Types of Sleeping Garments

Sleeping garments as you well know are also called pajamas. There are many types of sleeping garments that vary from men to women and finally the kids. 

According to the research, a study shows that about thirty-one percent of the men and fourteen percent of the women in America sleep naked of which helps a great deal in taking out the stress of which garment you will wear to go to sleep. For those who must sleep in their respective sleeping garments, this Is the article for you. 

You can go to sleep in any wear, some prefer regular clothing. There are many different types of sleeping wear that are manufactured to ensure that you are comfortable and the style you sleep with is in accordance with the gear. 

Having the correct sleepwear most definitely will help you in sleeping better. If you match the style of sleepwear to your sleeping style, you will sleep well like a baby. There are quite a number of various sleepwear and pajamas for both women and also men. Down below is a list of women’s sleepwear. 


This is among the Types of sleeping garments for women that are designed and manufactured to be loose, oversize, and big around your body. This creates a feeling of comfortability which leads to a good night’s sleep. Sleepshirts are made in a t-shirt or button-up styles. 

They are usually manufactured from soft fabric that does not irritate your skin. Sleep shorts are always shorter with the hemlines slightly above your knee. 


This sleepwear is an all-time bedtime classic. It can be manufactured in different styles, but the spaghetti strap and cap sleeve designs are very common. They vary from cotton and silk fabric. They are manufactured and designed to be lightweight and loose so as to keep cool while sleeping. Nightgowns vary in length, style, and material as we have already discussed. 

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This is also a very popular choice in sleepwear. Usually manufactured with spaghetti straps, the jumpsuits are well gutted even though they are lightweight. They are usually manufactured with less fabric and minimal coverage. They are also manufactured with waist designs with more form-fitting designs and styles of which have minimal fabric. 


These are Types of sleeping garments or rather nightgowns that are manufactured with less fabric in low and short-cut styles. They are manufactured with light materials that include chiffon, silk and in other instances come together with underwear and a matching sleeping bra. 

Nighties can be adorned by laces and are usually manufactured in see-through designs and styles. They are extremely lightweight and very comfortable. They are usually manufactured to be loose-fitting airy garments that ensure air penetrates the skin. 


This is a sleepwear original classic. It is usually made to be perfect for colder nights. Its sweatshirts and sweatpants are manufactured to be warm and fluffy.  

They are manufactured to be thicker as opposed to the other sleepwear garments hence insulating your body with warmth and also softness. Sweats are crossover garments that one can wear during the day, after your night sleep. 

Sleepwear For the Men 

Underwear as most people think is not proper sleepwear. Men’s sleeping garments are not that different from women’s, as most men wear pants and shirts of different materials and styles.

Your sleepwear choice depends on how cool and warm you desire and also the comfort and the style options are very crucial. There are unconventional options in case you don’t prefer sleepwear. 

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Particularly for the cold regions, a button-down garment with long sleeves and pants. The shirts are typically collared with the pants and also the sleeves cuffed. These types of sleeping garments are manufactured by flannel but can also be made in cotton, polyester, velvet, or any other blends. 

They are really comfortable to wear while at home and one can wear them during your day. You can also find traditional patterns, sophisticated monogrammed typed, and child-like patterns. 

T-shirt and Pajama Trousers 

Unlike the button-down sets, this combination doesn’t at all need to be coordinated; you can wear any of your t-shirts with sweatpants that you like or that match the season you are in and you are more than ready to sleep. 

The t-shirt together with the pajama trousers works efficiently in case you usually hop out and in of your bed during the course of the night. This will help as you won’t get extremely hot while sleeping and also you will not freeze as you hop out of your blankets.  

Dressing Gown 

This is an old-school type of sleeping garment and has probably fallen out of fashion nowadays. It is almost similar to the nightgown as it is one long garment that reaches your knees and in some other instances goes beyond your knee. Although most of the men prefer to sleep in pants or rather shorts. 

Two-piece Pajamas 

Most people use these kinds of pajamas to sleep, especially in institutions. These types of sleep garments are manufactured with pants that are loose-fitting, collared shirts, and buttons up that are loose in matching style and fashion. 

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They are manufactured from flannel, wool, cotton, or rather all the materials that are used to create a fabric of different thickness levels and sizes. They vary in patterns and colors ranging from geometric shapes and simple stripes to different intricate designs. 

Choosing the Right Sleep Garment For You 

As now you already know the different types of sleeping garments, you should take your time and explore the different styles and types of sleep garments. You need to wear something that ensures that you are comfortable, cool, and manufactured by materials that do not irritate your skin while you sleep. 

Look for sleep garments that are eye-catching because you will definitely sleep well when you feel good and relaxed. Ensure that you find the sleeping garment that is perfect for you and start looking for a good night’s sleep.