How to Wear Cufflinks with a Suit

Having cufflinks on your suit outfit is a bulls-eye on the fashion dart. Cufflinks perform the role of keeping your shirt’s cuffs intact and grant you a sleek look. Looking for how to wear cufflinks with a suit? We got you covered.

No cufflinks? You should get yourself a couple of pairs because you’re missing out. However, there are several considerations you should make before rushing to the shop to make a purchase. 

You don’t have to worry about that though because this text is committed to guiding you. By the end of this article, we’ll have gone through; how to wear cufflinks with a suit and even finer detail about them.  

What Are Cufflinks? 

These are tools used as shirt buttons to fasten the shirt’s cuffs and achieve an impressive look. A feature that makes cufflinks outstanding is that one can button them to a shirt and take them off anytime.  

Cufflinks come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and even materials. These buttons bring more contrast to an outfit than regular buttons; since they are deliberated a more ornamental choice.  

How Does a Cufflink Work? 

Going through the small holes on the side cuffs of your shirt, cufflinks are used to keep your shirt’s cuffs intact and as ornaments as well. They are either swang to a fixed or locked position to hold your shirt’s sides together. 

The typical and most ordinary cufflink comes with a large head, also known as the ‘insert member. It has an embellishing front face, a post extending from the backside of the head; and a pivoted toggle swinging from beneath the post to fasten the cufflink. 

The front face of the cufflink plays an ornamental role on the cuffs of your shirt. On the other hand, the post and toggle keep the cufflink in place when put in their fixed positions.  

Various Types of Cufflinks 

Before we look at how to wear your cufflinks and everything about rocking them on, we are going to take a look at different cufflinks. There are a great deal of cufflinks variations especially if we are talking about the typically hinged cufflink. You can also get other mechanized alternatives as well. Below are the various types of cufflinks you can go for: 



These are the most popular type of cufflinks with a decorative head and an adjustment post that is used as an anchor. The whale tail is extended against its post and it contains a perfect closing mechanism. This type of cufflinks is quite simple to use since they take the ordinary cufflinks style.  


This type of cufflinks usually contains two identical sides i.e. the heads. These heads are linked by a short, middle chain. These heads bring the shine to the side of your cuffs and the chain is used to fasten the shirt’s cuffs. 

Chain-link cufflinks are unfastened compared to other cufflink styles. They tend to take a more decorative role by the fact that they have the two heads on both sides of your shirt’s cuffs.   

Ball-return cufflinks 

These precious cufflinks tend to offer a more fastened anchor on the cuffs than the chain-link ones. However, they are relatively looser than the hinged whale-black cufflinks. Ball-return sleeve links are seemingly more stylish and expensive  since they’re usually made from precious stones and metals. 

These sleeve links have an ornamental head on one side, while a curved fastening post and a tiny heavy ball on the other side. Their prices differ from one cufflink to another considering the type of material used to manufacture them.   

Button style or stud cufflink 

This type of sleeve link doesn’t have a hinge mechanism on the structure. It, however, contains two heads on both sides i.e. a larger head on one side, and the smaller interior one on the backing. 

This small head can be twisted and sled through the cuff holes then readjusted to lock the cuffs intact. Button-style cufflinks are quite secure and fastened since the backing button tends to stay in a locked position.   

Knot cufflinks 

Just like chain cufflinks, they contain a link in between the heads of the cufflinks. However, this link is made from a soft cord which is usually silk. Knot cufflinks have two heads on either side which perform an ornamental role on the side cuffs of your shirt.  

How to Insert and Fasten Cufflinks 

Cufflinks can be used with either single cuffs or double ‘French cuffs’. French cuffs contain two parallel holes on both sides which align next to each other when the shirt’s cuffs are folded back. 

Many people have been trying to figure out how to wear cufflinks with suits. Cufflinks play an anchor role for your shirt’s cuffs and an ornamental function if they are more stylish and expensive.  

First of all, you need to line up the side cuffs on either side then the post runs through to set the cufflink in a closing position. Making sure the cuffs are in a ‘kissing’ position helps swing the post through them easily. 

Moreover, you can arrange them in an overlapping state whereby one cuff runs atop the outer side of the other one. This style is considered more business-like since one side overlaps the wrist. However, the ‘kissing’ style has been acknowledged as the classic cuff linking style of all time.  

How to Wear Cufflinks with a Suit – Conclusion 

Is there any specific time or event whereby one should wear cufflinks? Not really! Cufflinks come in to complete your look if you’re wearing a shirt with sleeves that have cuffs at the bottom. As long as your shirt has cuffs and cuff holes on the sleeves, it’s up to you to select what type of cufflinks you’d like to put on. 

If your shirt doesn’t have cuffs on the sleeves, you can take it to the tailor for modification. The tailor can take the button and buttonhole off the cuffs and modify your cuffs with holes that will be adaptable to cufflinks. 

I believe by now you know how to wear cufflinks with a suit and other outfits as well. Take your time when choosing to grab the best sleeve links for your upcoming meeting or wedding. Cufflinks never go wrong when complimenting your look!