Why are Crocs so popular?

At one point, you must have seen people walking around in a pair of crocs. Crocs are rubbery and comfortable shoes covered with holes. Founded in 2002, Crocs were designed as boating shoes, and the manufacturer ensured that they are porous, flexible, low-maintenance, and light.

Comfortable footwear is among the rapidly growing shoe brands, and their sales have increased by 430% between 2020 and 2021. While not everyone finds them chic or attractive, the shoe’s popularity has grown since 2002.

During the pandemic, crocs caught on with most people since they did not need to dress to impress. People were dressing for comfort just the way they put on sweatpants. The shoes allow people to retreat into a comfort zone without taking much responsibility for their looks.

Pros of wearing crocs

 Lightweight and comfort

 Crocs are light and kind to the body. They are made from two layers of ethylene-vinyl acetate and a closed-cell foam in the middle. On the outside, they have thin impenetrable skin, which makes them waterproof and lightweight. Since they are light, they are reliable for any occasion, such as walking or shopping.

Crocs offer your feet the highest form of comfort. Croc manufacturers use croslite, a tough but comfortable material, to make the shoe. The shoe has a wide fitting that offers people with wide feet extra comfort. It feels like a thick foam to your feet and is a powerful support system for your feet and back.

The shoes are popular among restaurant and hospital workers due to their comfort. If your job needs you to be on your feet for a long time, try a pair of crocs and some good socks.

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Ever felt like you do not want to dress up, but you have to dress up? You can wear crocs to any occasion, and they can match any dress or pants. They can meet any purpose you intend to wear since they are comfortable and soft on the foot.

They are non-slip and safe for medical staff, waitpersons, baristas, cleaners, and many other workers who have been on their feet for a long time. Croc design allows you to wash and wear. In case of a fluid spill or if you walk in a dusty place, it is easy to wipe and put them on.

During vacations, you can quickly wear the shoe for many hours, and they are safe for the poolside. They are great shoes for gardening, especially with a good pair of cotton socks. Many people wear them as a statement outfit that appeals to other wearers.


Crocs are the ideal footwear since they have holes that cool your feet. If you wear them outside the house, for example, on the beach, the water quickly drains out of the holes. Crocs designed for winter have a warm lining that makes them comfortable. The winter crocs also have an extra height for the sole, which keeps you off the cold floors. They have a strap that you can put behind your heel to fasten them. You can also put the trap up and turn them into slip-on shoes.


Crocs are affordable, and most people prefer them over other leather shoes. A pair of crocs can cost about $40, while designer ones can cost up to $1000. The shoe’s affordability allows one to own several pairs, making it easy to pair them with different outfits. In addition, crocs are available in various designs; given their affordability, it is easy to get several pairs.

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Terrain-friendly sole

Crocs have a sole that lasts long and is hard to wear. It has a leaf-style thread which gives the shoe innovative non-slip quality. The sole makes the shoe safe for most places, such as icy places and tiled and wooden floors. The sole contributes to the way the shoes are comfortable and springy. The treads on the sole rarely wear out, which makes these shoes last long. Even after wearing them frequently, the sole rarely gets worn out.

Easily customized

If you want a certain style of crocs, you can buy some Jibbitz charms and change your own pair. Sheri Shmelzer started making the Jibbitz charms and customizing their crocs at home. The family later sold the business to crocs, who make charms that help them customize the shoes.

Today, Croc manufacturing companies make various Jibbitz out of rubber, allowing their customers to customize their crocs. The charms also help people differentiate their crocs, which has driven the brand’s success. The Jibbitz has popularized children’s crocs since they find it fun as they make their crocs have more charms.


Croslite material is resin and plastic. The material is waterproof. Therefore, if you pick an excellent croc design, you can enjoy its comfort even when it rains. Unlike leather shoes, water does not damage crocs. They drain quickly, so your feet get dry as you walk.

Celebrity Affiliation/Association

Crocs has become popular with some celebrities because of of their unique appearance. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber gifted Victoria Beckham some crocs. Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga, has been working very closely with Crocs for a few seasons, and they have made crocs that have a heel and sell at $625. Other celebrities that have popularized crocs include Kanye West, Bad Bunny, Post Malone, and various NBA stars.

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In the fashion world, crocs collaborated with KFC, the fast-food giant, in 2020, further boosting its brand image. These collaborations made the shoe popular with Gen Z influencers.

These celebrities have made crocs their footwear of choice and appear with them on the red carpet. Their followers automatically fall for their style and get a pair leading to a surge in the shoe’s popularity.

Key Takeaway

In recent years, Crocs have become popular due to their association with celebrities. Crocs graze red carpets, runways, YouTube, and Tik Tok feeds today. Crocs are comfortable shoes, and you can wear them to workplaces such as hospitals, hotels, and schools. The shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof. You should buy Crocs since they have a high utility value and are practical. Crocs, along with Jibbitz, enable people to express their individuality. You can easily customize the shoe with charms according to your choice.