Types of Watch Strap Fittings

One thing with watches, they come in very many different designs. Each design has a way that it has been crafted. With such variance, the way that watch has been rafted can never look the same as the other. Watch strap fittings are one big part of watches that majorly determine the design of the watch and there are different types of watch strap fittings.

In the same way, there are so many watches, there are so many watch strap fittings to fit the many watch designs. It is important to know the type of watch strap design that your watch has since it might need to be replaced or modified someday. 

That’s why we need to look into the types of watch strap fittings we have and how each one of them looks. Now, some watch strap fittings are available in the market while others can only be supplied by the manufacturing company of the watch. Let’s find out which types of watch strap fittings we have. 

There are basically 3 types of watch strap fittings. Each one of them has a different way of attachment to the watch as well as a different design. Some of them, as we have mentioned, are only made available by the watch’s manufacturing company. The. Five types of watch strap fittings are as follows. 


  • Spring bar fitting 
  • Screw fitting 
  • Fixed bar fitting 

Each of the watch strap fittings is made to fit a specific type of watch. If you look at your watch keenly, it must be having one of the above types of watch strap fittings. 

The watch strap type is important to mention when mentioning the type of fitting since some, like the straight end and step end watch straps might be sharing the same watch strap fittings. Now, let’s look at each of the types and get to know what they look like. 

1. Spring Bar Fitting 

The spring bar fitting can be used on the step end and straight end watch straps. Now, depending on the model of the watch, the spring bar fitting can either be fixed to a straight end of the step-end watch strapping. 

It is usually made to fit the length of the strap end completely and leave the tips that are used to attach it to the shoulders of the watch. The most important thing to consider here is the length of the spring bats to make sure that they are not either too long or too short to clip into the watch shoulders. 

They usually come with specific straps, mostly rubber, nylon, or metal straps. You can always find one that is best looking on your watch and try it out. 

2. Screw Fitting 

Screw fittings are not so common but they exist in specific watch brands that are most prestigious. The bars that are used to attach the watch strapping to the watch case here have screw-like endings which also clip into the watch shoulders. 

One thing that is however a disadvantage with this type of watch strap fitting is that when it gets off, you might need to buy a new watch strap from the manufacturing company of the watch. It is very important since not any size of the screw end would fit any watch case size. 

They are specific to the model of the watch. You, therefore, have to look for the strap that fits into the model of the watch you have. 

3. Fixed Bar Fitting 

The fixed bar fitting is one that usually has a bar that fits the length of the strap end, leaving a section of it to clip into the shoulder of the watch case. Here we have to be specific with the kind of bar since it is a fixed one and it cannot be adjusted in any way to fit the size of the watch casing. 

To find the right size you might need to go for the watch straps that Rae specially designed for that kind of watch. The strap is important since finding the right bar for the watch needs you to find the right strap that can fit in. 

Fixed bar watch strap fittings are usually are commonly used with the step and sculpted end watch straps. Many watches have this type of fitting, which makes them easy to find. The only thing that makes it important to consider the model is the size. 

What to Consider 

There are not so many things to consider, but for the sake of finding the exact watch strap fitting for your watch strap, you need to be careful with two main things;  

The model of the watch 

We have seen that the model would help you find the right strap and the strap fitting as well. Since a strap fitting is something tiny, it might be hard to find. The best thing to do therefore is to find the strap that goes with the type of the watch. They usually have the fitting attached. This can make it so easy to find unlike looking for the fitting alone. 

The size 

The size of the watch case, especially the shoulder of the watch casing is important. You would need to look at the size before selecting a watch strap fitting to make sure that it is not either too large or too small for the watch. This makes it important to check the sizes of the watch. 

Types of Watch Strap Fittings – Final word 

A watch strap fitting is the smallest part of the watch, it might be so hard to find when you lose one or when it gets destroyed. That makes it important for us to look into the types of watches we have and the type of watch strap fittings that each one of them might need. 

Some watches might be sharing the same type of watch strapping or watch strap fitting. That is an advantage. However, what you need to know is that they exist in different types and sizes, making it so important to know more about types of watch strap fittings like we have just discussed above.