List of Different Types of Clothing Styles for Guys

When shopping for clothes, the selection can be overwhelming. Stores are filled with different brands, colors, and styles of shirts, pants, and even shoes. However, here’s a compiled list of different types of clothing styles for guys.

Before you head out shopping for new clothes, you should first consider the different types of available clothing styles. 

Our list of 10 different types of clothing styles for guys will help you figure out what type of style is best for your body and personality.

Here is the List of Different Types of Clothing Styles for Guys

Casual guy

When it comes to outfits, there’s no doubt that the casual guy prefers comfort over style. For this type of guy, clothes are worn to get the job done. The casual guy tends to select simple and conservative clothing; colors are kept neutral; patterns should be small or nonexistent, and logos should be limited or non-existent. 

The casual guy thinks comfort first when it comes to his wardrobe because he likes options! When you’re in the market for this type of clothing, look for versatile pieces like solid-colored button-down shirts, plain t-shirts, and basic v-neck sweaters, so you have lots of choices.

Refined gentleman: 

While not all guys who wear this type of outfit fall into the refined category, it’s definitely a look that some men prefer over their others. This type of clothing is more on the formal side, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable at the same time. 

A button-down shirt paired with a pair of dress pants or a suit jacket is an example of this type of outfit. You can also choose quality over quantity by selecting higher-end brands that feel and look great.

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The urban guy has his own style that he’s not afraid to show off! This guy loves bold colors, graphics, and designs, all while mixing different types together for his own unique look. For example, if you’re looking for a graphic tee, try looking for one with a simple design like stripes but use bright neon colors to add some pop to your wardrobe.


There are a few different styles of professional clothing, and the key to picking the right one for your body is knowing what looks best on you. For larger-built men, a classic look with accentuated shoulders and sleeves can make you appear more broad-shouldered. 

Men who are shorter in stature should opt for a modified slim fit that’s tailored at the waist, lengthier pant legs, and a business jacket to give the illusion of height.


The athleisure guy doesn’t like to compromise when it comes to function or fashion; he wants both! For this type of guy, athletic wear is anything but casual. It’s stylish because it often mixes high-end brands with pieces from top-performing sports brands like Nike and Under Armour. 

This type of clothing is practical because activewear is designed to wick away moisture, dry quickly, and stretch for mobility.


For the understated guy, everyday style isn’t about loud colors or funky patterns; it’s about simplicity – this type of clothing places emphasis on basics with a slight nod to fashion. 

Guys who are understated often wear neutral-colored clothing that can be worn with just about anything without standing out too much on their bodies. Classic shirts like a chambray shirt go great with navy pants or jeans!

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Some guys prefer not to play it safe when it comes to choosing clothes, and the colorful guy is one of them! The colorful guy loves bright colors and bold prints. He likes to stand out from the crowd without having to try too hard. 

If you’re looking for this type of clothing, look for a bright and fun shirt without going overboard with obnoxious colors or patterns. A basic t-shirt in neon color with limited prints can be just as stylish as an over-the-top graphic tee!


There’s something about vintage clothing that makes it so appealing. The style is simple; the pieces are classic, and they feel great because they were made when materials were high quality, and construction was impeccable compared to today’s mass-produced items. 

If you’re looking for vintage-type clothing, check out your local thrift store! Many people donate perfectly good clothes every day, so you never know what you might come across!


If you think preppy only applies to college students from wealthy families in New England, then think again! While preppy might be associated with Ivy League schools, it can easily be applied to anyone with a sense of style and class. 

Try pairing your preppy clothing with classic accessories like bow ties, pocket squares, or loafers for a timeless look that will have heads turning no matter where you are!


The last one on the list of different types of clothing styles for guys is the outdoor guy. If it’s suitable for the mountains, trails, or woods, it’s good enough for this guy! This type of clothing is meant to be worn during outdoor activities, so it’s breathable and lightweight, allowing you to move around freely without overheating. 

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Depending on what exactly you’re doing (like hiking), you want clothing that’s durable with reinforced seams and material. You’ll also want clothes that are easy to layer so that you can add or remove clothing depending on conditions.

List of Different Types of Clothing Styles for Guys – Final Words:

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when shopping for new clothes is what kind of clothing style will work best for your body and personality. 

You should have a pretty good idea about your favorite styles before heading out to the stores, but don’t forget that there’s always room in any wardrobe for some experimentation too! 

Stick with this list of different types of clothing styles for guys, or experiment with other options like vintage looks, preppy styles, or even punk apparel if you’re feeling adventurous. There are so many choices available today-you can never go wrong by finding one that fits who you really are.