How to Properly Lace Vans

Properly lacing your Vans increases comfort and lights up your style. If you are looking to lace up your shoes but do not know a befitting lace pattern, this guide will teach you different methods to properly lace your Vans.

Vans speak of comfort, durability, and versatility. The sneakers have always been a canvas for self-expression, whether rips and tears or even painted canvases. It should be no surprise that people frequently want to switch up the lacing styles. 

To truly stand out from the crowd wearing these sneakers, you must create beautiful patterns with your shoelaces. There are various methods to lace up your Vans to suit your style.

Therefore, understanding how to tie the laces on your Vans is one of the most important things you should learn. Understanding the lacing system will help you create sleek and unique patterns. 

This article will examine the various patterns you can use to lace your Vans properly. Let’s dive in.

Different Ways to Lace Your Vans 

Here’s a list of different methods by which you can lace your Vans sneakers:

Lacing Your Vans Using the Ladder Lacing Style

Ladder lacing is an excellent option if you are looking for a unique and new way to lace your Vans. You might want to give it a try. 

The following are the steps to lace your Vans using this method:

  • Put the shoelace across and out the bottom eyelets with the Vans facing you.
  • Ensure that both ends are at the same level.
  • Pull the lace through the next higher eyelet once you take the ends of the lace straight up inside.
  • Next, you should cross the ends by running them in a diagonal direction. Fix the lace under the vertical lace side on the other side.
  • After that, thread the lace’s end directly upward and one notch higher through the eyelet.
  • Repeat the previous 2 stages until there are no more eyelets.
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How to Cross-Lace Vans

The cross-lacing method is the standard for the most classic designs. If you need to lace up a pair, here’s how to do it:

  • Put in each end of the shoelace through the corresponding bottom eyelets. 
  • Fix in the right lace through the next eyelet by the left. Do this by going over and then down through the hole.
  • Repeat the technique with the left lace. Ensure to fix the lace downward through the eyelet and pull it back up once it has been threaded.
  • Carry on with the design until you reach the eyelet of your choice. 
  • When you cross-lace your shoes, one of both sides of your shoelaces will be on top of the other. 

How to Bar Lace Vans Shoes

If you are not a fan of the latter, you can bar-lace your Vans instead of going for the cross-lace look. 

Bar lacing is simply another term for straight laces. This method is quite comfortable and has a cleaner look. Find out how to use this method below if you are unfamiliar with it:

  • Put the 2 ends of the lace through the 2 holes at the bottom. Be sure to leave the same length on both the left and right laces.
  • Thread the left lace through the next hole on the right. 
  • Next, bring the right lace up and through the third eyelet on the left, omitting the second eyelet. On the left side, there should be a gap.
  • You will need to take the current lace on the right and cross it over to thread down through the vacant eyelet on the left. It should produce a second straight bar that is an exact duplicate of the first.
  • Carry out the same steps with the left-hand lace. You should cross it over this time and thread it down through the opposite empty eyelet. You should have 3 bars at this point.
  • Continue in this manner, crossing each lace to the opposite side to produce new bars. Go on until you reach the top.
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Lacing Your Vans Using the Loop-Back Method

You must perform this method correctly to prevent the loops from drifting off the center. If you do it right, this lacing method will not take more than a few minutes. 

The instructions for making 6 pairs of eyelets are as follows:

  • Thread the lace across the inside of the shoe and through the bottom hole.
  • Before you loop the ends back around, please give them a half twist in the middle of the Vans. Then, run the ends that are on the inside through the next higher eyelet.
  • Repeat the steps until you complete the lacing. Ensure that the loops do not move away from the pattern’s center. 

Bonus: How to Hide Vans Shoelaces

Hiding the laces on your Vans shoes is the ideal method to prevent tripping over them. 

You can avoid raising your laces back up to knot them in the front by tucking the ends into the sides of your shoe. You may use a few techniques to conceal your Vans laces if you prefer not to tie your shoelaces on the top of your foot.

When you get to the part where you have to tie the knot, ensure plenty of room between the tongue and the knot. 

After that, you must pull the tongue through the opening so the knot is hidden beneath it. The process is straightforward and speedy, but you can experience discomfort if your Vans are a close fit.


If you are well acquainted with Vans lacing, you can play around with the styles and create unique patterns. 

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Remember, specific lacing methods are more suitable for certain models than others. You must ensure you use the appropriate size laces for your Vans to get the most out of them. 

The most accurate method for determining whether the lace is the right size is to measure the distance from the end of your longest toe to the end of your big toe. Then, add 1.5 inches. You should now have a good fit and be able to create any lacing pattern.