How Do Converses Run?

Converse sneakers have unique sizing that is different from other brands. Some are bigger, while some are true to size. Not getting the right fit shoes can be very irritating. In this article, you'll know which size shoes should be best for you according to your foot size.

Indubitably, Converse is the most popular and one of the oldest shoe brands worldwide. It outshines every other popular shoe company and gets a ‘must have in wardrobe’ tag.

It really feels bad if you invest in something and things don’t happen as you expected. When buying converse for yourself, it is essential to invest in a pair that fits you perfectly. One of the most sought-after questions about converse is, “How do Converses run?

In this article, we have not only answered this question but have also included a guide on how to measure your feet at home so that you eliminate all the uncertainties while buying one. So let’s dive in!

How Do Converse Fit/Run? 

Some converse sneakers run half a size bigger, and some are smaller or narrower than other sneakers. It is very common among people buying converse shoes to end up with a pair that isn’t their right fit. 

To avoid this situation, it is essential to know about the exact sizing chart of converse sneakers. Here’s a list of some sneakers from the Converse collection and their unique sizing.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor is one of the most iconic Converse shoes. You can get the idea of its popularity from the fact that many people don’t know who Chuck Taylor was, but they know about the shoes.

These shoes not only provide you comfort but also add up to your style whenever you wear them. 

Chuck Taylor All Star II has Nike Lunarlon cushioning technology making it more comfortable. Despite all these things, one important point to consider while buying is the size of the Chuck Taylor All Star. 

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Chuck Taylor All Star runs bigger than usual. These shoes are larger than other shoes, about half the size. You should buy this shoe half size smaller to get the right fit. Since it is a unisex shoe, this sizing condition is applicable to both men and women. For example, you should order a Chuck Taylor All Star of US size 7.5 if you wear a size 8.

Do Chuck Taylor All Stars run big for kids too? Yes, like adults, these shoes run a half size bigger for kids as well.

Converse Pro Leather

It was first launched as basketball shoes and endorsed by a number of star players like Julius Erving. Sports superstars including Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird wore this shoe on the basketball court.

As new technology came into the market for the design of sports shoes, these shoes started to get off the player’s feet around the mid-80s. Pro Leather was back again in the game when the demand for streetwear grew. It was again endorsed by celebrities like Jay Z.

Talking about the converse sizing, Pro Leather shoes are true to size. Like the Chuck Taylor All Star, Pro Leather is also a unisex sneaker. 

One problem with the Pro Leather is that it doesn’t come in a wide width size. Chuck Taylor All Star is the only shoe by Converse that comes in wide width size.

Converse One Star

Converse One Star was first launched in 1969 by the name Leather All Star. It became a basketball shoe when it got redesigned. After that, Converse stopped the production of these shoes till the 90s.

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This shoe was loved by musicians and skaters which led Converse to start the production of this shoe again as One Star. 

One Star Pro was launched with Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning technology which was very helpful to absorb the shock, making it popular among the skaters.

Just like the Converse Pro Leather, Converse One Star also runs true to size. You can buy the shoes online with the same size as any other brand’s shoes you own.

How to Measure Foot at Home?

To get the more accurate fitting, you should first know the right size of your feet. To get the measurement of your feet at home, you will need a ruler, a pencil and a blank piece of paper. 

  • First of all, place your one foot onto the paper. We recommend you to wear thick socks during this process so that the fitting does not change when you wear the shoes with the socks on.
  • Now, when you have put your foot on the paper, use the pencil and mark a line on the uppermost part of your foot, that is, the toe. Similarly, mark one more line at the heel of your foot. Make sure you don’t move your leg during the process. Measure the distance between the marks using a ruler.
  • Repeat the process with the other foot too because it’s very rare that both feet of a person measure the same.
  • Use these charts given below to know which shoe size is for your foot.

Size Chart for Men

Size of Foot in cmUS Shoe Size
24.16 1/2
24.97 1/2
25.88 1/2
26.69 1/2
27.410 1/2
28.311 1/2
28.812 1/2
29.613 1/2
30.814 1/2

Size Chart for Women

Size of Foot in cmUS Shoe Size
21.14 1/2
22.45 1/2
23.16 1/2
23.67 1/2
24.58 1/2
25.39 1/2
26.210 1/2
2711 1/2
27.912 1/2

In the End

Now you must know how Converse shoes run and how to get the right fitting pair. We hope you got your doubts cleared from this article. Thanks for reading!

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