How to Wear Construction Knee Pads

Construction knee pads cushion your knees and protect them from injuries. When you kneel on a solid surface, the pads soften the impact of kneeling. Construction knee pads give you some peace of mind, because you know that there is less risk of injury. But how do you wear these pads?

In this post, we will show you how to wear construction knee pads.

A few facts about construction knee pads

Let’s start the discussion with a few facts about construction knee pads. Naturally, there is not a lot of padding in your knees. Your kneecap is covered by a thin layer of skin. Whenever there is weight on your knees, the entire joint has to put up with a lot of stress. Due to this, you may have to deal with different types of injuries like fracture and dislocation.

If you want to save your knee bones from impact injuries, use construction knee pads. These knee pads are very useful, because repetitive stress can cause serious injuries. You can avoid a lifetime of suffering and pain for just a few bucks. Work injuries may lead to crazy medical bills.

If you are a carpenter or bricklayer, you must invest in high-quality knee pads, because you have to spend a lot of time on your knees. When you kneel, your knee joints receive a tremendous strain. If you over strain, you will need to deal with disastrous consequences. Your knees will remain in line if you just wear construction knee pads at work.

Knee pads give you some comfort, and this fact can not be overlooked. You will be more productive if you do not feel pain while working. And when you return home, you will be in a good mood. That is how knee pads improve your quality of life. It is not less important than preventing injury.

Apart from wearing knee pads, there are some other ways to keep your joints healthy. Never put unnecessary strain on your legs. Do not carry heavy loads if you have any alternative.

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Before you get knee pads

There is a misconception about construction knee pads and that is you do not need these pads if you wear work pants. But the fact is, you will fact a lot of problems if you work in a high-risk area without wearing knee pads.

So do not pay attention to what others say about these safety measures. If you are a construction worker, you will certainly understand the importance of them.

How your knees work

If you understand how your knees work, it will be easier for you to wear construction knee pads. In our everyday lives, we do not pay much attention to our knees, and do not worry about how it works.

In simple terms, your knees make it possible for your legs to bend. It sounds simple, but we pay attention to the complexity of our knees when they begin to hurt. Sometimes the pain goes away within a short time; sometimes it remains there for months, even years.

The mechanism of your knees is very complex, and it is the biggest joint in the human body. It is good to understand the mechanism a bit if you want to figure out how to wear construction knee pads the right way.

Your major leg bones intersect there, making a junction point. This is a combination of muscles and joints, and it allows you to move your legs. The thigh bone is called femur and the shine bone is called tibia. There is another shine bone, and it is called fibula. Your knee is the junction point of all these bones.

The largest bone in your body is the thigh bone, and the second largest bone is the shine bone. Together, the two bones perform heavy duty jobs every day. There is another important bone, which is known as patella or kneecap.

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The Tibiofemoral joint grants these bones mobility. The shine bone, the thigh bone and patellofemoral joint are connected in a complex way. This complex joint, when in good condition, allows you to bend your knees comfortably.

Between these major bones there are shock absorbers known as articular cartilage. Because of the articular cartilage, your bones can press up and expand without creating pain. Humans would be immobile without that cartilage. If this complex system goes wrong, you have to deal with very unpleasant situations.  

How to wear construction knee pads at work

Now we are going to show you the exact procedure. If you follow the instructions step by step, you can ensure the safety of your knees. The procedure of wearing knee pads may be slightly different if the models of your knee pads are different. However, the following instructions are for construction knee pads in general.

Step 1: Wrap the calf

Adjusting your pads is really easy. It is intuitive, and you do not need to think about it to do it well. across your upper calf, the strap should be attached snuggly. When your knees touch the ground, the straps protect them from harsh objects. Keep in mind wearing the knee pad above the knee cap is not a good idea at all. It does not give you protection.

Do not stand up straight when putting your knee pads on. Rather you should sit on the floor or in a chair. You may find it hard to fit the pads if you stand straight-legged. You should do it for a simple reason: when you bend your knees, the pads should fit. You have to keep your knees bent when you wear the pads.

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Step 2: Flip it and slip it

Then the strap should be flipped backward. Between the strapping and your pants is the lower strap. Pass the strap through the lower strap. Make sure that the top strap is toward the intended direction. Then pass the elastic through the connector ring. The top strap should be centered on the back of your knee.

If you want to know how to wear construction knee pads, you just have to follow these two steps. The process of wearing knee pads is not complex at all. But things can go wrong if you wear the pads while keeping your legs straight, because you are supposed to wear knee pads while keeping your legs bent.

Choose the right knee pads

It is important to remember that construction knee pads are essential when you work on the site. Wearing knee pads is of utmost importance if your job requires extensive kneeling. You must know how to wear construction knee pads, but you also have to choose the right knee pads.

When selecting knee pads, the first thing you have to pay attention to is the outer shell. If you are a construction worker, do not choose knee pads with a slippery plastic finish. If wear slippery knee pads, it may be dangerous for you to work in high places. Leather knee pads are softer, and they are suitable for working in high-risk areas.

You also have to make sure that the straps have thick bands. Instead of choosing knee pads with Velcro fastening straps, choose knee pads with buckles.

We hope you will choose the right construction knee pads and wear them properly. To ensure safety, investing in a pair of knee pads is one of the best things you can do.