How To Style a White Dress | Top 11 Ways to Take Your Plain White Dress to The Next Level!

A white dress is one of the most versatile and stylish pieces in the wardrobe of almost everyone. The beauty of a simple white dress never fades – all women look like angels in white dresses. Unfortunately, plain white dresses can get boring, especially if you lack the skill to style them properly. 

But we’ve got you covered. This guide shows you the top 11 ways to style your plain white dress like an absolute pro – you’d be surprised how small changes can take a basic white dress to the next level!

1. Throw on a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are one of those pieces that complement almost all casual outfits. Never underestimate the power of a simple denim jacket. Layering your plain white dress with a denim jacket can instantly take it to the next level, especially if it’s not hot out and there’s room for added layering.

2. Pair it with a Chic Handbag and Pointed-toe Pumps

When styled properly, a plain white dress has a major potential to turn into a classy item. If you’re into ladylike looks, pair your white dress with a stylish handbag and a pair of fancy pointed-toe pumps. Even better, you can opt for a white collared dress for royal vibes! 

3. Layer it Over a Collared Shirt

Did you know you can have a completely new outfit just by layering your white dress over a collared shirt? While this is not the most common way to style a white dress, you’ll be astonished by how well these two pieces go together. Of course, you can wear a short-sleeved T-shirt if it’s too hot outside. 

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By pairing any collared shirt you own with your white dress, you get a new, stylish outfit without spending a cent. How cool is that?

4. Elevate Your Look With Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals never fail to add a unique, boho touch to an outfit. These sandals look the best when paired with dresses, especially tunic-style, little, white ones. Opting for a low-hanging over-the-shoulder bag can also be a stylish addition to look boho chic!

5. Style it with a Statement Necklace

Statement jewelry has this incredible ability to turn a plain and boring look into a mind-blowing one. Pair your favorite white dress with a dazzling, bulky statement necklace for an evening-ready look. You can also throw on a denim or trench jacket if it’s cold outside, which ensures you stay warm in style. 

Not into big necklaces? Then opt for other statement jewelry like bangles or chandelier earrings. You can also stack many matching bangles for a bolder look. 

6. Go for a Cool Pair of Black Knee-high Boots

Fashion fanatics already know that black knee-high boots are one of the most stylish footwear—they’re perfect to pair with almost all pieces, and white dresses are no exception. While this is unnecessary, wearing knee-high boots with above-knee-length dresses is always better.  

Prefer all-white outfits? Go for a white pair of knee-high boots to achieve a more delicate look. 

7. Upgrade it with a Detachable Collar

Detachable collars are a stylish way to breathe new life into basic pieces like white dresses. Moreover, this simple yet stylish piece comes in all imaginable colors, making you feel like you are wearing a new outfit each time you change the collar color! 

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8. Accessorize with a Wide Belt

You can never go wrong with wide belts. These items are a go-to when you want to quickly upgrade a plain white dress. A wide belt is also a great way to bring color to your white dress because they come in various pretty colors, including pink, red, green, and blue.

9. Throw on a Trendy Hat

If you don’t have time for fancy upgrades, throwing on a hat before rushing out of the door instantly adds a fashionable touch to the whole look. Pair a brown hat with your white dress for an effortless, stylish look that will make you turn heads everywhere you go. It’s also an excellent, quick way to style your plain white dress for summer without standing in front of your wardrobe the entire day.

10. Layer it Over a Turtleneck for a Fall-Ready Look

We all want to show off our beautiful white dresses in the fall, but not all dresses are suitable for the cold-ish weather season. No worries, though. You don’t have to put away your favorite white dress this fall. 

All you have to do is to layer it over your favorite turtleneck for the cutest, fall-ready look. Pair with wool socks and heeled ankle boots to give these fall vibes. Finally, opt for a cute backpack to add a casual touch to the look. 

10. Turn it Into a Skirt! 

You heard it right. You can temporarily turn your white dress into a cute skirt for an entirely new look! Winter is your golden chance to do so. Simply layer your favorite cozy jumper over your white dress for a cute, winter-ready look.

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Of course, you can choose any jumper color you want, but the best option is a neutral-toned jumper (like cream, brown, gray, or pink) that compliments the white color of your dress, especially in winter, when you want to avoid eye-popping colors. 

You can even elevate the entire look with a chunky scarf to keep warm in style on the coldest days! 

That’s it! These were the best ways to nail a white dress. Now, go ahead and use this priceless knowledge to bring your plain white dress back to life!