How to Waterproof Doc Martens?

Boots offer enhanced protection to the feet, ankle, and some parts of the shin. However, when it comes to the provision of comfort through its bouncy soles and good aeration through the thin leather used in its production, no boots come close to Doc Martens.

Designed originally to cradle the feet and ankle of people suffering from feet and ankle injury, and later adopted by different people from different walks of life; factory workers, housewives, and students – especially those who work on their feet all day – DMs as Doc Martens’ boots are sometimes called, have gained worldwide popularity.

It is characterized by thin leather, soft soles, and yellow stitches. It can be worn in many places of work and goes well with many clothing styles. The manufacturers ensure they have designs that fit either gender and can be worn for a long time due to the trademark AirWair Sole design that gives it its characteristic bouncy and soft feel.

Doc Martens shoes are available as boots, ankle shoes, lace-ups, and so on but preserve its trademark sole in all its shoe and boots designs.

In what Situations are Doc Martens Best Worn?

Doc Martens shoes and boots are designed to be worn under any condition. They provide next-level comfort to the legs and fit snugly around them as well, making it quite easy to walk, jog, and even run with.

Originally designed by a Doctor who got injured during the war in Germany, the purpose of the boots is to provide functionality to the legs even in their weakened condition. This is the reason it was quickly adopted by people who work on their feet for most of the day, such as postmen, housewives, military personnel, police officers, and factory workers.

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Soon, as a result of the style expansion, Docs began to be available as sandals and shoes, making it possible for them to be popular footwear in offices as seen on old secretaries, janitors, even receptionists.

The versatility of DMs is one of its endearing features to date. However, there is a let-down that has been addressed.

Are They Suitable for Snowy terrains?

Despite the versatility and functionality of Doc Martens, they are not suitable for snowy terrains. This boils down to the thin leather used in the manufacture of the boots. They can easily allow cold to get through them and make the feet go numb in no time. They can also make the feet feel extremely uncomfortable if the snow gets in the boot, except you have worn a thick sock on each foot or made the leather water-resistant.

Can They Be Worn in the Rain?

The issue of water resistance that DMs do not possess as quality is the major reason they cannot be worn in the rain. The feet will get soaked and the boots will need to be washed and dried if worn in such conditions. Even though it can be managed during snow, as long as you have thick socks on, it is not advisable during the rains.

However, you can choose to waterproof your DMs to wear them comfortably in the rain for some time.

Are There Waterproof Doc Martens Boots?

With the recognized weakness of Docs, it became apparent that lovers of the brand cannot wear them into the rains of places where they may encounter water. Workers who need the soft sole of the boots but work in water-dependent places such as waterworks, cannot wear them to work. This led to the design of some unisex waterproof Docs boots.

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These waterproof boots are like the traditional DMs, only with slip-resistant soles and fully waterproof leather. They can be worn in every condition; snowy and rainy without any worry of getting your feet drenched.

Do you now have to throw out your Docs that aren’t waterproof for these? Of course not, you can easily waterproof the DMs you have and rock them in the rain if you want.

How to Waterproof my Doc Martens?

To waterproof your Doc Martens boots, you can use one of two options. However, you should know that this protection against water doesn’t last as long as the waterproof DMs. You may have to renew the waterproofing a few times to make them effective.

The options are:

  •         Use beeswax
  •         Use waterproof spray

How to Use Beeswax as a Waterproof material for your DMS?

Beeswax has been in use as a sealant to prevent entry and exit of water on materials for a long time. It has been known to be effective on boots, therefore they will have some efficacy in waterproofing your Doc Martens when you follow these steps:

  1.       Melt the beeswax by placing it in a stainless bowl and over a heat source.
  2.       When it’s melted, use a clean towel or brush to apply the wax on the leather boots. Avoid the bootlace as much as possible.
  3.       The wax will start to solidify and make a white coloration on the boot. Apply heat to the wax on the leather, preferably with a candle or a propane torch.
  4.       The leather absorbs the wax as it melts on it and makes it appear shiny, as good as new.
  5.       Ensure that you apply a generous amount of wax to the seam areas of the boot.
  6.       Pour some water on the boot to test the wax’s efficacy. If the water beads and falls off the boot, you are good to go.
  7.       You may want to apply one or more coats of wax on the leather for a better result.
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How to Use Spray to Waterproof Your DMs?

Waterproof sprays are an easier option compared to using beeswax. For effective results, follow these steps.

  1.       Rid your DMs of the dirt that may have settled on the pair.
  2.       Hang the boots at a height where you can easily remove and turn it around.
  3.       At about 6 to 8 inches from the boots, hold the spray bottle and spray.
  4.       Spray around the boots and let them dry.
  5.       For better results, you may have to repeat the spraying about two times.


Doc Martens has and will always be a brand that caters to the fashion needs of every generation in the footwear department. You can get the best out of your Doc Martens boots by wearing them to water-logged places and snowy terrains, without worry over your feet.

Despite the availability of waterproof DMs, you can waterproof your already-owned Docs and use them in the same manner. However, ensure that you renew the wax or spray after you’ve worn the boots a couple of times.