Lumberjack Shirts for Men Who Work Outdoors

When you think of a lumberjack, you think of flannels. However, if you work outside, you can wear many different types of shirts other than flannels. Lumberjack jackets are comfortable wool or even cotton jackets that will help protect you from the harsh environment. If you work outside, these can be some of the best investments to make.

The Top 20 Lumberjack Shirts For Men

You will always want to look at the material and fit of a shirt if you are someone who works outside regularly. You will want something thick enough to protect you from the harsh environment and you will want to find something that is flexible enough to move in.

Mr.Stream Flannel Button-Down Shirt

This is a casual outdoor shirt but is thick and warm. Mr.Stream is for hiking enthusiasts started by hikers. That has since grown into a distinctive brand that carries some amazing gear for anyone working outdoors.

This jacket is 100% cotton as well as contains corduroy. This inside is fluffy, soft, and extra warm with a layer of faux-fur. It is the classic lumberjack style look coming in flannel and buttons all the way down in the front. This is great for fall or winter work.

Wrangler Authentics Mens Jacket

This is another button-down flannel coming from Wrangler Authentics. This brand is known for casual clothes for men as well as a suitable line of outdoor clothes catered for those who work outside. The style of this long sleeve shirt/jacket is incredibly functional and easy to move around in.

It is made of all polyester sherpa inside to line the jacket. The outside is 100% cotton and has a very relaxed fit, perfect for layering up during the cold months. There are pockets on the outside of the jacket if your hands get cold, and there are two chest pockets perfect size for your phones.

Levi’s mens Quilted Puffer Jacket

Many of us know the brand Levi’s. They make some phenomenal jeans, but they also have a wide range of outdoor jackets for men to choose from. This long sleeve puffer jacket is perfect for any man who works outdoors.

This jacket has a hidden zipper with snaps on the front, making it extra secure on windy days. It is water-resistant, and the top portion looks like a flannel. Instead of the traditional style of a lumberjack shirt, this is 63% polyester, 37% cotton arctic cloth. This is a great jacket for the super cold seasons and can easily be layered.

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Legendary Whitetails Flannel Shirt

This clothing brand is known to carry gear and clothing geared towards hunters. They have a fantastic selection of flannels coming in a variety of colors and have a lot of good choices for women as well. This brand caters to providing the right gear for everyone in the family, not just men.

This specific shirt is lightweight, which makes it warm enough for the fall but easy to layer during the winter. It buttons all the way down; it is 100% cotton with a corduroy collar and is lined with the same material which will hold its shape. You will keep extra toasty with this flannel while outside.

Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts

Coming from an Amazon store, this thermal padded shirt can be a great option to stay warm. It has all of the necessary features to keep you warm, secure, and moving while on the job. This shirt comes in the specific lumberjack style that you would typically think of.

Inside is thermal padding that lines the entire shit; it is button down in the front and made of 100% cotton. This shirt is breathable, meaning it won’t trap your sweat while outside, and it is easy to move in.

Sherpa Fleece Lined Flannel

Another Amazon favorite coming from an Amazon store, this shirt is one of the best. It is 100% polyester and 100% polyester sherpa lining. The inside is extra soft and adds a layer to keep you warm.

The fit is relaxed, making it another option that is easy to layer. The best part is this style comes in a few different colors, and you can find one to help you stand out from a crowd. It is a button-down in the front, making it a stable closure. Overall this is a great jacket if you’re looking for something to use when outdoors.

686 Men’s Flannel Jacket

This is like the classic flannel but with one edition, a hood. This not only helps keep your body warm but will keep heat from escaping your head. This can be a crucial feature if you are working in the cold. It is perfect for bitter or dry weather and will keep you secure.

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Unlike other flannels, this one is also water-repellent, which means you can stay dry for much longer. It is a slim and classic fit but should be roomy enough for a thermal undershirt to get through the winter days. It has button-down closure, and the hood has drawstrings to cinch.

How To Choose The Correct Outdoor Work Clothes?

You know what type of shirts will keep you warm while working outside, but how do you know what to wear? There are a few critical questions you will need to answer before getting dressed for your outside job.

What Is The Weather?

This is when you need to check the weather forecast. If you are going to be in cold but sunny conditions, there is a chance one flannel will do. If you are going to be in snowy conditions, you will want to layer up and ensure you stay warm enough.

Being too cold or too warm will affect your work performance and may even be dangerous to your health. You may think about wearing layers and take them off as you get too warm. Working outside means you need to pay close attention to the weather.

Will You Be Working With Hazardous Material?

If you know, there will be a hazardous material, or you will be dealing with a lot of dust that will change how you dress. You will not want to wear a wool and cashmere button-down to a dust site. Think about where you will be going and what you will be doing. You can choose a flannel based on that.

Think About What The Others Will Wear

If you see your team dressed in lined flannels, there is a chance you should grab yours too. It is better to take the extra warmth rather than leave it and be too cold on the job. Watch and learn from your teammates; this will help you understand what is appropriate and functional.

How To Pick Your Own Shirt

If you don’t like any of the classic lumberjack style shirts or jackets you can easily pick one up that is more your style. Here are some things to consider when picking out an outside work shirt.

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Always keep in mind that the material is important. Polyester will help if you are in a very wet cold climate, wool will help if you are in a super cold area, and cotton will help you breathe if you tend to sweat a lot. You can try smartwool shirts and socks to keep extra warm.

Comfort Is Key

You should go for something that is comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose. Think about something that is easy to layer. Trying on something before you buy it can be a game-changer for many people.

Sun Protective

Finding shirts that have a UPF may be beneficial even in the winter. It can help shield you from the sun and be crucial for working outside. This can especially help if you have sensitive skin.


If you need pockets, not all shirts will come with pockets. Think of what you need and what you feel best about. There is a point where the design is also how functional something is. There are loads of designs to choose from, but not all of them will be functional for what you are doing.

These are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your own shirts. Not everyone can vibe with the traditional lumberjack shirt, and that’s okay. You can find many other styles that are suitable for you with the functions you need.

Going for something wool will ensure a warm time while going for cotton will help you breathe more. You should think about all the things you will be doing and what you absolutely need.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats the traditional lumberjack shirt. Chances are, if you work outside, you have seen many people wearing this style. That is because they are a classic look that serves a purpose. Most of them are lines making them the best choice for fall and winter, and many of them will last for a long time. Take a look around, and you will find the best shirt for outdoor work.