How To Stretch Sandals Wide?

A shoe stretcher can help to stretch out shoes that are just a bit too tight. This article will look at the different types of shoe stretchers, how to choose the right size and shape, and instructions on how to use shoe stretchers.

Do you have shoes that you love, but they are just too tight? A shoe stretcher can make them feel like new again! Finding the proper shoe stretcher size and shape and following the directions will have your favorite pair of leather shoes fitting like new in a matter of hours. Keep reading to learn more about improving your sandals’ fit.

Use A Shoe Stretcher Or Adjustable Shoe Trees

The easiest way to stretch sandals wide is to use a stretcher or adjustable shoe tree. If the sandals are leather, use a shoe stretching spray to widen them. If they are synthetic, then you can use a flexible shoe tree for a temporary fix. 

Shoe stretchers come in various sizes, so you’ll need to know your shoe size before you get one. Make sure to spray water on both sides of your sandal before you place it inside a stretcher and leave it there for several hours. 

Repeat if necessary. Alternatively, an adjustable shoe tree can work just as well as a regular one—you simply have to unscrew the pins to remove excess space or screw them back in if there isn’t enough space for the narrow shoes.

Remember that stretching shoes are best done gradually, so start with only minor adjustments and wait at least 48 hours between attempts. Otherwise, your leather may crack from too much strain.

Use Shoe Stretch Sprays

One of the top approaches to stretch shoes is to use shoe stretching spray. Shoe stretching spray will allow you to widen your sandals and keep them that way quickly. 

The only downside is that the shoe stretching spray can be a little pricey and will only work on leather shoes, not other materials like canvas shoes. Thus, it’s no surprise that plenty of folks prefer to buy new sandals that are already wide enough. 

The problem with buying new ones is that they may be more expensive than old ones or won’t have the same style as the old ones. However, shoe stretch spray is perfect if you want an affordable solution!

Wear Socks

If you wear leather sandals or dress shoes or are just in need of a shoe that fits properly, try to wear thick socks to stretch them. Start with one sock first to see if it helps. 

The thick socks you wear, your chance of a wider shoe is better. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to invest in a professional shoe repair professional and see if they can widen your shoe overnight by using a stretcher or another machine designed for this purpose.

Use Heat

When your sandals are too tight, there are a few ways to stretch them out. One way is to use heat by using the sun to heat the plastic or a blow dryer on the shoes. You should place it over a towel so it doesn’t melt into the shoe and cause permanent damage. Please rate it in an area where you have space so that you can move around while they’re heating up, and be careful not to get anything on fire!

You must be careful when using heat to stretch tight shoes, as melting will happen if you keep it on too long and may permanently damage your shoes. Once heated, allow the shoes to cool down before wearing them.

Soak The Sandals 

Properly fitting shoes are a must for all feet. If you buy brand-new shoes that are too narrow, don’t just throw them away! 

There are many ways to widen the sandals and still make them look good. One way is to soak the sandals in water for at least three hours, preferably overnight. This will stretch out the leather and allow it to be easily manipulated by your hands. After soaking the sandals, use a shoe stretcher or other device to help open up the width of your sandal. You can also have this done by professional shoe repair shops.

Rub Alcohol

If you intend to stretch shoes, one of the more popular ways to do this is by rubbing alcohol on them. You’ll need some rubbing alcohol, a paper towel, and a shoe tree. 

Take the sandal off your foot and place it on a flat surface that can handle the liquid. On a paper towel, put some rubbing alcohol, then rub it along the inside of the sandal with its heel touching the ground. This should loosen up any dirt or grime and make it more comprehensive for you to wear comfortably again. Once you are done, place your sandals back on your feet with their heels touching the ground.

Wear Them In The Evening

Another trick to widen your sandals is to wear them in the evening. The foot expands during the day when you are on your feet, so wearing them in the evening will help stretch out the foot area more and make them more comfortable to wear. 

You could also try wearing a sock with rubber grips inside the sandals for an extra boost to widen them.

Use Peeled Potato

Widening sandals is not as hard as it seems. Another method you can try is a peeled potato, a toothpick, and your sandals to get the job done. Follow these steps for the best results: 

  1. Using a peeler, slice the potato lengthwise. 
  2. With one end of the potato against one end of the toe area on your sandal, insert the other end of the potato into the toe area on your opposite foot (i.e., if you’re left-handed, put in on your right shoe; if you’re right-handed put it in on your left shoe). 
  3. Poke holes around the edges with a toothpick. 
  4. insert the toes of your opposite foot through the holes and use them as anchors while you move each side toward its respective heel. 
  5. Tighten by pulling each strap over the top of each ankle. 
  6. Tug at straps until they’re snug but comfortable enough to wear for a few hours at least.


There are many ways to stretch sandals wide. You can do this by soaking them in water, using a hair dryer, with a shoe stretcher, or any of the methods mentioned above. 

All in all, it is essential to ensure that you don’t wear the shoes too tight before you try any of these methods so that they don’t break.