5 Ways to Wear a Scarf as a Top

The scarf is one of those pieces that can never go out of style. In cold weather, you can use it as a layer over your jacket. In summer you can wear it alone or with shorts. This article provides different ways to wear a scarf as a top which you will find interesting.

Get your favorite wrap-around fashion piece and style it however you want. Let’s take a look.

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf as a Top

Here are creative ways to wear a scarf as a top that you’ll find fashionable.

Method 1: Tube top

Wear it as a tube top. The tube top is always an interesting choice and tends to look both edgy and elegant at the same time. Simply tie your scarf around your neck. The long ends will form a fixture for the rest of the scarf. It will hang around your body like a top. 

Once you’ve tied it in place, experiment with different ways to drape the remaining fabric – front, back, and side draping work beautifully for this style.

To add some more emphasis on your waist (and balance out how open your shirt is), try tying your sleeves together at the sides of your body. You can also play around with whatever fabric remains below by folding it in different ways before tying it up in place.

This is a very simple but super stylish way to wear your scarf as a top. Just wrap it around yourself and tuck all the loose ends into your belt. 

Make sure not to make the fabric too tight by pulling it from the sides, and leave some fabric leftover so you can pull on it later for easy access. It might look like a lot of extra fabric at first glance, but if you keep it balanced out properly, that added bulk won’t be an issue!

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Method #2: Scarf romper

Wear a romper. We know you’ve probably been doing this for years now! But what if we tell you that the scarf can make your rompers even better? If you’re not quite sure how to pull it off, think of the way that they drape over your body. 

Work with similar folds and create something new and more fashion-forward! You’ll be able to lift any basic romper from average to extraordinary just by changing the ways to wear a scarf as a top.

To get started on this look, tie one end of your scarf around your neck and leave the rest of it hanging down in a loop. Then grab any folds or creases in that loop and fold them back again, so they are hidden inside. Keep tucking in your scarf like this, and no matter how wide the loop is (or if you want more narrow loops as well), always pull it all through at the same time.

This is one of those looks that can be very hard to pull off if you’re not quite sure what to do with the leftover fabric! But since we are talking about a large-size scarf here, you don’t need to worry about having lots of extra material hanging around. 

Now, just take both loose ends and wrap them around your waist at either side before securing them. The folds from your scarf should now be visible only on your lower back. You can also experiment with double wrapping for even more emphasis!  

Method 3: Over your shoulder

  1. Wear your scarf over your shoulder. This is the easiest way to wear a long and wide scarf. The most basic way of doing this would be to simply wrap it around your shoulders sideways, with one end slightly longer than the other. 
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Then you can bunch up just one side of that longer length to create an asymmetrical look for yourself! If you’re not quite sure about how much fabric will hang down in front after wearing it on one shoulder, go ahead and try out different lengths until you find what works best for you.

Also, remember that the shorter end should always be behind; that will help keep everything balanced. You can also play around with various ways to drape the remaining fabric, such as in a knot or like a sash.

      2. Another unique way to wear your scarf around the shoulder area is by creating two loops from it. One new take on this look is to tie the two ends together at either side into small knots – that will keep everything in place and help you decide what kind of length that loop should have! 

Once you’ve pulled it all through, wrap the long tail of your scarf around your whole body from back to front. Secure both sides of the fabric with nice big bows at either hip so that there are no loose ends left other than attached to you!

This outfit style works best with more flowy scarves because they don’t tend to get bound up in the loops. If you’re wearing a stiffer fabric, try to avoid running the scarf through your body in loops. Instead, take one of the ends and just tuck it into one side of your pants or belt!

Method #4: Front knot

If you like the look of a knotted scarf but prefer to show some skin, you can wear your scarf as a front knot top. For this style, start by taking any creases and folds in your scarf and wrapping them onto your body. Then tie it around your neck loosely, with one end longer than the other.

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Pull down on that longer end to keep the knot behind, and feed that whole length through from back to front. Once again, try not to let too much excess fabric drape down in front. You don’t want to end up looking saggy; this is supposed to be an accent piece!

This is one of the ways to wear a scarf as a top that is actually quite easy. If all you’re trying to do is create a nice decorative knot at the chest area, then try it out!

Method #5: Short fringes top

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, this look combines the best of both worlds from each of the previous ones. Start by wrapping your scarf around yourself horizontally from back to front as you normally would. Pick up one end and tie it tightly around just underneath one of your breasts, then take hold of the other side now hanging free.

Take that longer piece and wrap it through your entire body again at the front in an X shape. Then tie both ends together into a tight double knot on either side right over where they first crossed.

That’s how you’ll keep everything in place! Of course, your scarf will also hang rather loosely down the front of your body when this is done, but as long as you like that sort of look, it can work nicely for a great fashion statement.

Tying the bow at your side is optional. It would be more secure to tie it right over where those two ends meet up and around your waist instead. There isn’t much difference stability-wise between the two styles unless you’re trying to wear something very heavy with this top!