Timberland PRO Men’s Keele Ridge Boots Review

Everyone who wears boots for heavy-duty work or construction knows that a good pair of boots should be durable and comfortable for long hours on your feet. But sometimes it can be difficult to know which work boots are the best for your needs.

In this article, we will discuss the Timberland PRO Men’s Keele Ridge Steel toe Industrial Boots and help you understand what features and qualities they have that other boots in their market do not have.

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Feature #1: Specialized Interior Materials and Treatments

Most frequent boot wearers will know that wearing boots for hours on end in both hot and cold conditions is bound to trap sweat in the boots, making them slick with sweat on the inside. When the air hits the sweat, it becomes an odor that no person ever wants to smell like.

This kind of smell is often treated by using odor killing insoles, foot powders, or foot and shoe sprays, but these can end up becoming costly over time, as the smell gets worse and worse inside the boots, and stronger products are needed to combat the stench.

This is where the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots are different. Not only do they have an anti-microbial coating inside the boots on the material that coats the lining and sole, but these boots also have a moisture-wicking lining to help get rid of wetness.

A moisture-wicking lining might not seem like it is crazy important, but it can be very helpful in preventing the build-up of heat and sweat inside your boots, which means that odor does not have a chance to grow as strongly as it would without the treated lining.

The moisture-wicking lining helps to allow push the small sweat particles out of the material of the boots. In addition to the moisture-wicking lining, these boots have a breathable mesh surface that helps air enter and escape the boots, thereby preventing them from getting as hot and sweaty in the first place.

Another feature of the treated interior is the anti-microbial coating inside the sole and lining that helps to kill off the odor-causing bacteria that thrive in dark, warm, and wet environments like the sweaty insides of your boot.

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This means the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots will stay fresh for a longer time than their competitors that do not have these treatments and you can avoid the stink and sweat of your boots. Plus, you can save money in the long run because you will not have to purchase foot powders or shoes sprays constantly to keep you smelling clean.

Feature #2: Waterproofing Textiles and Leather

The second feature of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots that we will be focusing on is the waterproofed exterior materials that make the boots

The Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots are made of both leather and man-made textiles, so they are of natural and un-organic materials. Leather is a great fabric that is tough and looks great, so it only makes sense that they are used frequently in boots and other durable products that are built to last.

The issue with leather is that it is not naturally waterproof or even water-resistant. When leather gets wet, it often loses its luster and natural shine, as well as its ability to last long and stay durable. The Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots have all the leather involved in the exterior of the boots coated to make the leather waterproof.

Waterproofed leather helps to prolong the lifespan of the leather, and thus the lifespan of the boots as a whole.

In addition to the waterproofed leather pieces, the man-made textile mesh fabric is also waterproof. The mesh is still breathable to allow moisture and air out of the boots, but the membrane that creates the waterproof seal on the mesh keeps water out of the boots.

This is very important to the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots because this makes them all-weather boots that can be worn in wet climates and dry ones, which makes them a step above their competition.

Besides giving the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots a leg up on the competition, the total waterproof coating of the boots makes them more durable and this usually leads to a longer lifespan of the boots.

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Additional Specifics and Features

The Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots boast more features and specs than just waterproofing and odor-resistant coatings. What are these additional features you ask? Let’s get into them!

The Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots are made for long-wearing hours, with a comfortable rubber sole that provides support to your arch and the soles of your feet, but also give you a forgiving and flexible sole that helps absorb the pressure that your feet will experience throughout a long workday.

In addition to the rubber soles for comfort, there is a nylon shank to help provide structural support to the boots themselves, which in turn provides you with better protection from injuries on the job because the boots can help support your ankles and arches.

Another great feature of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots is the reinforced toe. The toe sections on the boots have steel protection to prevent injuries to the fragile bones in the feet. The steel-toe can endure the blunt force of a heavy object falling onto it from a considerable height. This will protect your toes and help you avoid extreme injuries.

The midsole of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots is made of EVA and cement construction for added flexibility without sacrificing any protection or structural support.

User Impressions and Reviews

One of the best ways to find out if a product is right for you is to take a look at the user impressions and reviews. In this section below, you can read about what the customers and users have to say about the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots.

To begin, many customers of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots reported being extremely satisfied with the condition of the product after receiving their purchase through shipping. The boots were in pristine condition and clean, with no damage to the product, reported.

Several customers of these boots reported that they were very comfortable and light. This is a very important factor in any pair of hiking or work boots. Comfort and weight are important in boots such as these Timberlands since they are made to be worn for long working hours, and become annoying and bulky if they are heavy all day.

The majority of customers agreed in their reports that the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots had a very comfortable and protective steel toe reinforcement. This is critical as well because if the steel toe is not as protective as advertised, it could end up causing damage to the boots or worse, injury to the wearer of the boots.

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The comfort of the steel toe is just as important. Steel-toed boots can sometimes feel cramped or pressurized after a few hours, but the majority of users of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots agree that the steel toe is comfortable and provides grade A protection.

A few user reviews commented on the quality of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots for the price they are sold at. It is always a great thing to save some money, but still, get a quality product that lives up to its performance advertising.

One issue that a couple of customers reported was the color. Two customers remarked about the color of the image on the web page in comparison to the color of the boots that arrived at their door.

They complained that the color indicated in the color selection on the web page when they purchased was brown, but the boots that they received were more of olive green. However, the color in the image looks to be a brownish/olive green color, so this may boil down to perception differences.


Overall, the review of the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots is very good. They live up to their advertising and have the quality that Timberland customers love and always come back to.

All of the features together (waterproofing, anti-microbial coating, breathable, steel enforced toe,) make them a step ahead of all the other industrial work boots on the market. This in conjunction with the (majority) glowing reviews and user impressions makes these boots a great choice or option to look into when purchasing your next pair of Timberland boots.

Although there were two mix-ups involving the color of the boots, this will probably be overlooked by the majority of people interested in the Timberland Keele’s Ridge Boots because these seem to be isolated issues that never ended up impacting the quality or usage of the boots.

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