Which are the Best Gloves for Scaffolders?

Safety equipment is extremely important to a scaffolder.  Surprisingly, one of the most important pieces of safety gear for a scaffolder is a pair of gloves.  Not only do gloves protect your hands, but they improve grip and keep hands at a safe temperature.  If you are in the market for a pair of scaffolding gloves, they can be overwhelming to find.  Work gloves can be found in various styles, and it’s hard to determine what the best pair for you will be.

Below, we will discuss what qualities to consider when buying scaffolding gloves, and review some of the most popular gloves on the market today.

Things to Consider

Before shopping for a pair of scaffolding gloves, make sure to take the time to consider some of the most important features that your gloves should have. Use the list below to figure out what features are important to you and which you can do without.


The first thing to consider is the weather that you will be working in. Scaffolding work can be done both inside and outside, so your gloves need to be adequate for both situations.  If you tend to work outside, make sure to look for waterproof gloves that protect your hands from rain and snow. If you live and work in a cold climate, buying gloves with insulation is a good idea as well.


Many times, scaffolders have gloves to protect their hands, but end up taking them off frequently to perform some of the more detailed work of their job.  This is not necessary if you look for gloves that maintain your dexterity. The dexterity that your gloves allow you to have is an important thing to consider.  Especially if you need your gloves for warmth as well.


Obviously, you want the gloves you wear all day for work to be comfortable. You need to make sure that the gloves you choose do not rub in any places.  This will give you blisters. Also make sure you find gloves that fit well. Gloves that are too tight or too large will give you trouble as well and will not be comfortable for a long day of work.


Scaffolding work is tough on your hands, and therefore, tough on your gloves as well. Scaffolders typically have to handle pieces of steel that are jagged and rough.  Because of this, your gloves need to be able to resist abrasion and puncturing.  Durable gloves are a must for scaffolders, or else they won’t last more than a couple day.


The last aspect of your gloves to consider is their price.  This category will be different for every person, so you will have to decide what price range you can afford and only look for gloves that fit into that range.  Otherwise you could go over budget.

Waterproof Freezer Winter Work Gloves

These Waterproof Freezer Winter Work Gloves are perfect for a scaffolding in cold climates. They have two layers of insulated coating to help keep your hands warm without being bulky.  This minimal bulk allows you to maintain your dexterity with your work so you don’t have to sacrifice the details. The insulated coating interior is encased in a heavy duty rubber latex waterproof coating to keep any moisture away from your hands.  This coating also has a sandy finish.  This gives the palm and fingers of the glove texture, improving your grip.  These gloves come in sizes small and medium, so check the measurements before buying.

Lsxlsd Multi-Purpose Work Gloves

These multi-purpose gloves are ideal for scaffolders who need to perform more fine and minute tasks with their hands.  These gloves are extremely lightweight and feel like a second skin.  This flexibility allows you to maintain your dexterity, almost like you aren’t wearing gloves at all.  Although they are lightweight, they still provide ample protection for your hands.  These gloves are made from a nylon blend with a technical polymer coating.  This combination is so strong it is even cut resistant.  These Multi-Purpose Work Gloves come in one size only because they are extremely flexible and are meant to mold to your hand.

High Temperature Resistant Gloves

If you are working in hot temperatures, these High Temperature Resistant Gloves are for you.  Working with metal that is hot requires a different kind of protection and a different type of glove.  These glove are made from high quality cowhide for natural fire retardation and heat protection.  While this material may seem thick and bulky, it is also soft and flexible, allowing you to perform tasks easily while wearing. In addition to protecting your hands from the heat, they are also waterproof and wear resistant so one pair will last through years of rough and tough use.

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

Last on our list are the most budget-friendly option for scaffolding gloves.  The Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves come in a pack of three for an extremely affordable price. These work gloves have a nitrile coating to keep your hands safe.  This coating also enhances your natural grip and provides resistance to abrasion. While the hand of the glove is durable and strong, the wrist is made from knit fabric to help you maintain motility and flexibility in all situations.  It also prevents unwanted debris from entering the glove. Both materials offer breathability and comfort so that your hands can last through a long day of work. These gloves are offered in a wide variety of sizes so that you find the perfect fit for your hands.

Final Thoughts

In the end, investing in a high quality pair of scaffolding gloves will greatly improve your quality of life while at work.  The right pair will enhance your grip, protect your hands, and allow you to maintain your dexterity so you can continue to perform top notch work.