Tips To Keep Your Safety Glasses From Fogging Up

Safety glasses are inclined to get foggy because of the weather, and it can be difficult for some people to see without glasses. 

Some people even wear them for fashion now.

Thanks to 2020, masks have also become necessary and have made wearing glasses more challenging. As if life wasn’t already difficult enough, you now have to wear two items on your face simultaneously. 

A sudden fog on your glasses means one of two things: you’ll either need to wait for the fog to clear from your lenses, or you’ll have to take off your glasses. 

Either option presents an obvious problem. If it’s a momentary inconvenience, then all is well and good, but if not, you may have a severe and annoying issue on your hands.

How You Can Fight The Fog

When walking into a cold building after being out in the heat, you may notice that your glasses fog up. The cause of this effect is when warm air hits a cool surface and condensation forms. 

One way to prevent condensation from forming on your glasses (other than by wiping them down with anti-fog cloths) would be by using breathable masks while working outside for extended periods of time. 

These masks will keep your face dry for much longer so that your sweat and the moisture from your breathing doesn’t affect your glasses.  

When you shop, work, or just live behind a mask, you can keep your lenses clear by doing a few other simple things as well. 

Keep an eye on how often you clean your glasses, and use a saline solution as needed throughout the day if necessary.

There’s nothing like foggy glasses and we’re here to help you solve this problem today. Start with these tips.

  • Ensure That You’re Wearing The Right Fit

If you don’t wear a mask that fits securely over your nose and glasses while in any kind of warm or moist environment for an extended period of time, then there will be significant fogging on the lenses. 

A good tip is to buy masks with nose guards; these will prevent warm air from exiting up into your glasses. 

You can create a homemade mask with pipe cleaners or twist ties sewn into the fabric so that the mask forms that perfect shape around the high points of your face–most commonly being where the nostrils meet the bridge of the nose.

  • Try A Nose Clip

When your glasses are fogging up, it’s usually because your mask doesn’t fit properly. A mask with an adjustable nose clip will help fix this issue and keep your glasses from fogging up. 

Once you’ve found the perfect fitting mask, pinch the nose clip to tighten it across the bridge of your nose. This snug-fitting option is a great way to stop those puffs of warm breath from reaching your lenses and making them cloudy.

If you’re unable to find a good-fitting mask at your local store, then purchasing one online may be necessary. 

There are plenty available on sites like Amazon, so finding something that suits you shouldn’t take too long or be much of an inconvenience.

  • Use Soapy Water And A Soft Cloth

The next hack is one that healthcare professionals have been using for years. 

All you need to do is mix some soapy water with a soft cloth and run it over your lenses before wearing them again. 

If you’re worried about damaging the special coatings on your lenses during the cleanup process, talk to an optician first. 

They can walk you through how to do it properly and make sure you avoid any unwanted or expensive damage.

  • Seal Off Any Open Space

If you wear your mask snugly, you can prevent warm air from escaping through the top. 

If you wear your mask and glasses correctly you can prevent them from steaming up, but of course in a no mask world, this tip won’t be too useful.

  • Tape It Down

Here is the best tip on using sports or medical tape to prevent your safety glasses from fogging up. 

You should tape down the mask around your nose and cheeks. You should test adhesive surfaces before you use them on sensitive skin just in case they’re irritating.

  • Use commercial anti-fog products

Plenty of commercial products are available in the market that you can use to keep glasses from fogging up. 

Any product that has some proportion of chemicals in it, stop using it if it causes itching or irritation and always practice caution while cleaning. Clean the product appropriately before wearing your glasses to avoid the chances of the skin or eye irritation. 

  • Try a different style

Wearing safety glasses that are very tight and don’t allow effective airflow might lead to fogging. 

Try a different style that lets the airflow across the lenses. The proper fit can help you for years preventing the safety glasses from fogging. 

  • Try some home remedies

You can apply shaving cream to create a protective barrier around the lenses. People also use bar soap for this.

Apply it and let dry, then wipe off with a soft cloth and these home remedies are considered better by many of them rather than using store-bought products. 

Bottom Line

Foggy glasses can be a real drag and make it much harder to work.

When your lenses are covered in fog, it’s hard to see anything at all.

One way to tackle this problem is by using wipes or sprays to properly clean your lenses at routine intervals. 

Check your lenses before trying out any special products to ensure they won’t damage the protective coatings of your glasses. 

You can use anti-fog wipes and solutions that are meant for all types of glasses (prescription and non-prescription). 

However, remember to read anti-fog product reviews. Make sure you research what other customers thought of that item and if they worked or if they did more harm than good.