The Work Attire Guide: 10 Rules To Keep It Simple


For the first few weeks of work, you might find yourself asking questions like, “What should I wear to my new job?” To have a better idea of appropriate attire for your workplace and office culture, it’s essential to know whether or not there are dress codes. 

Some companies prefer business casual, while others require slacks or skirts instead of dresses. Contact HR if you doubt the company’s official policy on the professional dress code.

The look you wear to work is a reflection of your professionalism. A chic and sophisticated style will ensure that everyone knows your high level of integrity as an employee. At the same time, off-duty apparel can be more relaxed and casual. 

It’s important not to turn up with bare feet or inappropriate office attire when meeting new colleagues at social events after hours — it makes for bad first impressions if they see someone who doesn’t know how to dress professionally. 

Please make sure all clothing has been laundered before wearing them again as well. This includes checking your pockets for stains from lunchtime snacks.

10 Rules To Keep Your Work Attire Simple

Here are the top 10 rules to keep your work attire simple. Also, if you plan to use perfume or cologne, be mindful about what scents you use throughout the day because some people may be allergic.

  • Adopt Modesty

Women are often judged unfairly by their appearance. It’s time to stop the double standards and start empowering others with your professionalism. Show off what you have in a modest way, not just what is on the surface for all eyes to see.

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Women can’t always win when it comes to being professional, whether they dress professionally or in a way that accentuates their features (which can also be considered inappropriate at times). So, your best option is to stick to clothes that relay a sense of modesty and professionalism. Try wearing blazers and slacks. It’s hard to go wrong with those. 

  • Casual Fridays

You may think that you have at least one day out of the week to relax, but don’t let your good intentions get in the way of a professional image. Casual Fridays can lead to some fashion disasters. You want people at work to see you as someone they would like on their team, so try not to show up wearing clothes from home like college sweatshirts or shorts. Stick to nice jeans if your dress code allows it.

  • Look Trendy With Stylish Shoes

The boss may be awful to work for, but your feet shouldn’t suffer. With this in mind, skip wearing flip-flops and other open-toe shoes! The workplace typically has a strict no high heels policy, so sorry, ladies; it’s time to get comfy with flats.

  • Follow Your Leaders

The wisest employees often observe and take cues from the most respected individuals within their organization on appropriate workplace attire. So, if you’re not sure what to wear when it comes to casual Fridays or client meetings, look around for a few minutes at those in your office who have dressed accordingly.

  • Don’t Steal Your Boss’s Tie

One of the most essential factors in looking professional is having a solid wardrobe foundation. This means being mindful that taking cues from those above does not mean replicating their wardrobe piece for piece, but instead finding comparable styles and colors to work with what you already have. Shop for similar brands that your boss might wear.

  • Manage Your Festiveness

One of the most important parts of the dress code is your tone. You may be wearing a winter coat, but if you show up to work like it’s Christmastime year-round, you can give off an unprofessional vibe! That said, there are some ways for you to look festive without coming across as tacky or childish in the workplace and still maintain professional standards.

  • Recall The Good Book

The employee handbook is your go-to guide for all uniform-related inquiries. It also addresses the company’s stance on attire, tattoos, and more in a clear manner that can help you quickly make decisions about what to wear or not to wear.

  • Keep Track Of The Year

It seems like most people don’t wear things after they’ve been out of style for a while, but here’s proof not everyone has an expiration date on their sense of style. You might just get lucky and still own an article of clothing that is coming back in style. After all, trends always come back around again at some point.

  • Don’t Be Hasty

Every day, you wake up unsure of what to wear. Maybe you’re going into a meeting with new clients. Maybe you have a meeting with your boss. Is this bright orange shirt too loud and unprofessional? Do these shoes match these pants? Try avoiding these worries by making safer choices, like pairing black pants with a white button-up top and a pair of nice flats. Making a hasty outfit choice could show a lack of professionalism.

  • Dress According To What You Desire

It’s never too late to start taking your appearance seriously. You can’t become president or CEO looking like a slob! Start dressing for success today, no matter what age you are or what profession you’re in. 

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Final Thoughts

The best advice for everyone is to dress appropriately and professionally at all times in the workplace. Doing so will allow you to be seen as a successful employee.

Professional attire is smart, sleek, and polished. It makes your boss think that they can trust in your ability to do the job well because of how you put yourself together.

This isn’t just about business settings either. What kind of impression would you make at an interview or on a date wearing heels higher than four inches? And don’t forget, no profanity-laden clothing or graphic attire either. The way you dress should be representative of your personality, but also your eagerness to succeed.