found with the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves and Outdoor Research Warrant Gloves. Regardless of which feature you choose to focus on, you’re certain to find the right pair of winter work gloves on this list!