Best Work Trousers for Carpenters 2019

Most people don’t think of carpentry as a dangerous profession, but it involves risk every day. Tools can slip, materials can fall, and machines can malfunction. Injuries are common for carpenters, and are usually caused by the equipment they use on a daily basis. For this reason, carpenters should always wear specialized equipment, such as steel toe boots and work gloves. Their clothing should be specialized, too. Rather than jeans that can rip and tear, work trousers are best for protecting a carpenter from the perils of their work. Here are some tips on how to choose the best work trousers, plus the five best options on the market right now.


What to Look for in Work Trousers for Carpenters

There are several companies that manufacture and sell work trousers for laborers, including carpenters. Each of them claims to be better than everyone else. So, how do you determine the brand that is best for your needs? There are a few criteria you should judge work trousers by: protection, flexibility, and durability.

The number one reason for buying a pair of work trousers is protection. The trousers should protect you from all impacts and accidents which may result in injuries. They should also protect you from the elements – if you have to work outside, extreme cold could hinder you, even if the rest of your body is protected and warm. Moisture can also get in the way, so if there’s any chance you might be working in wet conditions, you’ll want trousers that can keep you dry.

Flexibility is also important. You need to be able to move around while you work. The trousers don’t do you any good if you can’t move. They should conform to your movements and allow you to work without hindrance. This will also make the trousers more comfortable, so you don’t dread putting them on each day. Breathability would help, too. It will increase flexibility and keep you cool so you won’t sweat too much.

The last consideration is durability. The work trousers should stand up to any tough condition you put it through without wearing down or becoming compromised. It should also last for a long time. The most annoying thing to deal with is finding the perfect pair of work trousers, only to need a new pair every few months. Who has that kind of money or time to waste on new trousers all the time? Find a pair that will last and you won’t have to.


The Top 5 Work Trousers for Carpenters 2019


Scruffs 3D Trade Trouser

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The 3D Trade Trouser from Scruffs is comfortable and durable. It is made of a polyester-cotton blend. The polyester is very durable and the cotton gives it a softness. These two materials combine to form a tough but comfy work trouser. It is reinforced with nylon and Cordura fabric in areas that typically experience the most stress and wear, increasing its durability. Other features that ensure durability include a reinforced seat and triple stitching. The trouser features an ergonomic fit, which makes it both comfortable and flexible. There is also a self-fabric gusset, which allows for more flexibility and ease of movement. The trouser is very breathable, owing to a special feature: an inner meshed zip that opens “vents” to keep you cool. Multiple secure pockets provide you with plenty of space to store small tools and other items you may need throughout your day. There are five of these pockets, including tuck away holster pockets, a large cargo pocket, a pocket for your phone, and a rule pocket. There is even a hammer loop on the waist. The trouser accommodates those who spend time kneeling when they work via top loading knee pad pockets. These pockets are reinforced with Cordura, so they won’t wear out.

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  • Polyester construction, nylon and Cordura reinforcements, and triple stitching make the trouser very durable and long-lasting.
  • The cotton blend, ergonomic fit, and gusset feature make it very comfortable, even during long work hours.
  • The material is breathable and the inner meshed zip allows you to stay cool, even in the hottest summer weather or most humid workshop.
  • Your knees are protected by reinforced knee pad pockets.
  • There are plenty of pockets in which you can store your phone, small tools, and other essential items.
  • You can carry a hammer around with you via the loop on the waist.


  • Though the trouser boasts a superior fit, it can feel a bit loose in the leg. If you feel this might cause it to get caught on equipment, you might want to look for something with a tighter fit.
  • The trouser is more expensive than other budget-friendly options.


Apache Holster Trouser

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The Holster Trouser from Apache is durable and versatile. It is made of Cordura fabric, so it is thick enough to offer protection. However, it is also lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down or rigid. This lightweight quality also lends breathability to the trouser, keeping you cool throughout your work day. The trouser is also ideal for wet conditions, since it is water-resistant and will help to repel light rain and moisture. Triple stitching increases the durability of the trouser. There are multi-tool pockets and two large rear pockets to carry small- to medium-sized tools. Knee pad pockets provide a space for knee pad inserts, so you can protect your knees while working. These are reinforced for durability.


  • Cordura fabric makes the trouser thick and durable.
  • The trouser is lightweight, allowing you to move easily.
  • It is also breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable all day.
  • It is resistant to some wet conditions, such as light rain.
  • Triple stitching extends the life of the trouser.
  • You can carry just about anything you need, including medium sized tools and your phone, in large pockets.
  • Reinforced knee pad pockets are durable and protective.
  • The trouser is one of the more affordable options on the market.


  • Though it helps to keep you cool, it may not be the best option for the peak of summer.
  • It is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Moderate to heavy rain would certainly soak the trouser.


