Complete Guide to PPE for Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons cut trees down or trim off branches to preserve old trees. This can involve climbing up to very tall places and dealing with some fierce components. It is important to have the proper gear for the job, and it can impact how well you do. You will want to learn what the average tree surgeon wears daily. This includes helmet and face coverings, pants, shoes, and even gloves.

Let’s take a look at all the basics you will need to perform the job well.

Protect Your Head

When we talk about protecting your head we also mean your face. Both are equally important and you will want to make sure you are fully protected. Here are some things you will need to acquire before starting your job.

Hard Hat

There are now some hard hats that also come with face shields. This can be crucial for your protection. However, these will wear out over time. The sun can damage the hat, and even chainsaws can crack it. You will want to inspect it frequently to ensure there are no cracks or holes because that could easily lead to an emergency.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hard hat to start with, we recommend TR Industrial TR88011 Hard Hat. It comes with a comfortable cushion on the inside, making it easy to wear all day long. Earmuffs for ear protection, you can easily blow out your eardrums if you’re not careful. It also comes with a built-in face shield.

Eye Protection

Even if your hard hat has a face shield, there is a chance you will want extra eye protection like hard goggles. This can help keep your eyes safe from any flying wood chips or other material that could cause you harm. The important thing is to always protect your eyes either with additional safety goggles or a face visor.

Try out Dewalt DPG82-11C glasses. They are anti-fog, hard to scratch, and comfortable to wear. They are a headband type of glasses that will sit around your head comfortably and not fog up throughout the day. It comes with a superior ventilation system that will still protect your eyes from any flying objects or wood chunks.


Many hard hats come with earmuffs that help reduce the noise of a chainsaw to a bearable level. However, if your hat does not come with any ear protection, it must get the right pair. These are essential when working with super loud objects.

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If you are looking for ear muffs, try out Professional Safety Ear Muffs by Decibel Defense. They are comfortable, heavy-duty, and provide the ultimate hearing protection. They are great for industrial use or even a shooting range.

Protect Your Body

Many tree surgeons will opt to wear clothes made of fabric that can protect them from the chainsaw. If the chainsaw goes haywire, it is vital to feeling safe and protected at all times. There are many different styles and types to choose from now.

Utility Trousers With Chainsaw Protected Fabric

Protective paints are necessary if you work with trees, but the problem is a lot of them can be too hot and too uncomfortable to wear. This can be just as dangerous as no protective pants. This last thing you will want to do is become too hot while too high up.

There are full bodysuits made of this fabric, chaps that go over pants, or just trousers. All of these options are good ones, but in the full-body suit, you may become overheated. You will also want to try everything on to ensure you can move.

Bright Shirts

These bright shirts needed for tree surgeons are also called hi-vis shirts. They make it, so each person wearing one is able to be clearly seen from a few yards away by everyone. These can come in the form of jackets for winter or short sleeve shirts.

If you are looking for a hi-vis shirt, we recommend looking at AYKRM Hi-Vis T-Shirt. It is a wicking shirt that will help absorb and get rid of any sweat. It has a 360° reflective coverage, meaning from any angle, someone will be able to spot you.

For anyone who needs jackets, you can try out the Fierce Safety JA400G bomber jacket. It is a hi-vis option and water-resistant making it perfect for a cloudy, snowy, or rainy day. It is a lightweight jacket that is flexible enough to do all work in.


As a tree surgeon, you will need two different types of gloves. You will need chainsaw protective gloves and suitable heavy-duty all-purpose gloves. The first set will be for when you are handling the chainsaw, and the second set will be when you are handling the trees’ limbs after you have used the chainsaw. This will keep your hands protected at all times and is essential to perform the job well.

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Chainsaw gloves are made out of cut-proof fabric that will handle the chainsaw well. If you are looking for a pair Intra-FIT Extrication Rescue Gloves are a great option. They are water-proof, flexible, and provide extra comfort. This is a great set of gloves to use because they are cut-proof and long-lasting.

For all-purpose or general purpose gloves, you can try out 451S-07 Palm Coating Natural Rubber Gloves. They are flexible, seamless, and lightweight. They will hold up for basic tree handling and protect your hands from any hazardous shrubs.

Protective Boots

Like most outside workers or construction workers, you will need a decent pair of boots as a tree surgeon. They will need to be comfortable to stand in all day, and you will want them to be steel-toed. It’s best to find one’s water-proof and non-slip for hazardous conditions. Be sure to try them on before purchasing them to ensure the proper size.

Protect Your Lungs

Many tree surgeons choose to wear a face mask underneath their face shield. This can help protect their lungs from sawdust, wood chips, and other things that you do not want to breathe. We highly recommend getting a pack.

If you are looking for something comfortable that can fit with a hard hat and goggles, think about getting 3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6300. It is good for gasses, dust, vapors, sawing, sanding, grinding, and more. Everything you do as a tree surgeon will be covered, and this will help you protect your lungs.

Other Equipment You Will Want To Carry

As a tree surgeon, you will want to carry other equipment. Here is a list of what to consider bringing with you at all times.

  • First aid kit
  • Rigging ropes, and rigging carabiners, and connectors
  • Rigging Plates and Rings
  • Chainsaw
  • Lowering devices
  • Mobile phone for emergencies
  • GPS

Once you get on the job, you will understand more of what you need. Everyone will want different items to carry with them on the job.

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The Four Types Of PPE Gear

Listed above are the four types of PPE gear for tree surgeons. The four PPE gear types are eye and face protection, body protection, hearing protection, and respiratory protection. You will want items from each of these categories to remain safe on the job.

When Is The Best Time To Wear Everything?

You may be wondering if you have to wear this equipment every day and the answer is no. Everything has a time and a place. Only a few items should be worn at specific times, and this will also help prevent your equipment from wearing out.

  • Hi-vis shirts- These should be worn every day or when you’re out on the field chopping trees.
  • Steel-toed boots- The boots should always be worn when you plan on cutting trees or working with heavy pieces of equipment. Many tree surgeons get into the habit of wearing them every day.
  • Hard hat, goggles, and earmuffs- These should always be worn when you plan on working with loud equipment like the chainsaw or when you are working with heavy materials.
  • Gloves- All-purpose gloves should be worn if you work with any shrubbery or picking up things to put in the waste bin. The cut-proof gloves should be worn when you are using the saw.
  • Face covers or masks- These should always be worn if there is an excess amount of dust, you are sawing, or there are fumes in the air. This will keep your lungs protected.

Not everything needs to be worn at once, but most things need to be worn if you plan on doing any sawing or chopping. Having all of the gear with you will be a must once you start this job, and you will find out what is more important to where and when exactly you should be wearing it.

Final Thoughts

As a tree surgeon, you will want the proper personal protective equipment. You will need to find well-fitted gear that will not make you overly sweaty and comfortable working long hours in. You can choose several different brands, and each kind you choose should comply with specific safety laws. A tree surgeon can be a fun and successful job with the right equipment.