How To Stretch Out Shoes For Wide Feet?

Shoes that fit comfortably can be hard to find, especially if you have wide feet. But many shoes can be stretched to make them more comfortable—and you don’t need to be an expert to do it yourself, either! We’ll show you how to stretch out shoes using items from your home so that you can walk comfortably.

7 Ways to Stretch Out Shoes

You may have a shoe you love that no longer fits. You may want to stretch out shoes for wide shoes that are too tight, and your feet hurt after wearing them for a little bit.

Follow these tips and tricks to stretch out shoes for wide feet:

1. Use A Shoe Stretcher

The first step when trying to stretch shoes is to get a shoe stretcher, which can be found at several shoe repair professional shops. To stretch shoes wider, you’ll need to work with the toe box and use stretching spray, if necessary. 

A shoe stretcher can help make room for your toes when you have shoes that are too tight around your feet. There are shoe stretchers that work best with leather shoes, while there are others that work better with canvas or dress shoes. 

You can find out what type of footwear you have and the materials it is made up of by looking at the manufacturer’s tag inside the shoe or taking the time to read reviews online. One thing to keep in mind: it may take up to two days for the leather to become soft enough for the shoes to fit comfortably once again.

2. Substitute The Shoe Insoles 

Sometimes, you might need to free up some space instead of trying to stretch your shoes. If the toe box of your new tight shoes can be taken out, try to find a thinner one to put in its place.

If that’s not an option, take some foam or sponge and stuff it into your shoe to fill any space. This will have to be temporary, as you don’t want dirt and moisture to get in and damage your shoes. Once inserted, you can wear a pair of socks over it if possible.

3. Use A Stretching Spray

If you still find that our shoes are too tight, many sprays are available to help stretch leather shoes wider. 

These sprays contain ingredients like mineral oil or waxes, which can soften leather so that it is less restrictive when worn. Here are some of the best sprays for stretching shoes on the market:

1. Heavy Duty Shoe Stretching Spray – It does an excellent job stretching out the shoe for wide feet and has a light silicone for some added protection. 

2. Shoemaker’s Adhesive Gel – this product is applied at night to expand the opening of your shoes enough for those with narrow feet. 

3. Venetian Shoe Stretcher – This Shoe Stretching Spray is made from light material that softens and expands leather shoes.

4. Use Newspapers

If you’re tired of walking around the house trying to stretch shoes, you can use other things instead of your feet to stretch the shoes. 

One old-fashioned way to do this is to put newspapers in your shoes. Leave them overnight and take out the paper in the morning! The newspaper will have stretched the shoe for you.

 The exact process works for canvas shoes if they are too tight and have caused a blister or an uncomfortable fit for your foot when wearing them.

5. Use A Blow-Dryer And Thick Socks

You can also stretch your shoes at home with socks and a blow dryer. Place the shoe on top of an old towel, insert thick socks into the shoe, then use the blow-dryer to warm up the area. 

Once you have warmed that spot for ten minutes or so, take the sock out of the shoe and repeat for another ten minutes. You can also put on thick socks, put tight shoes on, and start blowing the tight areas. Keep working until they are as loose as you need them to be. 

After the process, leave your shoe overnight to let it set. Apply moisturizer or conditioner to soften the shoes after the blow dryer. 

6. Try The Freezing Method

You can stretch leather with heat, but you can also use cold. The freezing method involves placing the shoes in a freezer for a few hours and then wearing them again. 

Some say this technique will cause damage to the shoe material or the arch of your foot if you wear them too long. 

Others say it’s harmless and even recommend leaving them in there overnight for a more permanent fix. You can never know unless you try it! 

7. Go To A Shoe Repair Professional

No problem if you don’t want to do this project alone. You can, no matter what, take your shoes to a professional shoe repair shop, which will take care of them. Professional shoe repair shops, often known as cobblers, are a perfect option for those who lack the time or don’t want to bother with extending shoes at home. 

Although they are less prevalent than they once were, cobblers can still be found in most urban regions and some rural or suburban ones. 

With the aid of equipment and expertise, shoe experts offer services for stretching shoes. This is a fantastic alternative for both men’s and women’s boots.


When you have wide feet, it can be hard to find shoes that fit. Shoes are often too narrow and uncomfortable or stretch out and become too big. Luckily there are ways to make your shoes last longer by stretching them out. 

You can try using a shoe stretcher, shoe stretching spray, adjustable shoe trees, substituting the shoe insoles, thick socks, and a blow dryer, freezing the shoes, or simply taking them to a shoe repair professional.

It could appear to be a lot of effort, but it is worth it. It can be hard to find shoes that fit right and look good on your feet, so when you find some that do well, it makes sense to take care of them. 

With just a bit of effort and patience, you can save your shoes from too much wear and tear so they last longer. Your hard-earned money will go further with properly maintained shoes!