Khaki Pants and Black Blazer – A Style Guide

Name the first two items of formal wear you ever owned. If you’re like most men, you probably said a pair of khaki pants and a black blazer. These two pieces of clothing are hands-down the most essential items in any man’s wardrobe and they can easily make countless outfit combinations. But is it possible to pair them together? Can you wear a black blazer with khaki pants?

Wearing a black blazer with a pair of khaki pants creates a stylish business-casual look that works everywhere—from the Italian Riviera to a summer barbeque. The trick to mastering this look is to pay attention to the details. Good tailoring, an eye for context, and a few smart accessories can pull the entire outfit together into a memorable fashion moment.

Stop struggling to come up with an outfit when you probably already have everything you need to look smart, classy, and stylish. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to pair a black blazer with khaki pants and then dive into a few important pairing tips, such as shirt color, shoes, and accessories.

Khaki Pants and a Black Blazer is Just Formal Enough Yet Still Fun

A black blazer and khaki pants is the perfect balance of formal and casual. The black blazer instantly makes the outfit more high-class, while the khaki pants keep it grounded and relaxed. This combination is versatile and flattering, and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

It’s long been a standard of menswear to pair the two items together and you can even see it referenced across Hollywood in The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Wolf of Wallstreet, and The Graduate. Of course, the devil is in the details to pull this look off. Pay attention to fit, fabric, and accessories to ensure that your outfit looks intentional and put together.

A baggy blazer will always look more casual than a well-tailored alternative so keep that in mind as you plan your outfit. If you are building a casual everyday look, consider keeping the blazer open and wearing a white polo shirt underneath or even a plain t-shirt.

What Type of Shoes Should You Wear With Khaki Pants and a Black Blazer?

This is always one of the most widely asked questions when it comes to pairing a black blazer with khaki pants. Since they’re already wearing both black and brown clothing, most guys struggle to decide between wearing their black shoes with a black blazer or brown shoes with khaki trousers. Yet, the decision isn’t as difficult as it seems.

The general rule of thumb is to match your shoes to your blazer. If you’re wearing a black blazer, then wear black shoes. If you’re wearing a brown blazer, then wear brown shoes. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and you can get away with wearing brown shoes with a black blazer or vice versa.

To make sure your shoes are complementary to your outfit, pay attention to the color and tone of the shoe. A black shoe with a brown blazer can look amazing if the black is deep and rich. Similarly, a brown shoe with a black blazer can look great if the brown is a lighter shade, such as tan or camel.

The important thing is to make sure that your shoes are the right color and tone to complement your clothing. With that said, below are a few shoe recommendations to pair with a black blazer and khaki pants.

  • Black loafers
  • Chocolate brown dress shoes
  • Tan desert boots
  • White sneakers

Gauge the event you’re attending and make your decision based on however casual or formal it is.

Pairing Shirts with a Black Blazer and Khaki Pants

This look is already built on a play of different colors so it’s usually best to keep it simple. A white or light blue dress shirt is always a solid choice and it will allow the black blazer and khaki pants to take center stage. You can the collar open or add a simple tie to pull things together into a more formal affair.

If you want to add a bit more personality to your outfit, consider a patterned shirt in a light color. A gingham or windowpane check shirt will add some visual interest without being too over-the-top. As always, make sure your shirt fits well. A tailored shirt will always look better than a baggy one and it will help to create a more polished overall look.

The Best Accessories to Wear with a Black Blazer and Khaki Pants

The best accessories to wear with a black blazer and khaki pants are those that are both functional and stylish. A watch, sunglasses, and a belt are always good choices. However, be sure to pay attention to how they add to the overall look.

If you’re wearing a black blazer, consider adding a pop of color with your accessories. A red belt or a green watch will add a touch of personality to your outfit. When it comes to sunglasses, stick to classic styles such as aviators or wayfarers. These will never go out of style and they will always complement your outfit.

You can also top the look off with a hat such as a fedora or a homburg. Just make sure that the hat coordinates with the rest of your outfit. A black hat with a black blazer and khaki pants is a classic combination that always looks sharp.

Final Thoughts

A black blazer and khaki pants is a timeless combination that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The key to mastering this look is to pay attention to the details. Fit, fabric, and accessories are important to consider when putting together an outfit.

With that said, a black blazer and khaki pants is a versatile and stylish combination that every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s perfect for everything from a summer barbeque to a day at the office.