How To Wear A Black Turtleneck? Top 10 Ways to Style Your Turtleneck Like a Pro

We’re returning to basics today and wearing the all-time favorite black turtleneck like a pro! A black turtleneck is a go-to piece for looking fashionable and staying warm in fall and winter. It’s one of these winter staples with a lot of potential when it comes to styling.

Black turtlenecks are versatile and look fantastic as a base for casual and fancy ensembles (even office wear). While styling a black turtleneck is an absolute breeze, many ladies still find it difficult. This is because a black turtleneck is too simple and requires some effort to style.

But we’ve got you covered. This guide shows you ten different ways to wear a basic black turtleneck this season – from casual chic looks to dressy ones and everything in between!

Look 1: City Chic

Black turtlenecks are ideal for a chic city look. To achieve this fabulous look, combine your favorite turtleneck with a pair of houndstooth pants. Then, layer a white shirt on top of the turtleneck. Finish off with stylish block-heel ankle boots and a black handbag. Don’t forget to accessorize with a chic brown belt to look more put together. 

Still unsatisfied? Add a cute black hat to elevate the entire look. Now you can go ahead and strut about the city like there’s no tomorrow! 

Look 2: Pop of Color

Undoubtedly, one of the best color combos you can opt for in fall is black and red. Being a powerful, bold color, red has this incredible ability to instantly transform a plain outfit. 

Pair your black turtleneck with a pair of black wide-leg pants, ankle boots, and a belt. Now, add the star of the show: an eye-popping red blazer! Finish off with a cool pair of black shades, and you’re all set. 

Look 3: Businesswoman

A black turtleneck can serve as a chic base for an elegant look in colder weather. You’ll need a white suit blazer and matching suit pants for this look. Pair this with stylish, black croc leather boots, and finish off with a white belt. 

  • Note: men can copy this super elegant outfit, too! 

Look 4: Artsy 

If you’re feeling a bit artsy, simply put on a black turtleneck, a pair of black straight-leg pants, and a black belt. Then, wearing a pair of elegant black oxfords gives the look an artsy vibe. Next, get a large silk scarf and wrap it around your shoulders, add a little beret, and voila, you’re officially artsy!

Look 5: Retro

You can never go wrong with skirts in the fall – these are absolute go-to’s when you’re in a hurry but want to look put together at the same time. Pairing your favorite skirt with a black turtleneck is a quick and easy way to embrace your feminine side with minimal effort. 

You’re free to choose the skirt’s color, length, and material. But if you want help, a white tweed mini-skirt is a fantastic option. To flawlessly finish everything off, wear a pair of black oxfords and knee-high socks underneath. You can also wear a black beret as a finishing touch to elevate the look. 

Look 6: Minimal

If you think looking stylish on colder days is a hassle, think again. For this minimal look, all you need is a black turtleneck, a pair of black jeans, white sneakers, and your favorite belt. This look is effortless, and it doesn’t take a pro to pull it off. You can also change the sneakers to pumps or ankle boots.

Not into black-on-black outfits? No problem, you can opt for a white pair of jeans instead of black ones for a minimal black-and-white look. 

Look 7: Cozy Warm

Did you put away your summer dress to prepare for colder days? Bring it out now! You can wear your summer dress with the help of a simple black turtleneck. Get your favorite summer dress and layer it over your turtleneck to achieve a cute, cozy look. A silk summer dress of a warm color is ideal for this look. 

Finally, pair this with black ankle boots to make it even more fall-ready. If you want to add an aesthetically-pleasing touch to the outfit, adding a black panama hat is the way to go. 

Look 8: Casual Chic

A black turtle neck is a perfect base for countless casual outfits. To pull off a casual chic look using a black turtleneck, all you need is a denim jacket, a pair of black sweatpants, and a pair of white sneakers. As for the final touch, go for a stylish shoulder bag of any color you like – red, green, blue, and black would all look stunning.  This outfit is effortless, comfortable, and chic, and you can easily wear it on repeat!  

Look 9: Dressy

It’s also possible to use a super versatile piece like a black turtleneck to construct a fabulous dressy look. For this one, pair your black turtleneck with black high-waisted shorts and a black belt. To complete the look, wear your favorite pair of black boots and sheer tights (optional). If you want to add a pop of color to this black-on-black look, a chic, colorful blazer is the way to go! 

Look 10: Date Night

Wanna show off your great sense of style in front of your loved one? Your black turtleneck has got you covered! Pair it with a cute, black cotton skirt of the same material as the turtleneck to give the illusion of a black dress. Wear a pair of fancy black pumps and a wool coat for warmth. Finish off with a colorful shoulder bag, and you’re all set! 

Have we convinced you that styling a black turtleneck is a breeze? Fantastic, now go ahead and try to copy the different looks in this guide and turn heads everywhere you go!