How To Lace Vans Old Skool?

Lacing the old skool or any shoes is not difficult at all if you know the right process and this is what we have done in this article. Here is a list of some simple and easy ways to lace your shoes in different patterns.

You may be startled to discover that your pair of Vans Old Skool shoes comes unlaced in the box. Lacing your Vans shoes might be a difficult chore if you are unfamiliar with the method. 

There are several different ways to tie vans sneaker laces. You can either stick with basic traditional lacing style or try something unique, such as diamond lace. 

If you are bored of the usual zipper lace method and wish to try new ways, then you have come to the right page. In this article, we will be telling you different ways that you can follow to tie your vans old skool laces along with step by step instructions of each. 

Let’s start!

How to Lace Vans Sneakers in Standard way?

To achieve a straight laces pattern for an original street style look, you can lace your old skool shoes by bar lacing method. This design is secure and prevents the laces from slipping. Here is the process to get the standard style 

  • Grab your vans laces and thread it in the first bottom eyelets. Put the one end in the right and other in the left eyelet. Make sure that you put the laces into the eyelet from the upper side and take it out from the lower side, not from underneath and take it out from the upper part.

Note- To bar lace vans shoes, it is essential to make sure that the length of the lace coming out of both sides are the same.

  • Now take the left lace and thread it in the next bottom-right eyelet. Here, keep in mind, not to thread the lace from underneath. Put the laces down into the holes. Similarly, take the right end of the lace and thread it into the next bottom-left eyelet. You will start getting the lacing pattern. 
  • Repeat the process till the last eyelet. You will end up with neat and classic laced up old skool shoes. Once the lacing process is complete, you can tie a knot that goes below the sneaker tongue for a seamless cleaner look.
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Note- Thread the laces according to the instructions with each lace after one step. Don’t lace one side all the way to the last eyelet and then start with the other end. This will not give you a perfect pattern.

How to Diamond Lace Vans Shoes?

The coolest way to wear vans shoes is with this lace pattern. This cross lace pattern looks the best with flat lace. 

If you look at diamond laced shoes, you might believe that tying your vans sneakers this way will be difficult. However, if you take your time and properly follow the steps you will discover that it is considerably easier than it appears. 

This lacing design is both eye-catching and secure, since it prevents the laces from slipping off. Read each of these instructions carefully.

  • Grab your laces and thread it across the both bottom eyelets. Be sure that the laces are of the same size on both sides and you have thread the laces so that it comes up from underneath, unlike the way you had done in starting the standard way of lacing.
  • Now take the left end of the lace and thread it down into the third bottom-right eyelet.
  • Next take the same lace and bring it out from beneath the fourth eyelet, next to the eyelet of the above step.
  • Take the lace back to the left side and thread it down through the second left eyelet and bring it out from beneath.
  • Repeat the process until this lace is threaded to the second top-right eyelet. Make sure not to thread the topmost eyelet and leave it empty.
  • Now take the right side lace and weave up and down through the lace, thread it into the third bottom-left eyelet as you thread the left lace into the third bottom-right eyelet.
  • Similarly, thread it across the fourth bottom-right eyelet and take it back to the right side again threading down the second bottom-right eyelet. Make sure that you are creating the weaving pattern while taking the lace from one side to another. 
  • Repeat the process until you reach the second last eyelet as you have done before with the previous lace.
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Look how easy that was. Once you have completed the diamond lacing in one shoe. Lace the other shoe in the same manner, and you will have cool, distinctive, and secure laces.

How to Lace in Lightning-Lace style?

If you want a more straightforward approach to knot your shoes while still maintaining a fashionable, trendy aesthetic, the lightning-lace design is a great option. This procedure is a quick way to give the shoes an edgy look. Procedures are as follows.

  • Thread your lace across the first and second bottom-left eyelet such that the both ends of laces goes through underneath and comes from the upper part of the eyelets.
  • Grab the lace that is coming from the bottom eyelet and fix the size of this end so that its length becomes one third of the total length of the lace.
  • Thread this shorter end of lace through the second eyelet from the top on the right side.
  • Grab the longer lace and pass it over the first lace, thread it down into the bottom-right eyelet.
  • Take out the lace up from the next bottom-right eyelet and again passing over the first lace, feed it down through the third bottom-left eyelet.
  • Take this lace up from the fourth bottom-left eyelet again and repeat the process till the second topmost eyelet.
  • Repeat the same process with the other shoe also. 

You must be wondering if this design will look unique or not as its process is basic and simple. Once you’ll try it out, you will be surprised by how unique and classic it appears and that too with so little effort.

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The Bottom Line

You now know several simple ways to lace your old skool shoes. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried these methods for creating original lacing patterns. We really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it to be clear and helpful. 

If you are going to buy your vans shoes or laces from the store, then you can ask the shop helper to assist you with tying your shoelaces. 

Thanks for reading!