How to Wear Short Boots With Jeans

Short boots with jeans are a good pair for transition periods like summer into fall when the weather isn't too cold for wearing big boots but too cold for sandals. However, what's the best way to wear this pair? Learn how to wear short boots with jeans in our guide.

Short boots are extremely flexible, but choosing the right outfits to pair them with can be challenging. Fortunately, you can achieve a sophisticated look by wearing your short boots with cuffed jeans. 

To achieve the greatest style outcomes, you would need to pick the ideal pair of boots and jeans to go with your attire. 

In this post, we’ll look at the following:

  • How to properly cuff your jeans
  • Considerations you should make to help you decide which kind of jeans to pair with your boots.
  • How to choose the best boots 

So, let’s get going!

Easy Guide to Wearing Short Boots With Jeans

Here’s a simple guide where we have mentioned a few tips in each section that will help you in styling ankle boots with jeans. 

Step1- Cuffing Your Jeans

Cuffs are among the most popular ways to pair short boots and skinny jeans. Here are some useful tips you should take note of when cuffing your jeans:

Cuff the Hem of Your Skinny Jeans Once

Turn back the hem of your trouser leg about 2 times to make a thin double cuff. When creating your cuff, be conscious of allowing the cuff to be slightly above your ankle. 

That is, just a little of your skin should be showing between your boots and the jeans. The result is better when the difference between your cuffed jeans and boots is about 1 inch, as showing off too much skin can make your legs look shorter. 

Make A Hidden Cuff

If you’re wearing tight jeans and want a bolder look, turning back the hem of your trouser leg just once to achieve a single cuff is the best option. 

Making a hidden cuff on your jeans is perfect for people with long legs. However, if your legs are short, you don’t want to make your leg look shorter, so in this case, you need to make the cuff smaller than 1 inch.

Avoid Tucking the Hem of Your Jeans Into Your Ankle Boot

Do not tuck the edges of your jeans into your boots. Even though you’re strongly inclined to tuck in your jeans, the aftermath is that it makes your legs look short. 

When you tuck in your jeans, they can protrude around your ankle and give a disordered and messy look to your outfit. 

Even if you’re wearing tight jeans, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t tuck them in since they seem to fit the top of your boots, but it’s best to turn back the hem to prevent it from swelling around your ankle.

Step 2- Selecting the Right Jeans

The next step is choosing the right pair of jeans that not only goes with your ankle boots but also matches your whole outfit, which includes your top, belt, purse, etc. 

Here are some useful jeans outfit ideas that you should keep in mind while styling an outfit, along with short boots. 

Straight-Leg Jeans and Short Boots

When you’re planning on cuffing your jeans, the perfect choice to go with your short boots is tight jeans or straight-leg jeans. They accentuate your curves, and their cuffs remain for longer without you having to fold them back intermittently. 

Out of the 2 options, skinny jeans are better because they’re elastic and don’t protrude when cuffed. However, if you want a casual style to help you relax, you should go for high-waisted or straight-legged jeans.

Bootcut Jeans and Short Boots

Another type of jeans you can rock with your short boots is bootcut, flared jeans, or wide-leg jeans. 

They’re usually tight around the hip but spread slightly below the knee. You don’t need to cuff your boot-cut jeans when wearing them; instead, allow them to fall over the boots. This look would be great for a lunch date or a flea market trip. 

Cropped Jeans and Short Boots

You can also wear cropped jeans to make the top of your boots visible. 

Ensure the skinny jeans you’re wearing leave about a 1-inch space between the hem of your jeans and your boots. The visible skin that shows will help to give off a refined and sleek look without you going through the hassle of folding the hem of your jeans.

Step 3 – Selecting the Right Boots

Selecting the right boots is very important. You’d not want to choose a pair of boots that do not match your jeans. Let’s now see some tips to help you choose the boot that best matches your jeans.

Select Boots With Heels of at Least 2 Inches

When choosing your boots, go for the ones with a heel of about 2 inches. Flat ankle boots are not recommended if you’re shorter in height, as they’ll make you look shorter and would mess up the whole look. 

To make your legs look longer and taller, go for ankle boots that are slightly taller than your normal pair of shoes. You can go for thick or stacked heels as long as you’re comfortable walking in them.

Match Brown Boots With Light Wash Jeans for A Casual Look

If you’re going for brown boots, it’s best to pair them with light-wash jeans for a more casual look. 

However, you can rock your short boots with any jeans color, but brown boots worn with light-wash jeans are very top-notch and comfortable. To get a very good result, ensure your short brown boots are a little bit toned brown or suede boots. 

Choose A Pair of Boots That Matches the Color of Your Jeans

It is also essential to go for a pair of boots that match the color of your jeans. This will make your legs look longer. 

You can easily wear black ankle boots with tight black jeans. Since the jeans and the boots have a neutral color and style, they will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. Apart from this, you can opt for a boot with a higher heel to give yourself a taller look.


A perfect pair of short boots is a great asset to any wardrobe, and this won’t be changing anytime soon. 

Especially during the colder times of the year, ankle or short boots have been greatly embraced by many people, from the polished and modern boot types to the wild types. 

Even though short boots are very versatile, you must carefully decide which type of jeans matches well with your boots and how to fold your jeans properly. Whether you are wearing ankle boots, combat boots, or flat boots, always make sure to match their color with your outfit and other accessories. 

Now that you have read this article, you’ll be able to slay your next look with short boots and matching jeans.

Thanks for reading!