How to make a hard hat more comfortable

If you are doing a blue-collar job, then you may have to wear a hard hat every day at work. However, you may have some discomfort wearing it. In worse cases, it can even ruin your hair or leave with a headache.

Over the years, hard hat design has significantly improved. As a worker, there are now an extensive collection of hard hats you can choose from. Although the hard cap isn’t fashionable, they are needed for workers who at risk of burn, the impact of flying or falling objects, or where there is a risk of electric shock. Hard hats are often required in workplace environments like mining, construction, manufacturing, forestry and so on.

Why Are Hard hats so important?

Hard hats are made of two principal parts. The outer part is the shell which is made of plastic or fiberglass. This part protects workers from the impact of objects and also serves as the visible sign that a worker is protected. The other part of the hard hat is the headgear. It is also called suspension and serves as the bridge between workers and the shell. The helmet is designed to absorb the energy provided by the impact of a falling object. This way, it helps to reduce potential injury.

Why workers need the Hardhat?

While at work, it is significant for every worker to put on the hard hat of head injuries. This has caused about 5% of the lost time from work just a few years back. Head injuries can have severe and badly affect the quality of life for workers and can increase costs to employers.

Every organization always want to employ healthy workers, and OSHA made it compulsory for an employer to oversee and provide head protection for workers prone to potential head injuries. However, the problem with the hard hat is that most workers refuse to wear them because they claim it not comfortable.

This guide aims to expose us to the importance of hat hats and how we can make them more comfortable. Let’s examine them.

How to make a hard had more comfortable

Before we go into the steps, it is necessary your hard hat has a knob-adjustable suspension. Also, you will need a bandana.

Step 1: Fold the Bandana

Ensure you fold the bandana corner to corner to form a triangle. Peradventure your head is big, you can proceed to step 2. However, if your head is small or normal, let’s say about 6 to 7½; fold the long part of the bandana over so you can form a smaller triangle.

Step 2: Put it in the hat

Now, place the folded material in the hard cap. Then slide the long side between the suspension and the shell at the front of the front attachment cleats.

Step 3: Feed it

Pull the end of the bandana inside the suspension at the front of the rear braces and the back of the front cleats, and then out through the back of the hat.

Step 4: Tie it

Once you have to pull the two end of the bandana out of the hard hat, use the double knot beneath the adjustment knob to tie the ends of the bandana.

Step 5: Wear it

Push the bandana triangle into the center of the hard hat. This way, the bandana would always remain inside the hardhat. This would give your head some warmth when the weather is cold, and the bandana would absorb extra sweat and cool your head.

If you are having some discomfort using the hard hat follow the steps above and make it more comfortable. Using these steps, you won’t have to worry about having cross marks on your hair, and the headache may stop since the bandana since the bandana serves as a cushion that ensures nothing is digging into your scalp.