How to Wear Rings as a Man

Rings are undoubtedly a great accessory to add some extra bling and sophistication to your outfit (both casual and formal), but it’s not very easy for men to get it right when wearing rings. If you don’t know how to wear rings as a man, then read on and figure it out!

Are Rings Attractive on Guys?

Rings are great accessories to add some touch to your style, but they can also be overdone if not worn correctly. 

Whether you’re wearing a plain gold ring for everyday use or an expensive diamond ring, in the right context, it could certainly look attractive on guys as long as you know how to wear it properly. The key is not having too many rings at once nor having rings that are too big or gaudy looking.

When and How to Wear Rings as a Man?

Men can wear rings at any time on any of their fingers. The number one rule is that you should not wear more than three rings. That would be too much if they are worked in gold or silver.

A man with very good fashion sense who has an eye for detail and a knack for style will know what hands to flaunt his rings (i.e., he will know when these rings look good on him). Rings would typically fit most guys best on the ring finger.

However, it’s important to remember that no matter where you decide to place your ring(s), there are some universally accepted rules for men’s jewelry, such as:

  • Do not mix metals
  • Keep away from over-the-top jewelry pieces
  • Don’t wear too many rings
  • Always match your jewelry to the color of your outfit

Believe it or not, there are different ways that a man can wear his ring. One way is by having the ring on as a single piece that goes across all five fingers. Another way to wear rings is by wearing one or two rings only – for example, only on the middle finger.

  • Consider the size and width of your fingers when choosing a ring to wear on each hand:

In general, wear wider rings on the hands that are furthest from your heart. Wider rings can overpower thin fingers, so you’ll want to avoid wearing bulky styles if your ring size is small. Slide a thimble onto your finger and hold it in place as you try on each ring.

 The idea is that the ring should hide the entire width of the thimble, but there shouldn’t be any excess space either. You want to avoid gaps between where the thimble ends and where the ring band begins with any style.

If you have chunky knuckles or other similarly thick features on your fingers, widen your search for “oversized” rings (wide bands) to make sure they don’t look too small when worn on your hand.

You can also try wearing the ring on your pinky finger since that’s generally a thinner digit. Certain styles look better on one specific finger over another:

Rings with large stone settings (solitaire rings) are all about flash, so they’re perfect if you wear them as part of an ensemble or as a conversation starter for special occasions.   

If you aren’t into flashy jewelry but still want to make a statement, go with something unusual like resin or metal rings instead. Think modern and industrial designs for outfits with lots of texture, frills, denim, and heavy fabrics. You can play it up by pairing your new favorite ring with other accessory choices like a leather watch strap and cufflinks.   

  • Wear rings with similar colors on both hands for an elegant Look

Wearing rings that contrast with your skin tone is more casual but still stylish. If you have a metal wedding band on your ring finger and want to wear other rings there, make sure they’re similar in size or scale, so they don’t compete for attention.

Since gold is one of the most popular precious metals used in jewelry making today, it’s a great idea to get some ideas about how to wear gold rings for men into your wardrobe.   

 You can also check out John Lewis’ collection of Men’s Rings, which features an array of contemporary and vintage styles by top designers such as Kay Unger London at affordable price points.   

Finally, remember that no matter what kind of man you are, be it casual, classic, or edgy, there’s a ring out there that can help you showcase your personality and style.   

4 Rules on How to Wear Rings as a Man 

Mastering the art of wearing rings is all about balance.   

Rule #1 – Wear a wedding band on your ring finger to signify your relationship status, but also consider wearing another ring on that hand, too, for an extra dose of style and individuality.   

Rule #2 – If you’re not in a relationship, then wearing multiple rings is fine. Just remember that all your jewelry pieces should match in terms of style, color, and design for an overall polished look. 

Style tip: If you wear multiple rings on the same hand (e.g., wedding band plus engagement ring plus a sport band), stack them on top of each other instead of side by side, so they’re less likely to get snagged when you do things like open doors.   

Rule #3 – Beware: You don’t want to wear two different metals on one hand as it could cause a chemical reaction that dulls your jewelry’s finish. A chunky gold wedding band worn with steel hoops might look cool, but if you have sensitive skin, this combination may make you itch! 

If you prefer wearing rings made from precious metals like silver or gold instead of gemstones (which can make them look even skinnier), choose ones engraved with meaningful words and images to commemorate your favorite memories and achievements.

Rules #4 – The bottom line: If you’re a guy who likes to accessorize and wants to wear rings, do it! You don’t need to have an occasion or special event on the horizon. Wear them with confidence now and get accustomed to how they feel on your fingers, and be sure not to forget them when you wash your hands at the sink.   

How to Wear Rings as a Man – Conclusion

Rings are a great way to add style and personality to your wardrobe. They can be worn on any finger, but the most popular places for men to wear rings are the ring or pinky fingers. 

Rings that contrast with your skin tone are more casual but still stylish, while gold is one of the most popular precious metals used in jewelry making today.