How Long to Break in Doc Martens

Doc Martens have been a popular shoe choice since the mid-'90s. Once broken in, they become sturdy and comfortable, last longer, and can be polished to a mirror shine after long periods of wear. Learn how long it takes to break in Doc Martens in our guide.

Doc Martens or Dr. Martens are the boots that have consistently been gaining popularity in the fashion scene. 

These boots are alluring, easy to wear, and can withstand brutal weather conditions. Their shortcomings? After the first few wears of your brand-new docs, you’ll notice some adverse effects on your delicate heels. 

Picture it as a murder crime scene involving the back of your ankles. This article will examine the steps you can take to break in Doc Martens fast.

Let’s dive in.

How Long Does It Take to Break in Doc Martens Fully?

Most Doc Martens models have break-in times ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. The period for the break-in might take a few days to a few weeks. Administering heat treatments or wearing Doc Martens with socks might aid in hastening the breaking-in process.

Why Do We Need to Break in Doc Martens?

It can be excruciating to break in these boots for anyone wearing a new pair of Dr. Martens for the first time.

The best way to describe them is no other term but the absolute worst. You may be unable to return home if you don’t break in your first pair of Doc Martens boots before wearing them.

Endeavor to make the most of your new boots by wearing them regularly until they fully break. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these new shoes with adequate care.

How to Break in Doc Martens

You’ll need patience and consistent efforts to get into your Dr. Martens, as everyone goes through this experience at some point. Continue reading to find out how to make this experience as painless as possible.

What Size of Doc Martens Should I Buy?

Choosing the right size is the first thing you should consider when picking out your Dr. Martens. But how do you know the right size to buy?

First things first, Doc Martens doesn’t have any half sizes. So if you’re a half size, you should go for the size below (which is to say that if you’re a 7.5 buy a 37 or 7 size for these flashy shoes).

Doc Martens are generally true to size. So, when you want to put on your boots, they should be snug and not uncomfortable. In addition, you can try them on with your thickest socks, as there may be times you’ll have to wear thick socks with your boots.

Be cautious regarding the width of your Doc Martens. You wouldn’t want them to be too tight in width because this part is the most challenging part of the shoe to stretch out.

Will My Docs Stretch Out?

When you wear Doc Martens more frequently, it will continue to stretch out. Eventually, the boots will conform to the shape of your foot.

When you first wear them, you’ll notice that they are snugger, but that doesn’t mean you should buy a larger size to make up for it.

If you want to boost the period needed to stretch out your Doc Martens, try putting on one thick pair of socks and wearing your boots for short periods daily.

Please take a short walk around your house or close to your home, as you wouldn’t want to overdo it and get sore toes afterward.

How Do I Soften My Doc Martens? 

You’ll need a few items before you can soften your Doc Martens quickly. Let’s now examine the required items below: 

Boot and Shoe Stretch Spray

Using a shoe spray is an easy and fast method to stretch out your docs, enabling you to waste less time styling those flashy boots.

Shoe Stretcher

We suggest a boot shoe stretcher, mainly used alongside the shoe spray. These 2 go hand in hand and will achieve the best results. It’s ideal to go for a 2-way shoe stretcher when buying from a shoe store to enable you to stretch out the width of the boots as well.

Extra Thick Socks

These socks will not only help you break in your shoes, but they will prevent blisters and bloody heels and assist in pushing out of the docs’ sides–enabling them to mold to your feet and feel like additional skin.

Despite doing the original stretching and breaking in, your docs will need a few more tries to mold to your specific feet. So wearing thick socks will make this process painless. Remember that wearing 2 pairs of socks will serve you better than one.

Steps to Break in Your Docs (Quickly!)

Let’s now see the steps to break in your docs quickly.

  • Loosen, but don’t remove the laces.
  • Take your Doc Martens and spray the insides until they are lightly saturated. Focus more on the seamed areas, like the back seam and the point of connection between the sole and foot.
  • Fetch a washcloth, divide it into 2, and spray it with your stretching spray until it’s wet (don’t let it get soaked). Wrap both halves of the washcloth around your boot stretcher and place it inside the boot. We recommend you use one of the largest settings on the stretcher to speed up the process.
  • Take a piece of newspaper and ball it up, then tightly stuff it up the “toe” of the boot. Remove the laces to make stuffing up easier. This approach will stretch out the toe box of your docs.
  • After that, tie up your laces tight.
  • Allow for a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Take out the stretcher and try your boots on. If they still feel tight on your feet, repeat the process accordingly.

How Do I Avoid My Docs From Looking Too Worn?

It’s normal to see break lines or creases in your Doc Martens when you quickly break in these boots. Use Doc Martens Wonder Balsam to back moisture into your shoes and make the creases appear less prominent.

How to Use Wonder Balsam on My Docs

First, ensure your docs are dirt and debris free. Then, you’ll use a washcloth to wipe them down softly. 

Next, you use the provided sponge to work a small quantity of the leather balm into the leather. Focus more on the seams and the areas more prone to creases. Allow the balm to dry for 5 minutes, and you’re all set.

Final Thoughts

To make your Doc Martens more comfortable, you can carry a spare pair of comfy shoes that you can change to if you’re out of your house for more extended periods. You could also resort to removing the inner sole if your docs are still very uncomfortable after stretching.