Do Blundstones run big or small?

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Blundstone is an Australian bootmaker and proud maker of the world-famous Blundstone 500 Series Chelsea boots. Founded in 1870 in Tasmania, the brand has become widely known for its excellent quality, durability, comfort and classic style.

The question of whether Blundstone boots run big or small has come up many times over the years. It turns out that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because each individual may find a certain size fit better than another. The important thing to consider when purchasing a pair of Blundstone boots is to make sure that you get the right size for your foot. This article will delve into some helpful tips and advice on buying Blundstones so you can find a perfect fit for your feet!

Sizing Guide

Blundstone is a trusted, classic brand that offers boots in a variety of sizes and styles. When ordering online, it’s important to make sure that you get the right size. To help with this, we’ve put together a sizing guide to help you determine the right size for you. Let’s get started!

Measure your feet

Correctly measuring your feet is the best way to ensure a proper fit. Sizing can vary significantly between brands, so it’s important to measure feet each time you purchase a new pair of shoes.

When deciding what size shoes to buy, start by tracing both of your feet onto a piece of paper, taking care to ensure that you trace the fullest part of your foot. You’ll need to have a ruler or measuring tape on hand as well.

Using your measurements as a reference, determine what Blundstone size and width fits best for your feet. Keep in mind that children’s sizes and adult sizes are different (check the manufacturer’s website for sizing details). You may also need to consider purchasing a half size if you have particularly wide or narrow feet.

Finally, be sure to allow room for socks when selecting a size – even if you normally wear dress socks when trying on shoes, try wearing thicker walking/hiking socks with them during the fitting process so you can accurately assess whether they are going to be comfortable while on an outdoor adventure.

Consider width and arch shape

While length should be your major determinant when selecting a shoe size, it’s also important to consider width and arch shape. Blundstone boots come in two different widths: medium and wide. The blucher upper is designed to provide the wearer with a contour that fits like a glove over the foot.

To determine if you need a medium or wide width – as well as whether you need a half sizes or not – you should measure both length and width of your feet prior to ordering. To ensure the best fit, measure both your longest toe on each foot, arch length and arch circumference of both feet. Arch length is measured from bottom of the heel to highest point in the middle of the foot; while circumference measures around your entire foot at this same high point. As well as knowing these measurements, it’s also important to consider any previous issues with wearing certain types of footwear such as tightness across ball-of-foot, discomfort around toes, etc.

Other factors that might influence changes in shoe size include:

  • being pregnant
  • having bunions/corns/hammer-toes (as these can cause feet to change shape).
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In general, we recommend buying half sizes for children and people with slim feet who tend toward narrow shoes; however it all depends on foot shape and an individual’s preference for close fitting versus looser fitting footwear.

Blundstone Sizing

When it comes to Blundstone boots, finding the right size can be tricky. They are known to run both big and small, depending on the style and width. It’s important to understand the sizing of Blundstone boots so you can get the perfect fit for your feet.

This article will discuss all the important details about Blundstone sizing so you can make the best choice for your feet:

US Men’s Sizes

The Blundstone sizing guide states that the US sizes for men’s boots are true to size and customers should select the size they would typically wear in other brands. However, it is important to note that as the leather on Blundstone boots will stretch over time and between wears, some customers may prefer to purchase slightly smaller boots if they would like a snug fit. Customers should always try on a pair of boots to determine the correct fit.

The Blundstone range for men’s US sizes are:

  • 7-14 (whole sizes only).
  • Half sizes can be created with the use of their inner sole range, which are available from sizes 5-14 (half and whole sizes).

US Women’s Sizes

Blundstone has established an international sizing chart specifically for US women’s sizes and should be used as a guideline when selecting the correct size. The US women’s size range varies from 4 to 11 and the US size denotes the actual foot length in inches in order to ensure the most accurate fit.

For example, a US Women’s 8 would equal an actual foot length of 9.5 inches or 24 cm. When selecting your Blundstone, it is important to remember that many styles are designed with an extra depth toe box which may provide more room and a more comfortable fit. If you have wider feet or like extra room we suggest going up half a size, but if your measurement lands on the higher end of one size then opt for a bigger one as opposed to staying at this exact measurement of another size down.

It is also important to keep in mind that all leather boots will stretch over time, so be sure not to choose too small of a boot as it won’t stretch any bigger over time or if pressed against other material such as heavy socks. Be sure to consider this when you purchase your Blundstone boots!

UK Sizes

Blundstone makes it easy to find the perfect fit with their range of Australia-specific sizes and UK sizing. They also have dual sizes indicated by a slash, i.e. 5/6, so you can find the best fit for your foot.

