How high is the heel on Blundstones?

How high is the heel on Blunds


Blundstone is a fashion-forward brand and has been making stylish, comfortable and practical boots for 130 years. Their boots have become a staple in many closets because of their quality, versatility and comfort. The iconic look of Blundstone boots features a durable sole, soft leather or suede upper with an elasticated side panel, which allows the wearer to adjust the fit to varying sizes. The elasticated side panel also offers a unique style difference while providing good stability around the ankle area.

But one of the defining features of Blundstone’s stay-put boots: how high are the heels? And what other factors influence the height? This article will provide an overview on answering this very question.

History of Blundstone Boots

Blundstone Boots have been around since 1870, when it first began manufacturing shoes and boots for miners in Australia. Since then, the brand has become more popular, and is now well-known for its trendy, fashionable footwear.

The heel height of Blundstone boots varies, with some being almost flat and others having a more substantial two-inch heel. In this article, we’ll look at the history of Blundstone boots and how the heel heights have changed through the years.

Origins of the Blundstone brand

The Blundstone brand was created by the Tasmanian-based James Blundstone in 1870. He innovated a new design for boots that featured leather uppers and leather sole, tough mid-soles and vegetable tanned leather lining. James’ boots were incredibly hardwearing – as intended – and became known to generations of locals and long distance travelers as “Blunnies“.

Today, Blundstone is an iconic global clothing & footwear brand with its boots being sold around the world. Their heritage is firmly entrenched in their southern roots with references to original design creations still seen in the modern collection. All the original boot innovations are still featured; strong recycled rubber sole with a replacement system built-in – shock protection technology, waterproofing and of course, their signature square toe. Innovations like Poron XRDTM Impact Absorption System continue to provide more comfort as technology advances.

Blundstone’s popularity in Australia

Blundstone boots have been a popular choice for Australians ever since Thomas Blundstone founded the company in 1870. The brand became increasingly well known in the 1950s when a series of World War II veterans and country farmers discovered their practical benefits, combined with a solid all-weather protection.

By the 1970s, Blundstone had become an iconic symbol of ruggedness Down Under. Their unique design, combined with the appeal of sturdy outdoor wear and local sentimentality made them something of a national icon.

In 1989, the world was introduced to the classic safety-toe version that we know and love today offering all-purpose comfort to both urbanites and rural folk alike – perfect for Australian workplaces in which style and substance must meet head-on. Indeed, by 2013 they had become household names worldwide – selling up to 2 million pairs annually throughout more than 40 countries worldwide – establishing themselves as one of most popularly worn footwear brands in Australia today.

Heel Height

Blundstones are renowned for their comfortable, yet stylish design. One of the features of the design is their heel height. Whether you are looking for a low profile, or a higher stacked heel, Blundstones have a shoe for you. Let’s take a look at the different heel heights available in Blundstone shoes:

  • Low profile
  • Higher stacked heel

The standard heel height of Blundstone boots

Blundstone boots feature a unique heel height that is both distinct and practical. This helpful guide will provide you with an understanding of the standard heel measurements for each boot style, as well as how to measure the heel of any other pair of boots.

The standard heel height on all Blundstone boots is 30 mm or 1 5/8 inches. This low height provides better stability to the wearer and makes walking in any terrain much easier than most other long-heeled styles.This measurement is taken from the highest point on the back of the sole, which can be located just above and behind your toes when you are wearing them.

Heel heights can affect the overall fit of a boot but it is important to ensure that other dimensions are correct too, such as:

  • Foot width
  • Length
  • Arch shape

as this ensures that your footwear will be comfortable and able to last for many years to come. When fitting different brands or models, always consider not just the heel measurement but also these additional criteria for a perfect fit!

Variations of heel heights for different styles

Blundstone styles come with a variety of heel heights to suit personal preference. The classic 585 and 500 series are crafted with a low heel of approximately 3/4” (1.9 cm). Those needing a bit more height will love the 950 series that features a 1″ (2.54 cm) heel for a slightly taller look. While many of our Chelsea boots feature short, 1/2″ (.9 cm) heels for just the right amount of lift for any wardrobe choice.

Our Dress Series takes the classic Chelsea boots to an entirely new level with 2” (5.08 cm) heels that bridge the gap from office-to-evening wear without missing out on style and comfort. If you’re looking for tall fashion and incredible comfort, reach for the iconic Blundstones Slate Black 179 that has elevated 4″ (10 cm) non-slip heels mixed with contemporary styling elements to provide an incredibly polished and chic look perfect for any time or occasion.


The materials used for Blundstones are chosen for their durability and comfort. For the heel, the height ranges between 0.75 inches (19 mm) to 1.25 inches (32 mm). The sole is made of vulcanized rubber and has a triple layer of comfort foam for maximum durability and shock absorption. The uppers are made from a combination of materials like leather, suede and synthetic materials, which adapts to the shape of your feet for a better fit.

