How to Lace Vans High Tops?

If you are holding your shoelaces in your hand and are confused about how to start lacing your Vans, this guide is for you. Read the full article to know how to lace Vans shoes in different ways.

A  vast majority of individuals prefer wearing their laces tied the basic way. But, there are some who like experimenting with their lace pattern and enjoy lacing their shoes in unique ways. If you are one of them, this is the article for you! 

Whether you have cleaned your shoelaces or bought new ones, you will have to lace up your shoes by yourself from scratch at least once in your life. If you have no clue about lacing shoes, you don’t have to worry, as in this article, we will be discussing how to do: 

  • Bar or straight lacing
  • Cross lacing
  • Zipper lacing 

Other than this, we will also be discussing getting the right shoelaces according to your shoe type and shoe size. 

Let’s dive in!

Different Ways to Lace Vans Sneakers  

There are several different ways to tie Vans’s laces. Here are some methods below that you can try to give some different looks to your shoes.

Bar-Lace Or Straight-Lace 

If you are the kind of person that likes snug-fitting shoes, straight bar lacing your Vans can be your perfect option! Here are the steps to bar lace Vans shoes:

  • Take the left lace and thread it downwards across the bottom left eyelet. Similarly, the right end of the lace about the bottom right eyelet.
  • Put the left lace under the next bottom eyelet of the left side and take it out through the hole. This method will give your shoes a clean look by hiding the laces.
  • Feed the right laces about the third bottom-right eyelet from the downward direction. You have to let the second right eyelet empty. This empty eyelet will be used in the next step.
  • Take the left end of the lace and thread it down across the second bottom-right eyelet, which was left empty last time.
  • Now you have both ends of the lace on the same side, that is, on the right side of the shoe. Now grab the right lace( that one end which is at the third bottom-right eyelet) and pass it up through the left side and down across the third bottom-left eyelet.
  • Do the same process on the other side too.
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Note – You have to be careful that your laces don’t get twisted during the lacing process.


Cross-Lace is another way to lace your shoes. This one is slightly different from the first one and gives a little bit of less snug-fitting. Here are the steps for getting cross-laced shoes:

  • Take the shoelace and pass each end of the lace through both bottom eyelets, that is, the left end across the left eyelet and the right end through the right eyelet so that a bar is formed between them.
  • Now grab the right end of the lace and pass it through the second bottom-left eyelet, passing over and down across the hole.
  • Similarly, take the left end of the lace and repeat the same thing. Remember to keep the lace downwards about the eyelet and to bring the lace back up after it gets threaded.
  • You have to repeat the same process with both ends. You can leave some eyelets empty at the end if you like a little bit of loose shoe fitting; otherwise, you can use all the eyelets if you want a tight fit.

Pro tip – When you cross-lace, one side of the lace will always be on top of the other. Reverse the pattern of the process while lacing the other shoe, and you will get a mirrored pattern in your shoes.


Zipper lacing is a unique way to lace your Vans shoes. Those who can’t decide between cross and bar lacing can go with this method. Here are the steps to zipper lace Vans shoes: 

  • Tie a knot at one end of the lace, which will work as a sort of anchor. Make sure that the knot is big enough not to pass through the eyelets.
  • Put the other end of the lace into the bottom-right eyelet from beneath the hole.
  • With the same end, thread similarly to the bottom-left eyelet across and over.
  • Taking the lace under and across, insert it upwards through the next bottom-right eyelet.
  • Repeat this process for all the eyelets. 
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Note – You will not be needed to tie your shoes after lacing your Vans by this method. So, lace it tight on your personal preference.

Getting the Right Shoelaces

If you want to replace your shoelaces with new ones, the 2 things you should consider while buying them are their length and type. Let’s get to know about each in detail. 

On the Basis of Length

You can identify the perfect length of your shoelace by 2 methods. 

  • By removing your old shoelaces and comparing the length with the new ones
  • By counting the number of eyelets on either side of your shoe

If you are still confused about the right size, have a look at the table given below for more clarification.

No. of EyeletsSuggested Length of Shoelace
5 or 636″

On the Basis of Type

There are 2 types of shoelaces you can choose from.

Round Lace

These types of shoelaces are made of many kinds of materials like nylon, polyester, cotton, or leather. Round shoelaces are very strong and don’t break easily. These are available in many different colors.

Check out these round shoelaces for your Vans.

Flat Lace

Most of the Vans come with these types of laces. To keep the original look alive, go with the flat and wide shoelaces. However, to get the touch of something new, you can try some other colors also. 

Click here to buy flat shoelaces for your Vans.

In the End

Lacing the Vans shoes is not a difficult task at all. You just have to follow some steps carefully. You can lace your Vans in many different ways. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Thanks for reading!