For UK sizes, men’s Blundstone boots are available in sizes 5 – 14, while women’s Blundstone boots come in sizes 3 – 10. The smallest UK size is a 3, but this is equivalent to an AU 4 which may be too small depending on foot size. The largest UK size is 14 for men and 10 for women; these are usually equivalent to an AU 15 or 16 respectively (the largest standard size).

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Additionally, half-sizes are available between full-sizes! For example: if you usually wear a UK 13, but it feels too big—you have the option of taking a 12½ instead! Remember that AU sizes may vary slightly compared to their corresponding UK size due to manufacturing tolerances and differences in scale used within the industry. With that being said, we always recommend choosing a boot with your exact measurements as if it’s too big or small—it will affect your comfort level in unanticipated ways!

European Sizes

When it comes to sizing, Blundstone boots and shoes appear to run true to size, although it’s best to confirm the correct fit by following the steps below – all sizes are reported in European sizing, so check your measurements against the chart below.

EU Sizing Conversions:

  • 35 – AU 5 / US Women 6
  • 36 – AU 5.5 / US Women 6.5 – 7
  • 37 – AU 6 / US Women 7.5
  • 38 – AU 7 / US Women 8.5
  • 39 – AU 8 / US Men 6, Women 9
  • 40 – AU 8.5 / US Men 6.5, Women 9.5
  • 41 – AU 9.5/ US Men 7, Women 10-10.55
  • 42- AU 10/US Men 7/7/8, Womens 11-11.55
  • 43-AU 11/US Mens 8/8 1/2 , Womens 12-12 1/2

When making your purchase and when you receive your Blundstones always remember that leather has the capability of stretching up to half a size larger depending on use and wear so if the shoes feel tight at first that’s okay! Breaking in isn’t typically noticed once you get them going!

Fit Guide

Blundstone boots are known for their quality and comfortable fit. While most styles come in “unisex” sizes, they are slightly different than traditional men’s and women’s sizes which can make it difficult to know what size to buy.

To help you find the right fit, let’s take a look at the Blundstone fit guide and find out whether their boots tend to run big or small.

Break-in period

As with any quality leather footwear, there is an initial ‘breaking in’ period for Blundstone boots. This will ensure that the leather conforms to your feet and offers comfortable wear anytime you choose to wear them. We recommend you initially wear your Blundstones with the laces just a little loose – enough to offer some flexibility while having a snug fit against your heel. Give them time to break-in and conform around your foot.

During the break-in period, if you find there are any points of discomfort on your foot or that the boot isn’t conforming properly around certain areas, take caution and remove the boots immediately. It may be necessary to heat-mold them slightly following their break-in period to achieve ultimate comfort – Blundstone offers a professional heat molding service available at selected stockists only (check here).

Consider your lacing style

When trying to find the right fit for both your feet and lifestyle, it is important to consider how you will lace up your boots. Blundstone offers two different lacing styles when it comes to their footwear–classic round laces or elastic sides.

Your style of lacing will help determine the best boot for you.

  • Classic round laces: For those with a traditional sense of style, classic round laces are timeless and dependable with a secure fit that can be adjusted specifically to your preference. The leather uppers provide extra support and structure which leads to greater all-round comfort, making them perfect for everyday wear, but they may require slightly more space in terms of tightness because the upper section may compress in time as the leather softens.
  • Elastic sides: The pull on design with elastic sides provides an easy-going fit that doesn’t need adjustment as well as an easy entry into the boot enabling you to slip it on and off quickly while maintaining great comfort throughout wear time. The slight give is ideal for cinching around narrower feet, however additional foot room may be necessary if you have a wider foot profile as the elastic structure might not give enough support over long term use.
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Whether you are after a classic look or on-the-go convenience, always factor in your lacing style when choosing from Blundstone’s range of footwear so that you get the best fit both inside and out!

Consider the type of sock you wear

If you want the most comfortable foot fit, it’s important to consider the type of sock you will be wearing with your Blundstone boots. The thickness of the sock will affect the overall fit and feel of your boot. Thick winter socks with a lot of cushioning might cause your boots to feel snug, while thinner dress socks may have a looser feel. We suggest trying on a pair of boots with the same sock that you plan to wear most frequently. This can help ensure that your boots have a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

In general, Blundstones do run true-to-size or slightly small depending on length. Their leather stretch slightly with wear, so if you are in between sizes we suggest that you go up one size rather than down in order to get the best possible fit.


It’s impossible to make a definitive statement about how Blundstones fit, as everyone’s feet are different and everyone has their own preferences. However, the general consensus is that they generally run ‘true to size’.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to try before you buy, so if possible it’s worth trying on a few pairs at the store or having them shipped over before you make any major investments.

Many customers will also opt for half sizes for a snugger fit that won’t require too much breaking in time. With Blundstone shoes, there are plenty of options available and a style for every foot size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Blundstones run big or small?

A: Blundstones generally run true to size. If you’re between sizes, it is recommended that you size up for a better fit.