The materials used in Blundstone boots

Blundstone boots are known for their comfort and durability. The inner materials of Blundstone boots include a breathable, perforated leather or suede upper in a variety of colors and types. A fully removable footbed features an XRD foam memory layer that conforms to the shape of your foot as you walk, providing maximum arch support, cushioning, and shock absorption.

The bellowed tongue and contours of the boot keep feet dry while elasticated side gussets ensure easy on/off fit. The outer sole features Blundstone’s unique Shock Protection System (SPS) that is composed of a blend of rubber, EVA foam and PU for maximum grip, durability, flexibility and comfort even on rugged terrain.

The heel height of all Blundstone styles is also designed to offer convenience – from ankle length to mid-heel heights with just the right amount of arch support.

The difference between leather and suede Blundstones

Blundstone boots come in a variety of materials, including two popular leathers and a premium suede. All of these materials provide superior comfort and durability but there are some key differences between them.

  • Leather: Blundstone’s premium leather is designed to be long-lasting and breathable with the strength to handle whatever life throws at you. The most common type of leather used is top grain, which offers more durability than full-grain while still retaining its natural look and feel.
  • Suede/Nubuck: These soft, supple materials have lint-free exteriors that age gracefully. Despite their luxurious feel, these materials are much easier to clean than leathers, making them an ideal choice for active lifestyles.

The heel on all Blundstone shoes ranges from 2 cm/0.8 inches for women’s styles to 2.5 cm/1 inch for men’s styles; however, exact measurements may vary by individual style since some designs may be higher or lower than standard heels.

Care and Maintenance

Blundstones are renowned for their quality and comfort and the unique design of their boots allows for easy care and maintenance. The heel height varies between models of boots, with some boots having a 2.5 cm heel and others having a 3.2 cm heel.

In order to take care of your Blundstones, it is important to understand the heel height of your boot and how to maintain it properly.

Tips for caring for Blundstone boots

Blundstone boots are an Australian classic, known for their distinctive heel—with heights ranging from 0.5 inches (14 cm) to 2.5 inches (6 cm) depending on the style. Despite the different heel heights, all Blundstones share a few key features: they’re waterproof and resistant to scuffs, abrasions, and temperatures.

Caring for your Blundstone boots effectively will extend their life and keep them looking great no matter what activities you’re doing in them.

The most important tip to keep in mind when caring for your Blundstones is that no matter what type of leather is used, keep them clean and dry as much as possible by wiping off mud and dirt regularly with a damp cloth. You should also clean your boots with a soft cloth after wearing them or when getting ready for storage.

For extra protection against water damage, you can apply a small amount of water-resistant leather conditioner once or twice a year; however, it is important to verify that the product is safe for use on leather before applying it to your shoes!

Additional tips you can follow include:

  • Keeping your boots away from extreme heat (e.g., saunas or fires) and avoiding situations where they may get wet due to extreme weather conditions like rain or snow.
  • When not in use, store them in their original box or in a ventilated area away from direct sunlight; this will help preserve their coloration and shape over time.
  • Inspect your footwear often for signs of wear—which may include creasing across the toe box—and take action quickly if necessary by reapplying conditioner or using heat-resistant shoe polish waxes to restore the surface’s natural look and feel while adding further waterproof protection!

The importance of regularly cleaning and conditioning Blundstone boots

Caring for Blundstone boots is simple and involves regular cleaning, conditioning and re-proofing, depending on the boot. Quality Australian-made Blundstone boots use a variety of cow, kangaroo and alligator leathers (for some specialty styles) which require specific attention.

Blundstones should be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust particles from the surface of the leather, using a mild saddle soap or gentle leather cleaner. These products are readily available in shoe repair shops, department stores and online outlets. Avoid using aggressive cleaners like saddle bleach, as this can cause irreparable damage to the leather.

Conditioning your boots is essential in order to keep them soft, flexible and looking their best. Use premium-quality leather conditioners specifically designed for tougher leathers such as fully aniline or heavily oiled leather types – these won’t contain harsh ingredients or higher alcohol content than necessary. Apply with a soft cloth or sponge and leave to absorb; buff off any excess conditioner before it dries completely – never apply too much product!

Regularly conditioning your Blundstones will help prevent fading of colours, extend the life of your boots, make them much easier to clean when needed and ensure that they stay comfortable all year round – no matter how high the heel!


After assessing the various designs available and researching customer reviews, it appears that the average heel height on Blundstone boots and shoes is around 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) in height. However, some specific styles of Blundstone footwear, such as the Pull-On Chelsea and Work Ranger lines, have a slightly lower heel height of approximately 0.8 inches (2.03 centimeters).

Overall, it is clear that Blundstone footwear provides a comfortable walking experience through its combination of material quality and design features. Many customers find that the slight elevation provided by the heel helps to soften foot impacts when walking across hard surfaces such as concrete. Ultimately, it is up to you as a consumer to carefully consider your needs and make sure to opt for a style of Blundstone shoe or boot with a heel height that works best for your individual situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How high is the heel on Blundstones?

A: The heel on Blundstones is approximately 1.5 inches high.