Do Massage Therapists Wear Scrubs?

History tells us that massage therapy is not a new age fad. The practice was popular in ancient Egypt and other parts of the world. In the past, these therapists were regarded as “healers”. The healers applied perfumes and essential oils to promote holistic healing, and helped their patient’s bodies to recover from diseases.

Things are a bit different now in the 21st century. In the past, a healer wore a long robe or a draped kit, elaborate jewelry, extravagant twigs and extreme make up. Modern massage therapists also have their unwritten dress codes. But do massage therapists wear scrubs? In this post, we will discuss what massage therapists wear.

Massage therapy is now a prosperous industry worth 16 billion dollars. Unlike their ancestors, massage therapists now do not adorn their bodies extravagantly. When it comes to their work attire, they have a more functional approach.

Things to consider when choosing workwear for massage therapists

If you are a massage therapist, there are a few things you must consider when choosing workwear. Now we are going to discuss them. This issue should never be taken lightly, because as a massage therapist you must have a good impression to your clients.

The first impression

When a client comes to your message therapy center, first of all they see you. Projecting your style of massage is of utmost importance. For example, if you want to attract sports people, wearing t-shirt and jogging bottoms can be a good idea.

And if you are interested in energy work and relaxation, you should wear a relaxed top with yoga pants. Remember, you may not judge your client, but your client will certainly judge you.


During the massage therapy, you will need to move around a bit. That is why you need to wear something that is comfortable. Make sure that it is not too baggy or too tight. If it is too baggy, it may cause discomfort for your clients.

And if it is too tight, you will find it hard to move well. To make your client comfortable, you need to feel comfortable. Do massage therapists wear scrubs? It also depends on whether they are comfortable.

Not too much skin

When it comes to giving a massage therapy, giving a false impression is one of the most common issues. What you wear is important, because people will often judge you based on your dress. For example, if you wear a low-cut top, some clients may interpret it the way you don’t want them to.

You may not judge others, but others may still judge you. While some professionals think tattoos should be covered, others do not think it is a problem. This is a rather personal choice. But make sure that too much skin is not exposed.


Black is favorite to most massage therapists. It is a standard color, and it looks pretty professional. But that does not mean that you have to wear black. You can do some experiments and figure out what works for you.

Blue and green can be other viable options, but not white, because it gets dirty very easily. However, it is a matter of personal choice. Just make sure that the color you choose is gentle, and the cloth is soft.

However, white is also a favorite color for many massage therapists. Both black and white cloths look elegant and professional. Massage lubricants often cause stains, and black can easily conceal the stains.

That is perhaps the reason why so many massage facilities choose black aprons and smocks. Additionally, if you wear black, you will look a bit slimmer. Do massage therapists wear scrubs? The answer is yes. And you have to choose a color that fits your personality.

Choosing top or bottom

When choosing your workwear, you have to find a balance between your professional and personal styles. Just do not wear something that can be a subject of provocation, suggestiveness or flirtation. Avoid cropped shirts, revealing neckline, low waist pants, too tight leggings, and transparent tops.

In most cases, the workwear is fine if it makes you feel comfortable. Just make sure that it does not give a negative impression to your clients.

Be careful of your personal appearance

Massage therapists should pay close attention to their grooming habits. If you are a massage therapist, here are some general guidelines for you:

  • Use deodorant
  • Tie back long hair
  • Appear neat, clean and well groomed
  • Manicure your nails
  • Use less perfume and cologne
  • Cover glaring tattoos
  • Wear minimal makeup

What about male massage therapists?

When it comes to choosing work cloths, male massage therapists also have to be careful. It is important to consider professionalism and comfort, but you also have to pay attention to functionality and mobility.

Sometimes, to apply massage lubricants properly, therapists use equipment. They also have to be careful about product stains. That is why male massage therapists often use dress shirt, athletic wear, comfortable jeans and good belt.

Do massage therapists wear scrubs? Yes, because they make massage therapists look more professional. There are also practical purposes. They also use medical scrubs, because they are helpful. Therapists should iron shirts and pants before wearing them.

Medical scrub tops: good or bad?

Although there are some recommended dress codes for massage therapists, it is a matter of personal preference. If you are comfortable in medical scrubs, you can wear them. But it is important to consider the type of your workplace. Look at other therapist and notice what they are wearing.

There is no doubt that medical scrubs can be a good choice if you work at a chiropractic office or doctor’s office. If you do medical massage or deep tissue massage, you probably want to be recognized as a medical professional.

Do massage therapists wear scrubs? Yes. But again, it depends on your work environment. In some situations you may look a bit pretentious if you wear medical scrub tops. It is hard to be professional when your clients perceive you as pretentious.

Massage therapists do not have much scope for wearing whatever they wish. The fashion statement is confined and minimal. Your main focus should be to provide holistic healing for your clients. The goal of this therapy is to improve one’s body and mind, and that should be your main focus.

The therapy has been proved to be very effective for maintaining and repairing joints and muscles. When providing massage service, do not dress just to impress your clients but to make sure that the dress makes the whole process comfortable for you.

If you are in this profession for a while, you will gradually figure out what works for you, and choose workwear based on practicality and functionality. When choosing workwear, add a touch of your personality but maintain professionalism.