How To Style A Bodycon Dress for Winter | 7 Most Stylish Ways to Wear Your Bodycon Dress This Winter + Common Mistakes to Avoid

Bodycon dresses are all over the rage now, and everyone seeks to copy the iconic looks of Kim K that feature these fabulous, body-hugging dresses. Fortunately, bodycon dresses can be worn throughout the entire year, and now that the weather is getting colder, you may be wondering how to style your bodycon dress for winter.

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading as we break down the seven most stylish ways to wear your bodycon dress this winter and the common mistakes you must avoid to achieve a flawless, fashionable look. With that being said, let’s get right into it! 

Top 7 Methods to Style a BodyCon Dress for Winter

Styling a bodycon dress for winter is not rocket science. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! 

Look #1: Cool

One of the most straightforward yet stylish ways to style a bodycon dress is by coupling it with your favorite black leather blazer, ankle boots, or even knee-high boots. Finish off with a simple camel bag for a casual, winter-ready look. 

Look #2: Office-Ready

If you want to wear your bodycon dress to work, throw on a blazer or long coat and wear a pair of loafers or pumps. If you don’t have a belted bodycon dress, finish off with a chic belt of your choice, wear the bag you usually wear to work, and you’re all set! 

Look #3: Casual Chic

Bodycon dresses can be a stylish base for a casual, winter-ready look. Layer your dress with a baggy striped sweater, and finish off with a black pair of ankle boots.

Not feeling like wearing boots? No problem. You can still wear your favorite bodycon dress by coupling them with a cute pair of ballet flats. Opt for a v-neck sweater of suitable color to add extra warmth. 

Look #4: Casual

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean we can’t wear our favorite sneakers. For this adorable look, put on your favorite bodycon dress and layer it with an oversized sweater. And finally, finish off with a comfortable pair of sneakers to add this cute and laid-back touch.

Look #5: Soft

Cardigans are winter staples that can be added to almost any outfit. For a soft, winter-ready look, layer your bodycon dress with a long cardigan (preferably of soft colors like beige or light pink). As for the footwear, opt for a pair of taupe-toned loafers. To finish this delicate and laid-back look, opt for a backpack or any bag. 

Look #6: Cute

If you want to look insanely cute while staying warm this season, pair a bodycon dress with an oversized sweater of a different color, put on a pair of kitten heels, and hold any stylish bag of any color you like! 

Look #7: Baddie

This one is for fashion-forward ladies who want to give off a celebrity vibe! If you have the time and energy for a dressier look, wear a short bodycon dress, a long coat, a pair of black knee-high boots, and a statement belt (optional).  Now isn’t this one of the most stylish looks ever? 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are many mistakes ladies make when trying to look good in a bodycon dress, which makes many people believe that these glamorous dresses are just not for everyone. But we can prove them wrong. Here are the most common mistakes you must avoid to look stunning in a bodycon dress!

1. Choosing Unflattering Material

The material of your bodycon dress can significantly affect your overall look, so you want to be extremely careful and wise when choosing this type of dress. You don’t want to buy a bodycon dress made from thin materials, which can cling to your body and draw attention to the wrong areas. Instead, opt for a bodycon dress made from high-quality, thick materials that complement your body shape

2. Going for Light Colors

The color of our clothes has the biggest impact on our looks, and it’s one of the most important things you should consider when trying to get a new bodycon dress. A useful rule of thumb is that the darker, the better. This is because darker colors are usually more confidence-boosting and attractive than lighter colors. 

A black bodycon dress is a timeless fashion piece that you should have in your wardrobe. Maroon dresses are also another stylish option if you like colorful dresses. However, you can always break the rules if you feel bold and confident and opt for lighter colors in winter! 

3. Wearing Them With Casual Footwear

Bodycon dresses are designed for glamorous looks. Thus, wearing flats with them will make your outfit look less dressy. Some even consider this to be a fashion sin. While we recommend wearing flats or even sneakers with a bodycon dress for more comfort, if your goal is to look dressy and glamorous, the last thing you want to pair with your bodycon dress is a pair of flats or sneakers. 

The best footwear to wear with these dresses are high-heels, boots, and other similar options. All of these options will elongate your frame and elevate the whole look. If you put comfort above all else but still want to look dressy, comfortable platforms and low wedges are also fantastic options.

4. Overaccessorizing

When wearing bodycon dresses, you never want to go overboard with accessories – a little goes a long way!

Overaccessorizing is also a fashion sin in the world of bodycon dresses because these dresses look stunning on their own. For an exquisite look, it’s better to accessorize your dress with a clutch, a watch, or dangling earrings.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, bodycon dresses are easy-peasy to style. All you have to do is to get inspiration from our little guide and avoid the common mistakes we mentioned. Remember, Kim K is not the only one who can look drop-dead gorgeous in bodycon dresses – have confidence, follow our instructions to a tee, and you’ll be able to master the art of wearing these stunning, body-hugging dresses, we promise!