How do you break in Ariat tall boots fast

How do you break in Ariat tall boots fast

Softening the Leather

Breaking in Ariat tall boots quickly and easily can be a daunting process. Fortunately, the process of softening the leather of the boots is relatively simple. All you need is several days’ worth of time, some soap, and a good pair of soft cloths. Softening the leather can make the boots significantly more comfortable and can help break them in much faster.

Let’s look at the simple process of softening the leather of Ariat tall boots:

Apply an oil-based leather conditioner

An oil-based leather conditioner is a great way to softens the leather of your Ariat boots and break them in faster. It can penetrate into the fibers of your boots, making them much more flexible, comfortable, and pliable. Conditions such as wind, water, salt, and dirt can harden or dry leather out over time. Applying an oil-based conditioner will help keep your Ariat boots looking like new.

Here are some steps for using an oil-based leather conditioner:

  1. Make sure that the boots are clean and free of dust or dirt before beginning.
  2. Use an applicator or a clean cloth to spread a light coating of the conditioner onto each side of the boot’s leather.
  3. Allow the conditioner to soak into the leather for at least 10 minutes to ensure complete penetration.
  4. Wipe off any excess residue with a clean cloth after 10 minutes have passed.
  5. Allow your Ariat tall boots to air out overnight before wearing them again so that they have time to completely absorb the conditioner and fully soften up!

Use a hair dryer to soften the leather

Breaking in Ariat tall boots doesn’t have to be a long and challenging process. A quick and effective way to make these boots more comfortable is to use a hair dryer. Heat helps soften the leather, which will make it more pliable and easier to break in.

When softening your boots, set your hair dryer on the “low” setting, as too much heat could damage the leather. Run the warm air over each section of your boot for about 30 seconds or until it feels slightly warm to the touch. Once all sections have been heated, try them on with sock liners on. If you notice that some areas are still particularly stiff, spend a few more seconds with the hair dryer until it is sufficiently softened.

After several days of utilizing this method with regular use of your Ariat tall boots, you should begin to feel an improvement in comfort levels. Keep in mind that this might not work for all materials or types of shoes or boots as synthetic materials don’t respond well to heat! Make sure that you understand what material your footwear is comprised of before attempting this method!

Stretching the Boot

Breaking in a pair of tall boots can be a challenging task. The best way to break in your boots quickly is to use a boot stretcher. Boot stretchers are designed to stretch the leather of your boots gradually over time and make them more comfortable to wear.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to stretch your boots using this tool, as well as some other tips and tricks on breaking in tall boots fast:

Use a boot stretcher

Breaking in your boots doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. With the help of a boot stretcher, you can expedite the break-in process quite easily and save some time. A boot stretcher is an inexpensive tool and is worth having one in your closet if you own high quality leather boots.

Using a boot stretcher is fairly straightforward – simply insert the stretcher into either boot and then use the included levers and handles to apply gentle pressure until you achieve your desired fit. Note that it may take several attempts before you get a perfect fit and make sure to always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for additional guidance. Once you reach your desired shape or fit, the leather should be shaped to accommodate the feet comfortably with little rubbing or bloating, leaving only minimum pressure points for extra comfort when wearing tall boots for extended periods of time.

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And don’t forget to treat both sides of your boots as needed by using conditioners or oils such as mink oil – this will help keep them soft, supple and more pliable over time. It is important to note that not all leather will best respond to conditioning techniques so test them on a hidden area first before treating all areas of your boot.

Wear thick socks and boot liners

One of the best ways to help your Ariat tall boots break in quickly is to wear thick socks or boot liners with them. Thick socks will provide extra padding and shock absorption, keeping your feet comfortable and helping the material at the back of the boot conform to your calf. Boot liners are a great way to enjoy a snug fit without compromising on comfort or having to constantly push down your boots – they also reduce rubbing and irritation, so you can get on with enjoying all the amazing features that come with owning a pair of Ariat boots!

It’s important not to overcompensate with socks and liners – you don’t want them so thick that they interfere with movement. A good rule of thumb is that if you can easily move your toes, use more sock or liner; if you can’t then you’ll need less. Pulling up your tall boot too tightly also isn’t advised as this could cause permanent damage. Instead, ensure you have enough space for movement within your footwear by wearing a pair of thicker socks or boot liners when breaking in new Ariat boots!

Heating the Boot

Breaking in Ariat tall boots is a process that requires patience and the right techniques. One of the most effective and fastest ways to break in these boots is by heating them up. Heating can make the material more malleable and easier to stretch. It’s important to be careful when heating the boot as to not overdo it and cause any damage.

Let’s look at how you can heat the boot to break it in:

Use a boot dryer

One of the quickest and most efficient methods of breaking in Ariat tall boots is by using a boot dryer. These machines work by quickly and safely blowing warm air into the boots, softening any tough leather areas and making them more pliable.

Most boot dryers are made from plastic or metal and are powered either by electricity or battery power, allowing you to move them around wherever needed. Some also come with additional features like extension tubes for better accessibility and portability, as well as features like multiple heat settings for a wider range of comfort levels. Additionally, some models can also be used for drying socks, gloves and other clothing items, offering an economical alternative to purchasing multiple devices for different purposes.

When using a boot dryer for your Ariat tall boots, it is important to read the instructions carefully so that the device is operated safely.

Use a hairdryer to heat the boot

Breaking in Ariat tall boots can often take some time and effort, as the leather that makes up the boots needs to conform to your feet and its movements. To hasten this process and ensure that you can start wearing your boots sooner rather than later, using a hairdryer is an easy and effective way of breaking them in quickly.

