Why Are My Doc Martens Squeaking? | Common Reasons Your Docs Are Squeaking + Top 5 Tips for Fixing Them

Nothing’s more annoying than a pair of squeaky shoes, especially if these shoes are your all-time favorite Docs that you like wearing daily. As much as it hurts to say this, high-quality leather shoes like Doc Martens come with the package: a disturbing squeak sound! 

The good news is this problem is very common and can be easily fixed—all you have to do is to read this little guide, where we’re going to break down the reasons behind squeaking and the top 5 tips for fixing them. With that being said, let’s dive right into it!

Why Are Your Doc Martens Squeaking?

You can’t expect to fix this annoying problem unless you find out what’s causing it. Many reasons could cause your Doc Martens to squeak. First, sweating may cause your Doc Martens to accumulate significant amounts of perspiration, which may cause them to squeak. The trapped water in your Docs can also cause squeaking if you leave them in the water for a long period. If it’s pouring outside and you decide to take a walk in your Doc Martens, it could also cause them to be noisy.

If you don’t think moisture is the reason behind your Docs’ squeaking, abrasion between different surfaces and the sole might be causing the problem. Additionally, too much adhesive on your Docs could be the reason they keep squeaking all the time. Some shoes have excessive adhesive due to poor manufacturing quality, causing these shoes to squeak. 

You may also hear the terrible noise if the heels are loose. Finally, if you haven’t broken in your Doc Martens yet, this may be the reason they’re still squeaky, so you may want to look up the best ways to break in Doc Martens. 

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How To Stop Doc Martens from Squeaking

Once you figure out why your Doc Martens are squeaky, you can easily identify the right solution for the right problem. There are many different ways to fix a squeaky pair of DMs. Depending on the reason behind the noise, you can choose from the following solutions: 

1. Apply Some Baby Powder

As already mentioned, squeaking is caused by water trapped in the insole. One of the best ways to reduce friction and end this annoying noise is to apply baby powder to the insole. No baby powder? No problem. You can use cornstarch, bicarbonate soda, or talcum powder instead. 

After removing the insole, apply the baby powder directly inside the boots. Then, put the insole back in the shoes. 

  • Note: apply the baby powder only on the seams and around the interior of your Doc Martens.

2. Scrub the Base

If your Doc Martens are brand new and you face the problem of squeaking, here’s what you have to do. 

Start by gently scrubbing the base of your shoes with sandpaper or rough tape. This helps in softening the insole and stopping the noise as a result.  But be careful not to scrub them excessively to the point of damaging your expensive pair of Docs! 

3. Use a Lubricant 

Your boots’ insole makes noise as you walk because it rubs with the outsole. As a result, using any lubricant (such as petroleum jelly or coconut) is another foolproof method to stop the noise.

If you’re using coconut oil, start by dipping a cotton ball in it. Then, apply a little bit of the oil under the insole. Now, put on your Docs to see if they still squeak. If they do, reapply the oil. Fold two sheets of paper towels and place them beneath the insole to stop the noise.

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If you’re using petroleum jelly, apply it with a scooper underneath the insole. This Method works wonders on a squeaky pair of DMs!

4. Make Sure the Heels Are Not Loose

Your Doc Martens may also be squeaking if there’s a space between the heels and the surface of the boots or if the heel is loose. To fix this problem, find a shoe glue that works for your Docs, then apply it to the base and seam lines. Hold the heel and upper or use a clamp to do so. Wait until the glue dries and you’re all set. 

  • Pro tip: you can seek the help of a professional shoe service if you still can’t fix your shoes yourself. 

5. Get Rid of Excess Moisture

If something other than the soles makes your shoes squeak, it’s definitely excess moisture. You’ll most likely hear noise coming from the bottom of your boots when they’re damp. So you want to keep them as dry as possible if you don’t want to hear this squeaking sound again. 

To do so, use a napkin to wipe the bottom of your shoes. Then, check to see if the squeaking stops or not. A napkin only works if your shoes are slightly wet, but a dryer would be a better solution if they’re completely soaked. Remember, though, this is not the safest option to stop the squeaking sound, so you want to be careful if you decide to put your Docs in a dryer. 

You want to put some fabric softener on a sponge or washcloth, fix it into the shoes, and then put them into the dryer. Dry the boots on low heat for 5 to 10 minutes, take them out, and enjoy wearing your stylish, noiseless pair of Doc Martens! 

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You can also use a dryer sheet to eliminate the noise if a dryer or napkin is of little use to you. Get a dryer sheet from a nearby laundry and place it inside your shoes. Dryer sheets serve as a buffer in boots and help stop the noisy squeaking.

That’s it. This is everything you need to know to get rid of the annoying squeaking sound of your DMs once and for all!