How To Fix Ripped Crocs

Crocs are a must-have in your summer footwear collection. They keep the feet ventilated, are comfortable to wear, and are easy to clean. 

Despite their durability, Crocs are prone to wear and tear after long-term use. Broken straps, rivets, and ripped soles are common issues that can be repaired. 

With some essential tools and a DIY approach, it’s possible to mend ripped Crocs. 

Keep reading as we share tips to repair torn Crocs, making them pristine without a hitch.

Evaluate The Damage

Before you begin mending a ripped clog, assess the extent of the damage. 

As mentioned earlier, cracked soles, torn straps, and broken rivets are the most common problems and can be repaired easily. After inspecting the damage, list the tools, items, and replacement parts you need to bring them back to life. 

Here are some simple techniques to address common damage so you can make the most of your favorite Crocs. 

How To Fix Broken Strap Rivets

It’s the most common issue faced by croc users. These rivets snap on the main body, holding the strap in place. 

Over time, the plastic-based rivets come apart, dislodging the strap from the shoe’s main body. Fortunately, you can purchase original replacement rivets or get them from a third-party manufacturer. 

The rivets easily snap on into the rivet hole, securing the strap and solving the issue. Fixing a broken rivet doesn’t require tools, just snap the replacements in place. 

How To Fix A Strap Tear

Excessive pressure on the strap results in a strap tear or hole. The solution to fixing a strap tear is to make a new hole in the strap. Here’s an overview of the process.

  • Using the sharp tip of the blade, make a small, vertical slit above and below the original strap hole. 
  • Push the rivet through the slit you made to secure the strap.
  • Use EVA glue for a sturdy refix if the strap breaks in two halves. EVA glue melts the broken ends, fusing them back together.

Repair Torn Crocs

The classic Crocs pair you own is made from a polymer foam resin. This material is indeed durable but can tear up due to excessive use. 

Fixing torn Crocs is a bit more challenging than other common repairs. Most DIY enthusiasts prefer EVA glue for the best results. 

Let’s read how to repair ripped Crocs using EVA glue.

  • Dip the Crocs in a mild soap solution for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now, use a wiping cloth or a soft-bristle brush to scrub off the accumulated dirt and debris.
  • Wipe them with a dry cloth and ensure the water does not seep into the torn area. 
  • If it’s ripped in two, apply a small amount of EVA glue on the sides and press them together for a period mentioned in the usage instructions of the EVA glue packaging. 
  • You can use tape or paper clips to hold the tear in place. 
  • When repairing a sole crack or a deep rip, open the tear and apply EVA glue using a glue spreader or disposable plastic stick. 

Can Glue Repair Crocs?

The resin used to make Crocs is a type of EVA foam exclusive to the brand. Still, any glue made to work on EVA foam will do a great job. 

A chemical reaction occurs when the EVA glue is applied, slightly melting the EVA foam so the split ends can fuse. 

Super glue, a hot glue gun, and several other types will only work as a temporary solution for repairing Crocs and wear off with use. 

Why Repair Crocs?

No matter the type you prefer to wear, fixing Crocs can be fun and easy. You can undoubtedly fix your precious Crocs with the right tools and techniques to their full glory. 

Cost-Effective Option

Let’s be honest—Crocs are expensive. It’s better to repair a minor issue and save money instead of throwing out the shoes only to buy a similar pair. 

It’s also a fun activity that saves you money and closet space for another pair.  

Environment-Friendly Choice

The damaged Crocs you’ll throw out will only end up in a landfill. The croslite material used to make Crocs is durable, making it easier to repair, even when torn in half. 

Reusing them will be your contribution towards decreasing the carbon footprint. 

Retreading Ripped Croc Sole

The shoes are entirely made of EVA polymer resin, making them waterproof. They’re a perfect pick when going to the beach as they don’t absorb water. 

On top of that, Crocs are slip resistant and provide strong traction on damp and greasy surfaces. However, the sole still wears off, develops holes, and becomes slippery. Here’s how you can retread your broken Crocs using this repair process:

  • Wash the shoes thoroughly to remove dirt or debris.
  • Either use an EVA foam sheet or the tire from an old bike. 
  • Cut the tire into strips and trim the treaded portion to expose the inner band.
  • Heat the Crocs and tire strips using a heat gun and apply these thin strips to the holes. 
  • After the rubber strips are attached, apply pressure using your feet or place a heavy object on your Crocs to bond them together.

DIY-Customizations For Ripped Crocs

From attaching shiny chains to customized straps, you can use several customization options to make a style statement. Here’s how you can tweak your ripped Crocs.

Using Customizable Straps

Every style has a strap, from custom-designed leather straps to hand-painted Croc straps. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

These straps enhance the appearance and give your old pair a fresh outlook.

Painting Your Crocs 

You can use several types of paint to improve the design and appearance. Search, and you’ll find several great Crocs repainting projects done over the past few years. 

Still, repainting them is a matter of choice, as Crocs come in an array of styles, colors, and designs. 

Final Thoughts

The techniques shared here are simple to follow for a quick and easy fix. 

Next time your Crocs get ripped or damaged, review this information and spruce up your summer’s favorite footwear within no time.