To start, point the hairdryer at the most top part of the boot from a safe distance (around 6 inches). Allow the warm air to fill up inside for 2-3 minutes for the leather to soften. Once you’re done, try on the boot and make sure that it’s comfortable on your feet. Repeat with other side if needed until your Ariat tall boots fit nicely into your feet size.

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When finished, use leather conditioner or wax to help protect them from any damage over time. Make sure that you’re applying it properly and evenly across both sides of each boot; more frequent upkeep will keep them looking new longer!

Breaking in the Boot

One of the best ways to break in Ariat tall boots fast is to wear them at home before going on a ride. This will ensure that the fit and comfort level are to your liking. You can also condition the leather to make it more pliable and softened. Additionally, you can use some special techniques and methods to properly break in the boots so you can enjoy them sooner rather than later.

Let’s look into these methods in detail:

Wear the boots around the house

Before you debut your Ariat tall boots out in public, you should wear them around the house for a full day or two. This allows the leather to conform to your feet as it breaks in. As you walk on carpet and hardwood floors, it helps soften the leather, wear off any stiffness, and adapts to the shape of your foot.

Keep this up until you are able to stand, walk, and take steps comfortably with no discomfort. If you still feel a pinch at some parts of your feet when wearing them, try using shoe trees or extra liners. The warm air inside these boots will help soften up any tight areas while still allowing your boots to retain its original shape over time.

Take short walks in the boots

Getting a new pair of tall boots can be exciting, yet breaking them in can take some time before they are comfortable to wear. Fortunately, there are a few ways to ensure that your tall boots break in faster.

The first step is making sure your boots fit properly. It’s best to try on the boots before purchasing them and walking around the store in them to gauge how they feel on your feet. After that, start out with short walks around the neighborhood or inside the house while wearing your boots. This helps loosen up their stiffness and allows you to “break” them in without requiring too much exertion right away. You can also use shoe stretching products or socks filled with water for a more intense stretch if needed.

In addition, you can use boot trees or boot shapers to keep their form every time you take off from wearing them – this not only preserves their appeal but also keeps their spines intact so as not to lose tension when putting them back on later. Finally, be sure to always keep your Ariat tall boots clean with leather-safe products and conditioners which will maintain their suppleness and longevity by preventing dryness or cracking over time.


The first and most important step in breaking in a pair of Ariat tall boots is regular maintenance. Taking care of your boots by cleaning, conditioning and polishing them will help them break in faster and last longer. It will also help to protect the leather and make your boots look great.

Let’s take a closer look at the other steps involved in breaking in Ariat tall boots:

Apply a leather conditioner regularly

Break-in time can be significantly shortened by using leather conditioner on your Ariat tall boots regularly. Quality leather conditioners help keep your boots supple, soft and comfortable while protecting them from dirt, salt, water and other elements of wear.

Leather conditioners are available in a variety of formulas. Oil-based and water-based products have their own unique uses and benefits, so it’s important to use the right product for your Ariat tall boots.

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To get the best results when applying a leather conditioner:

  • Clean the surface of any dirt or residue with a damp cloth before applying.
  • Ensure the boot is cool to the touch before applying – do not use a hairdryer or other heat source.
  • Use a gentle circular motion when rubbing in the conditioner.
  • Allow the boots to dry partially before buffing or brushing them with a soft brush or cloth to help blend any oils into the nooks and crannies.
  • Allow them to dry completely overnight before wearing them again.

Regular use of quality leather oil/conditioners help protect your Ariat tall boots against cracking, drying out and forming an uncomfortable “halo” around your ankle caused by tight seams in areas that have been subjected to abrasion or water damage. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your Ariat tall boots and keep them looking their best!

Store the boots in a cool, dry place

When you first purchase your Ariat tall boots, it’s important to break them in before you wear them on the job. To make breaking in as easy as possible, store your boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures before doing any breaking-in activities. This will help ensure that they will retain their shape while they are softening. Remember to always check the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Start by wearing your Ariat boots without socks or other foot covering material around the house for an hour or two at a time. Take breaks in between wears to let your boots rest and air out. Repeating this step as often as possible can help soften and stretch the leather so it molds more closely to the shape of your foot for added comfort once you’re ready to wear them out of the house.

Another strategy is to use a boot jack or shoe horn when putting on your Ariat boots so that you aren’t pulling and stretching the leather too much when putting them on or taking them off. This method can be especially useful if you’re wearing thick socks that could cause stretching during wear.

Additionally, consider applying some mink oil to condition and soften leather after long-term use; however, be careful not to put too much oil on since it can darken the leather color over time and might even clog up stitches leading to fraying along seams over time as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I break in my Ariat tall boots quickly?
A: The best way to break in your Ariat tall boots quickly is to wear them in short intervals, such as 10-15 minutes, for the first few days. Make sure to wear socks that fit tightly around your foot and ankles, as well as use a boot-stretching spray to help soften the leather. You can also try walking in shallow water for a few minutes to help soften the leather and break in the boot faster.

Q: How do I maintain my Ariat tall boots?
A: To keep your Ariat tall boots in the best condition, you should clean and condition the leather regularly. Make sure to use a leather cleaner that is specifically designed for boots to avoid damaging the leather. You should also use a waterproofing spray to help protect the leather from water damage.

Q: How often should I replace my Ariat tall boots?
A: Generally, it is recommended that you replace your Ariat tall boots every year or two, depending on how often you wear them and how well you maintain them. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, such as the leather cracking or the sole wearing down, it is time to replace them.