Dewalt Pro Tradesman Work Trouser

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The Pro Tradesman Work Trouser from Dewalt is comfortable, durable, and functional. It is made from a poly-cotton blend, giving it toughness and softness. Comfort is provided by the low-rise waist and the breathability of the material. Triple stitching and reinforced hems increase its durability. Holster pockets and a side utility pocket allow you to carry small tools, while a phone pocket keeps even a large phone safe. Pockets are included on the front and rear, so they are spaced out throughout the trouser. All of these pockets are wider than on most other trousers, allowing you to store and carry larger items than usual (or more of the smaller tools you need). Top loading knee pad pockets allow you to insert knee pads, providing a cushion when you need to kneel to work. There’s no need to go searching for the right knee pads, either – Dewalt sells knee inserts that match this trouser specifically. The holster pockets, hems, and knee pad pockets are reinforced with Cordura fabric.


  • The blend of polyester and cotton makes the trouser durable, comfortable, and breathable.
  • Breathability and a low-rise waist combine to give the trouser all-day comfort.
  • The trouser is very durable, thanks to triple stitching and Cordura-reinforced hems.
  • Wide reinforced holster pockets and a wide utility pocket on the side allow you to carry tools and items.
  • The phone pocket is wide and large, so you can keep any phone safe and nearby.
  • The trouser offers protection for your knees with top loading, reinforced knee pad pockets. The company also offers special knee pad inserts to go with this trouser.


  • This trouser is not water-resistant, so it will not protect you from rain or moisture.


Snickers Cooltwill Workwear Trouser

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The Cooltwill Workwear Trouser from the popular Snickers brand is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. It is made from a polyester-cotton blend, which lends both toughness and softness to the trouser. These materials combine to form the Cooltwill fabric, which is lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool. The trouser is designed for maximum flexibility, with features like an advanced cut, twisted leg design, and gusset. Cordura reinforcements at the knees provide increased durability. Your knees experience extra protection via the KneeGuard positioning system, which features knee pad pockets. You can store important items in one of several pockets, including holster pockets, a phone pocket, a spacious cargo pocket, and four smaller pockets for pens and small tools.


  • The Cooltwill fabric is durable, lightweight, and breathable.
  • The advanced cut, twisted leg design, and gusset make the trouser very flexible, fitting, and comfortable.
  • The knees are reinforced with Cordura fabric and feature knee pad pockets as part of the KneeGuard positioning system.
  • Four small pockets can hold any small pen or tool.
  • Holster pockets can hold medium-sized tools and items.
  • A large cargo pocket can hold larger items.
  • The phone pocket will keep your phone safe and dry.


  • The knee pad pockets are at odds with the sizing of the trouser. When the trouser fits well, the pockets are well below the knee, eliminating their usefulness in protecting the knees. The “positioning system” doesn’t seem to position very well.
  • The trouser is not water-resistant.
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Dickies Redhawk Action Work Trouser

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The Redhawk Action Work Trouser from Dickies is durable, slim, and protective. It is made of polyester and cotton, which makes it long-lasting and breathable. It uses a simpler design than the other trousers on this list, opting for several small zipped pockets rather than a host of larger cargo pockets. This gives it a slim, minimal feel. Knee pad pouches allow you to insert knee pads to better protect your knees while working.


  • The poly-cotton blend is tough and breathable, keeping you cool while allowing the trouser to last for a long time.
  • The design is simple, minimal, and slim.
  • There are two hand pockets, one thigh pocket on the right leg, and two back pockets. All these pockets feature zippers to keep items safe.
  • Knee pad pouches help you protect your knees.
  • The thickness of the material will keep you warm and toasty during the winter.


  • The pockets are small and slim. They don’t have a lot of space in them, so any item you keep there will be right up against your leg while you work. Perfect for small items, but not recommended for bulky items. You especially should not keep anything sharp in these pockets.
  • The waist is not elastic, so you will need to make sure you have the right size to fit you.
  • The trouser is very thick, so it will get very hot in the summer or inside a warm workshop.
  • It seems that not all pairs of this trouser are made the same. Some are thin, some are thick and hot. Some have a loose fit, some are very tight and restrictive.
  • The trouser is not meant to be water-resistant, though the thickness of the material would probably keep you dry for short periods.


Which Work Trouser is Right for You?

There are a lot of various designs for work trousers for carpenters, and they all have varying degrees of functionality. The Holster Trouser from Apache offers the most protection for carpenters on the job, with reinforced knee pad pockets, thick Cordura fabric, and light water-resistance. The Cooltwill Workwear Trouser from Snickers is the most flexible trouser with its advanced cut, twisted leg design, gusset, and lightweight Cooltwill fabric. However, the most breathable trouser would be the 3D Trade Trouser from Scruffs, which achieves this distinction with its inner meshed zip that creates “vents” for improved airflow. Dewalt’s Pro Tradesman Work Trouser is the most durable option, owing to its polyester construction, triple stitching, and plenty of Cordura reinforcements. For those on a budget, the Holster Trouser from Apache would be the most affordable trouser. Each trouser on this list provides specialization in one category or another, so you will be able to find the perfect work trouser for your carpentry needs.