How Much Does a Pair of Doc Martens Weigh | Everything You Need to Know About the Weight of the Iconic Doc Martens Shoes

Dr. Martens, usually referred to as Doc Martens, is a British clothing and footwear company headquartered in Wollaston. The company has long been a staple for punk, grunge, goth, ska, and other alternative cultures. Thanks to their shoes’ high-quality, simplicity, and durability, Doc Martens boots have evolved into go-to footwear for many fashion fanatics across the globe. 

However, Docs are infamous for being one of the heaviest footwear on the market, which is a fact that puts many potential customers off. But those people are not to blame—at the end of the day, the main reason we buy footwear is to look stylish while feeling comfortable at the same time. 

But how much does a pair of Doc Martens weigh? Why are Doc Martens so heavy? How do they actually feel on your feet? Are there any lighter alternatives? Keep reading to find answers to all of these questions (and more!) as we cover everything you need to know about the weight of the iconic Doc Martens boots.

Summary Table

Before we get into details about the weight of Doc Martens, here’s a useful summary table of the weight of their most famous models:

ModelWeight (in lbs)Weight (in kg)
Doc Martens Platforms2.42 lbs1.1 kg

Doc Martens 1461
1.19 lbs0.540 kg
Doc Martens 14601.33 lbs0.607 kg
Doc Martens Jadon2.42 lbs0.340 kg

Doc Martens Men’s Coronado Oxford
0.749 lbs0.340 kg
Doc Martens Men’s Cabrillo1.00 lbs0.454 kg
Doc Martens Men’s Orson Loafer1.5 lbs0.680 kg
Doc Martens Women’s Flora Leather Chelsea Boot1.04 lbs0.480 kg
Doc Martens Women’s 1460 W Black Nappa 8 Eye Boot1.33 lbs0.607 kg

How Much Does a Pair of Doc Martens Weigh?

Generally, the weight of each boot in the pair is around 1 lb 9 oz. Boots designed for women usually weigh 1 lb 4.8 oz per boot. But it also varies on the variation and size of the boot.  As a result, larger sizes often weigh a little bit more. Remember that this weight is measured when the boots are completely dry and without extra accessories or insoles.

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Given the porous nature of leather, your boots may weigh a little bit more when wet. However, the vegan version of Doc Martens is waterproof so you won’t experience this problem.

Let’s face it—Docs are pretty heavy, especially compared to Nike’s, which weigh only 7.8 oz. So if you’re not used to wearing such heavy shoes, you may need some time to get used to wearing a shoe that is three times heavier than Nike’s. However, this isn’t a fair comparison since Doc Martens’ shoes aren’t designed for running, unlike Nike’s. Given their durability and iconic appearance, we can turn a blind eye to their heavy weight. 

What Makes Doc Martens So Heavy?

The thick, premium sole of Doc Martens are the main reason behind their heavy weight.  Additionally, they’re made of heavy-duty, premium leather, which adds to their total weight. On the bright side, some work boots feature steel toe caps that make them pretty heavy, but Docs don’t have these, which makes them a good, stylish option compared to other heavier ones. 

How Much Does a Pair of Platform Doc Martens Weigh?

Each Platform Doc Martens boot weighs around 2 lbs. 42 oz. Their extremely thick platform is the number one reason their weight is so heavy. These are even heavier than the original ones, which weigh around 1 lb 9 oz.

How Much Does a Pair of Jordan Doc Martens Weigh?

Each Jadon Doc Martens boot weighs around 2 lbs. 42 oz. Due to their extremely tall 8-inch shaft and one 1/2-inch platform base, these are pretty heavy boots. Just like Platform Dr. Martens boots, Jadon Dr. Martens boots weigh more than the classic ones. So keep that in mind when deciding which pair of shoes to get.

  • Note: The weight of these shoes wouldn’t be as annoying if you’re already used to wearing heavy Docs. 
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How They Feel on the Feet

Despite being one of the chunkiest pairs of boots on the market, Doc Martens don’t feel that heavy when worn. The company takes the comfort of its clients into consideration and always seeks to deliver stylish and statement boots.

However, because these boots are made with premium materials, they feel heavier and less comfortable than other lightweight boots. But if you want to enjoy the iconic design and durability of Doc Martens, you will have to turn a blind eye to their uncomfortably heavy weight and try to get used to it. 

Are There Any Lighter Alternatives?

The DM’s Lite collection from Martens marks the company’s most significant evolution since its foundation. The new footwear represents the most recent development in the iconic company’s history and is the lighter version of its classic footwear. This collection features lightweight footwear similar to the company’s classic products but with no extra weight

Several lighter choices are available that still include the special design of Doc Martens but are made with lighter materials. But the weights of various Doc Martens models vary. If you’re searching for a lighter pair of Docs, we recommend you consider the Doc Martens 1461 shoes or the Doc Martens Mary Janes.

For example, each pair of Doc Martens 1461 shoes weighs only 1 lb 19 oz. They have a 1-inch-thick sole that makes up the majority of their weight. Although Doc Martens 1461s weigh less than the classic boots, they feature a thicker sole. Plus, they look more polished than the original ones, further increasing their appeal. 

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The Final Verdict: Should You Get a Pair of Docs?

This is pretty much all you need to know about the weight of Doc Martens to compare the pros and cons and make a wise decision. So, based on the above information, should you get a pair of docs? 

You don’t have to buy a pair of Docs if you think they’re too heavy for your liking – there are many other alternatives on the market that are lighter and even less expensive than Doc Martens. But if you put quality and durability above all else, getting a pair of Docs is the way to go!