Do Ariat Boots Run Big?

When it comes to stylish boots, we can almost guarantee that you think of Ariat.

Ariat pride themselves on having the perfect fit boots to make customers happy, and want to provide the best boots they can to serve the customers’ needs when it comes to style, protection, and comfort. 

So, it is understandable that everyone wants to get their hands on a pair of Ariat boots.

However, customers need to be aware of the size of the boot, as there have been rumors that Ariat boots actually run a little big. 

In this article, we will discuss if Ariat boots do indeed run big if they are true to size, and more! So, if this is of interest to you, read on! 

Do Ariat Boots Run Big?

Yes, Ariat boots do run big for their shoe size when compared to the same shoe size of another brand.

So, when you go to purchase an Ariat boot, then you need to make sure that you buy a pair that is half a size smaller than the size of your other boots. 

For example, if you are typically a men’s size 10 in boots, then it is best to invest in size 9.5 Ariat boots. 

It is important to understand the sizing of Ariat boots so you don’t accidentally buy shoes that do not fit you. 

Are Ariat Boots True To Size?

When it comes to their own sizing, then yes, Ariat boots are true to size. Even though when compared to other boots they run big, Ariat has a clear sizing guide that details the exact size of their boots.

Don’t forget that shoe size and boot size are not the same things! 

So, using the example above, if you are a size 10 in men’s shoes, then you will need a size 9.5 Ariat boot.

The size 9.5 boot will fit your foot well, and is, therefore, true to size. 

How Should Ariat Boots Fit?

Ariat boots that properly fit your feet should be snug at the heels.

You should not feel a lot of movement from the boot when you move or walk because the boots flex without any issues.

The heel should be able to lift slightly, but never in excess. 

When you first try on a pair of Ariat boots, then please note that the soles may feel stiff, and this may be slightly uncomfortable.

However, this should no longer be an issue once you break the boots in. After this, the soles will flex as normal and the shoes will start to feel comfortable. 

It is also important to note that the ball of your note needs to fit into the Ariat boot’s broadest part.

This shows that the arc length is correct. And, you must ensure that there is enough room for your toes.

A good indicator of this is if your toes are sitting flat and are accessible to you.

Finally, your boot shot should fit snugly over the instep, and this must be from the top of the boot since there are no buckles or laces to secure the boot. 

How To Fit Ariat Boots: Step By Step Method

Here’s how you can make sure you are buying the right size Ariat boots for you in more detail!

 Fitting Ariat Boots 1: Put Your Boots On

First, the best thing you can do to ensure your Ariat boots fit you is to put them on.

Slide your foot inside the boot shaft and if you need to, use the pull tabs to get your foot inside the shoe. 

Do not think the boot does not fit if you can feel slight resistance in the arch area as you try to get your foot inside, this is normal!

Once your foot is in place, you may hear a popping sound. 

Fitting Ariat Boots 2: Confirming The Heel Lift 

Once your Ariat boots are on, you will next need to check the heel lift.

This is key to a comfortable fit, so make sure you follow these instructions when you try on your boots.

The heel lift is the gap between your heel and the insole of the boots. Here, there needs to be some room, but the space should not go above ⅛ of an inch. 

Again, you may feel resistance when you pull the boots here, but this is not bad because it ensures that the boots will fit snugly and the heel lift is appropriate. 

Fitting Ariat Boots 3: Boot Fit Check

Here, you need to ensure that the ball of your foot, the widest part of it, specifically, must sit perfectly on the broadest part of the outsole.

Fitting Ariat Boots 4: Measure Your Foot

While wearing the boots, you next need to measure your feet. Specifically, you need to measure from the end of the boots to the end of your toes.

You will be able to use your thumb to do this. 

To do so, put your thumb in a sideways position.

As previously mentioned, there needs to be enough room at the front of your boot for your toes to sit flat. 

Fitting Ariat Boots 5: Walk Around 

It is helpful to walk around in the boots to see how they feel on your feet.

If they don’t feel good, try another size! If they do, then it is likely that these boots fit you well.

It is best to do this while you are still at the store.

Please note that you should be wearing socks when you do this, as this can have a great impact on the fit of the boot. 

Final Thoughts 

Ariat boots run true to size for their own size guide. However, they do run big when compared to other boot sizes.

So, if you typically wear men’s size 10, you should get a men’s size 9.5 in Ariat boots. 

However, it is always a good idea to perform the checks above to make sure your Ariat boots fit you well.