How To Wear A Denim Skirt With Tights

Wearing tights with a denim skirt makes for a very stylish look all year round. Don’t forget to wear flats too!

You can mix and match different shades of denim and tights, use them to draw attention to a unique top, pair them with big fluffy coats and ankle boots, and bring the best out of them with some well-placed accessories.

This depends on how you style your outfit, but this combination is generally considered casual. With the right accessories, it can be considered smart casual, or even a nice outfit for a night out. 

Here are just a few new styles to put together an outfit using a denim skirt and tights. 

Wear Tights With A Dark Wash Skirt

Dark wash shades include colors such as black, peacock, spruce, and indigo. Dark washes are untreated, so they tend to be a bit stiffer and sit away from the body. Because of this, they may limit your range of movement. 

Light-wash denim is treated more thoroughly before being sold, which is why articles of clothing made out of light-wash denim are more flexible and comfortable – think about denim jackets or even some jean shirts.

 They’re also thought of as a more casual counterpart to their dark wash garments. 

What makes this combination work is the black tights. The denim skirt only has to complement the tights, which is why a dark wash is recommended. You can also pull off jewel-toned denim, like rufous red or forest green. 

Black leggings have a slimming effect. They go well with any color, so you will have creative freedom as you put together your outfit for the day. 

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A Light-Wash Skirt And Skin-Colored Tights

Denim is incredibly versatile and comes in a variety of blue shades.

Although dark denim is the most popular type of denim, you shouldn’t sleep on light washes. Nude tights or sheer tights brighten up an outfit considerably, giving you a vivacious, summery, and casual look. 

“Skin-colored” tights will vary depending on your skin tone. Start by looking at the colors caramel, suntan, or nude. 

Light-wash denim also has the advantage of being softer and comfier because of the way it’s treated. For this reason, a light-wash denim skirt is perfect if you hate the stiff feel of dark-wash denim. 

Pull The Focus Toward Your Top

Most denim skirts and tights combos look very neutral. This is the perfect excuse to put on and show off a fun top, as this will most likely be the defining accent of your outfit. 

The whole vibe of your outfit depends on what you wear on your top half. It’s also where most people’s eyes will land. So focus on using patterns and a chic shade to stand out with your jean skirt.

If you want to keep the look neutral and subdued, stick to off-white or earthy tones. A long sleeve blouse, a coffee-colored sweatshirt, or a tan oxford shirt are all great choices for this classy look. 

Your denim skirt and tights are also great for showing off that fun, bold top that you’ve been wanting to wear. Pick something brightly-colored or patterned to give your outfit a pop of color and personality.

As a general rule, try to match darker-colored tops with dark-wash denim, and light-colored tops with light-wash denim. This is how you can get away with wearing almost anything without making it look like your top and bottom pieces are clashing.

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Although, you can create contrast by going against the norm and pairing a colorful and patterned top with patterned leggings for a fun and sassy look—if it is something you can pull off.

Put On A Coat 

Coats and jackets add some visual interest to this combo, and they’re also really warm. If you’re bundling up for winter, consider throwing on a big coat to protect your legs from the chilly bite of cold winter air. Especially if you’re planning on wearing midi skirts on bare legs.

Coats come in a variety of different colors and designs, though it’s best to stick to darker tones, like a neutral dark grey.

Some tried-and-true coat recommendations that go well with the denim and tights combo are long charcoal-colored coats, bright puffer jackets, russet duffle coats, and beige trench coats. 

Anything you can wear over your outfit to give you some more personality also works. Feel free to experiment with denim jackets, blazers, and leather jackets paired with combat boots. 

This also serves to keep you warm in the winter. You can pair this outfit with warm coats, jackets, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweaters. 

If your legs are cold, try wearing leg warmers over your tights. They come in various warm materials and cute designs.

Alternatively, you could wear insulated black boots, knee-high boots, booties, or any shoe with a fuzzy inner lining. 


No outfit is complete without some accessories. For denim skirts, this includes belts, enamel pins, and bags. 

A simple black leather belt does miracles for your figure, and it looks great with a denim skirt. You can also try wearing something more unique, like an animal print, a braided, or a studded belt. Just make sure that it’s coordinated with the rest of your outfit. 

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Enamel pins are usually worn on denim jackets, but who said you can’t put them on your denim skirt? Put a couple of enamel pins on the top corner of your denim skirt, or a pocket if it has one. 

A bag can pull the look of the whole outfit together. Try to match the color of the bag to another article of clothing that you’re wearing, like your shoes or jacket. So if you’re going for a darker look, focus on black accessories. From tote bags to crossbody bags and handbags, you can pull off anything with this combo.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot you can do with the jean skirt and tights combo, and the best thing about it is that almost any outfit you put together will look good.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten some ideas about how you can style your own denim skirt and tights combo.

All that’s left to do now is to try it out yourself.