How to Lace Converse High Tops?

Converse high tops are cool footwears that you can wear almost anywhere and for many activities, from picnics to travel, parties, hiking, jogging, cycling, and more. Learn the patterns you can use to properly lace up your Converse high tops.

Wearing Converse all-star high-top sneakers can provide a fun, fresh, trendy look to your outfit, and they’re well-suited for nearly all occasions. However, it can be a daunting task to lace up your Converse, particularly if you want to try out a new lace pattern. 

This article will examine the various patterns you can use to lace up your Converse high tops. While none of these patterns below are too difficult to create, they’re handy jumping-off points to grasp the basics of lacing. Let’s get started!

Patterns of Lacing Converse High Tops

Let’s now go over the various patterns of lacing Converse high tops to achieve a secure fit.

Criss-Cross Lace Pattern

Below are the steps to lace up Converse high tops with the Criss Cross pattern:

Draw the Lace Straight Across the Bottom Set of Eyelets

The crisscross lace pattern is a common style of lacing for various shoes because it’s both comfortable and simple. You’ll thread the lace through the undersurface of the Converse, drawing both ends up through the lowest set of eyelets. 

The 2 lowest eyelets should have a straight bar connecting them. Ensure that each end’s length is even to make your laces appear symmetrical after you’ve finished lacing.

Thread “Side X” Up and Across

The lace has 2 sides on the Converse high tops. Let’s take them as Side X and Side Y. Side X is the one on the left side of the shoe, and side Y is the one on the right side.

Pull “Side X” on the left lace side of the shoe in and out of the left lowest eyelet and into the right eyelet just above the lowest one. You’ll see that a diagonal line has been created that links the 2 eyelets. 

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You now need to pull the lace over the left lowest hole but push it through the second to last hole on the right from underneath the eyelet. Afterward, pull the lace through the right eyelet to let it come out and drape over the top again.

Thread “Side Y” Up and Across

Pull “Side Y” on the left side of the Converse in and out of the right lowest eyelet and into the left eyelet just above the lowest one. You’re going to see another diagonal line that links the 2 eyelets. 

It would be best to pull the shoelace across the right lowest eyelet but push it through the second to last eyelet on the left from underneath. Next, you’ll pull out the lace through the left eyelet to allow it to poke through and drape over the top again.

Cross the Two Sides Back and Forth

Keep alternating “Side X” and” Side Y” back and forth, crisscrossing both laces until you get to the top eyelets. 

This will give you an alternating pattern, and it would be best if you pulled each end in and out of its eyelet and laced it into the eyelet on the opposite side, one row above.

Avoid pulling the laces too tightly if you prefer a loose fit on your Converse. Instead, allow a little bit of slack as you proceed upwards.

Draw the Two Ends Together At the Top Pair of Eyelets

After pulling the ends of the laces at the top pair of eyelets, you’ll see another horizontal pathway, like the one at the lowest pair. Next, you’ll tie the 2 laces in a bow to secure your feet on your Converse. Now you’re all set to go!

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In addition, you can also insert laces into the underside of the cushion of your Converse if you don’t want the laces to show.

Note – To get a better understanding of the procedure, you can also search for this technique on youtube. 

Bar Lacing Pattern

Below are the steps to lace up Converse high tops with the bar lacing pattern:

Unlace the Top 2 Eyelets of Your Shoes

Interestingly, you can try bar lacing if your Converse is already laced in a crisscross pattern. To begin, you’ll unlace the top pair of eyelets and allow the laces to fall to either side of your Converse. 

You can try this lacing pattern with other patterns. However, this pattern works best with the crisscross method.

Draw the Outside Lace Across the Tongue and Into the First Side Hole

Hold the lace farthest away from the side holes or the lace outside your Converse. Next, you’ll cross that lace over the tongue and into the side hole closest to the toe to enable it to stick out of your shoe.

Slide That Same Lace Through the Second Side Hole

Hold the lace poking out of the side of your Converse and insert it into the second side hole. Next, grab it from inside your Converse and tightly pull it up through the side hole to foster a better and tighter fitting of your shoe.

Tie Your Shoes Up Again

Try out your new lacing pattern by tying up your shoes and checking how well they fit. 

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This tip comes in handy if your shoes feel sloppy! If you have to, you can pull the shoelace through the side hole of your Converse more or less to make the fitting tighter or loose.

What Type of Laces Do You Need for Converse Shoes?

For high tops, 50″ shoelaces are advisable. Typically, Converse shoes come with flat white laces, so we recommend trying out this style if you want to achieve the usual Converse aesthetic.

For low tops, selecting laces between 45″- 47″ is recommended (Chuck Taylor All-low tops as reference). Laces within this size range can reach the sixth eyelet comfortably, with surplus space left to tie the 2 ends together.

In addition, you can go for alternative flat laces, like Booty laces in various colors, including red, black, and yellow, for a more distinct look.


The unique canvas basketball shoes— Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, always goes in and out of style. However, the shoe’s basic appearance has always remained constant. 

Changing manufacturing decisions year after year have resulted in laces being too short to be laced stylishly and comfortably. But after reading this guide and with the right laces, you will be able to lace up your Converse high tops effortlessly.