How Long Does It Take To Break In Vans | Everything You Need To Know About Breaking In Vans

Breaking in any high-quality pair of shoes can be a pain in the neck, or should I say feet, and the iconic, stylish shoes from Vans are no exception. When you buy a brand new pair of Vans, it may take some time to completely break into them, depending on your effort and consistency. 

But how long does it exactly take to break in Vans? And how can you speed up the break-in process? Keep reading to find answers to these questions (and more!) about breaking in Vans. 

Top 6 Foolproof Methods To Break In Vans

You can’t expect your Vans to break in on their own. You must put in a lot of effort to break in your Vans quickly. Before answering how long it takes to break in Vans, it’s better to have a general idea about the best methods to break them in. Here’s what you can do to stretch your Vans:

1. Choose the Right Shoe Size

You need to get a pair of Vans in the correct size before breaking them in. To make sure the shoes fit you comfortably, it’s always wise to try them on before actually buying them. If the shoes feel tight yet comfortable, this is the correct size. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable immediately after putting them on, you probably need a bigger size. 

2. Bend Your Vans

It’s not easy for everyone to bend their exquisite pair of Vans, but these shoes are designed to withstand tough conditions, and a little bit of bending won’t cause any damage to them. So don’t hesitate to show them some tough love if you’re trying to break into this pair of beauty!

Bending your vans is a great way to break them in if they need extra work. First, hold the shoe’s toe and heel firmly in your left and right hands, respectively. The sole of the shoe will better adapt to the arches of your foot if you slowly bend them inward and press the two ends of the shoe together until you feel resistance.

3. Walk Around the House Wearing Your Vans

This is one of the most common ways to break in any pair of shoes, and Vans are no exception. Put on your Vans and walk around the house for a while before taking them off. Avoid wearing them for long if this is the first time you wear them. Take it slowly at first, and maybe walk for a few minutes. You can gradually extend the walking time after each repetition.

As soon as you start to experience pain, you should immediately remove your boots. Try to spend a few minutes wearing your Vans around your house each day until they break in.

You don’t even have to walk in them if you don’t have time or just feel a little bit lazy. Simply put on your Vans for 1-2 hours at home without walking in them, and remove the shoes as soon as they start to hurt again.

4. Wear a Chunky Pair of Socks

A chunky pair of socks can help you break in your Vans much faster. Wearing thick socks with your Vans will help you break into the shoes and provide protection to your feet.

5. Stuff Your Vans With Newspaper

Here is a traditional yet effective method to break in shoes. All you need to do is to stuff your pair of Vans with some old newspaper. You should stuff your Vans with as much newspaper as they can hold. Packing the entire pair will be easier if the laces are taken off. Even better, you can get a shoe stretcher online or from a shoe store, which is a great way to effortlessly break in shoes.

6. Turn Up the Heat!

Heating your Vans with a hairdryer is an excellent method to speed up the break-in process, which is particularly useful for leather Vans. With a hairdryer set to medium heat, you can warm and soften the backs of your Vans and any other tight areas. 

Put on your shoes after protecting your feet from the heat with thick socks, then wait until they are cool. This method effectively softens the shape of the back of your shoes and makes the fit more comfortable.

How Long Does It Take To Break In Vans?

The vulcanized rubber soles of Vans shoes are incredibly durable and designed to withstand extreme conditions. However, this durable material comes with the package. Breaking in the heavy-duty material of these shoes requires a lot of hard work and patience, which is unfortunate. 

Stretching and breaking in your Vans may take two to four weeks of regular use. Because of their flat rubber soles, you may also need a whole month to get used to these shoes. It may seem like a long time, but it’s all worth it when you enjoy wearing your brand-new Vans painlessly. 

Remember, not all Vans take the same amount of time to break in. It depends on how hard you try to do this and how consistent you are.