How To Starch Jeans

If you want to keep your jeans neat and structured, then you will need to learn how to starch them at home. 

Nowadays, most people wear jeans because of their casual nature, which can wrinkle the material and make it soft. Because of this, there are many who prefer to starch their jeans before heading out, as this helps to remove unwanted creases and give the denim some much-needed structure. 

Fortunately, learning to starch jeans is a quick and easy process, which can be completed using a range of different methods. In the article below, we will teach you how to starch jeans using products found around the home. 

What Is Starch? 

Starch refers to a compound created from plants and a carbohydrate found in the human body, which has several practical uses. 

Once the compound has been mixed with warm water, it can be formed into a sticky white paste, which can be used on clothes to eliminate wrinkles and give the material a more structured appearance. 

This method has been used since the late 16th century when it was discovered that grime and sweat could be removed using the compound. Since then, starching clothes has become a common practice and the service is now available from various dry cleaners and products. 

However, you will need to be careful when using starch, as too much could ruin the material once it has been ironed. 

In most cases, the decision to starch clothes is made for aesthetic reasons, with starched jeans having a more professional look. Of course, it’s also possible to starch other clothes, such as suits, shirts, and dresses. 

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There are those who prefer not to use starch, as it can stiffen the material and leave behind unsavory residues. However, these are often the side effects of overstarching, which can be remedied with a careful hand. 

Now that you understand more about the process, it’s time to learn how you can starch your jeans using household products. 

How To Starch Jeans (With Cornstarch) 

If you want to starch your jeans, you can use cornstarch, which is a substance found in most kitchens and homes. Cornstarch is often used to thicken stews and sauces, however, it can also be used to stiffen denim and other materials. 

Because of this, cornstarch is considered a viable option to starch your clothes, as it can be found in most stores and is cheaper than traditional laundry detergents.

With a container of cornstarch, you can make your own liquid starch from scratch, which can be used on jeans and other garments. 

To make your own liquid starch, you will need to grab a small bowl and combine two cups of water with a tablespoon of cornstarch, which will then need to be stirred until the powder has dissolved. 

Pour the mixture into a plastic spray bottle and use a generous amount on your jeans. It’s important to remember that cornstarch will sink to the bottom of the bottle, which means you will need to shake the solution before each use. 

Of course, there are other ways to starch jeans that do not require cornstarch, which we have outlined in the section below. 

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How To Starch Jeans (In The Washing Machine) 

If you do not have any cornstarch in your kitchen, then you can use other methods to starch the jeans. 

How To Starch Jeans (1)

One of these methods involves using a regular wash on your washing machine, which can be used to starch several pairs at the same time. 

Not only is this option convenient, but it also leaves your jeans looking fresh, clean, and brand new: 

  1. To start, place your jeans in the washing machine and set the temperature to a cold or warm cycle. 
  1. Once the jeans have been secured, you will need to add some detergent like normal. 
  1. During the rise function, you will need to add liquid starch instead of fabric softener, as this will decrease the material. 
  1. When the washing machine has finished, take out the jeans and hang them to dry on a line. 
  1. Once the jeans have dried, they should take on a stiff and starched finish. You can then enhance this by ironing the material. 

How To Starch Jeans (With Ironing) 

Besides making your own cornstarch solution, this method is considered the most common when it comes to starching your jeans. 

Instead of using a washing machine, this method requires the user to spray the jeans with liquid starch and then iron it into the material. Once the ironing is finished, you can wear your jeans immediately or put them away in the wardrobe:

  1. To begin, you will need to grab the ironing board and liquid starch. 
  1. Wash and dry your jeans like normal and then lay them flat on the ironing board while the iron heats. 
  1. Before using the liquid starch, you will need to shake the bottle to make sure the solution is working. 
  1. Start by spraying the smaller sections of the jeans, such as the waistband and zipper, and continue to spray until the denim is damp. 
  1. Once you have finished spraying the jeans, allow them to rest for 1-2 minutes so that the material will absorb the starch. 
  1. After this time has passed, take the iron and start ironing the jeans until they’re neat, straight, and wrinkle-free. 
  1. You can then wear the jeans immediately or hang them in your wardrobe until further notice. 
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Final Thoughts 

Learning to starch your jeans is a simple and easy process, as there are various methods you can use to ensure the condition of the denim. The most popular of these requires you to make your own liquid starch, which features a basic combination of kitchen cornstarch and cold water. 

However, if you want to try your hand at other methods, you can either starch the jeans in the washing machine or with an iron. The former practice allows you to starch more jeans at once, while the latter ensures that you can wear them the minute they are dry.